Weight loss is so hard. I think some encouraging words to help us lose weight when we’re struggling can only help.

I’ve been looking at ways to help me shed some weight.¬†Somewhere online (I wish I could remember where), I saw that someone was putting rocks from one container to another when she lost a pound. That made sense to me. I thought though that I might want to add a little twist that would help me visualize not only my weight loss, where I’d been and where I’m going, but that would remind me of the WHYs that I need to lose these pounds.

I took a Sharpie, 20 smooth, flat, glass marbles, 2 votive candle holders, and I made a visual weight loss aide that I keep in my bathroom. Hope it helps you, too.

How to FINALLY, REALLY lose the weight this time. (You can do it.)


How to Lose Weight With Flat Marbles and a Sharpie

Weight loss encouragement
These are super cheap…and so pretty.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
Write one reason for each pound on each stone.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
Each reason is personal to you.


Words of encouragement for weight loss
I know I’ll have this if I get rid of these extra 20.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
In the beginning, fill up one glass with all your reasons to lose each & every pound.


Words of encouragement for weight loss
As you lose, drop one stone for each pound in the empty glass.


weight loss encouragement
I have to remind myself that I do. You should, too.


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