Moroccan Style – Rock the Casbah

Moroccan style is so beautiful and colorful. No wonder it’s popping up everywhere.

Moroccan Style, You Rock the Casbah

I want to sit in this room and look pretty.  I want people I went to high school with to see me sitting in this Moroccan style room, and I want them to be so jealous.

They’ll be all, “Wow, you really did well for yourself.” And I’ll be all, “Oh this old room? It’s nothing. I only sit in it when I don’t care how I look.” (Or something like that.)

Moroccan Style living room
via SARAH ROSENHAUS interior design

I’m a terrible cook because I was raised Southern. That means I only know how to fry things and roll them in sugar. Once my gallbladder had to die for my addiction to sugar-glazed pork rinds, I really haven’t been too much in the kitchen.

Meanwhile if I had this Moroccan style kitchen, I would totally try and be Sally Cooking Pants again. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in the last 4 minutes.

Moroccan Colorful Kitchen Design

Don’t you look at these doors and want to know what’s behind them? I do. But then again, I’m always curious like that.

I would rock at that show… with the doors… you know… the one where you pick a door and dress up like Asian Elvis??

Moroccan front door
Ivia Rambling Roses

I totally dig this Blue Glass Moroccan Lantern I found on Amazon. I get that it’s not really from Morocco, but Peter Dinklage is not really from England and I still love him.


Meanwhile, aren’t these beautiful? I mean honestly! I don’t know what the hell they are but I want to own them all.  Are they Morrocan shoes? They look like a cross between Toms and Crocs. This photograph is so pretty… I love the colors.

Moroccan style babouches
via Ralph Ledergerber

These Moroccan bracelets are darling, are they not? You should know I never use the word darling – never. Maybe that’s why I have such a long list of ex-husbands.

In an unrelated story, I definitely use the word “jerk face.”Moroccan Bracelet

via Ana Osgood Jewelry

Okay so I could sit here all night posting Moroccan things that I’m in love with, but I’m a busy woman with an entire box of Black Box Merlot sitting in my kitchen that’s not going to pop its own spout.

I’m so glad you stopped by! Keep coming back, sister! Rock the Casbah!