Looking for a Sandbox for Kids? 13 Most Popular

A sandbox for kids is one of life’s finer things as a child. When I was little, my MawMaw bought me a sandbox and it was awesome sauce.  I must have spent hundreds of hours playing in that thing! It was kind of sandbox posh as it had a canopy and seats. I was the envy of all the kids who wished they could rock a sandbox like mine.

If you’re looking for a sandbox for kids, you’re doing good work in the whole parenting arena, by the way. I salute you.

While I myself am legally too old to have a sandbox of my own, I think my grandmonkeys would totally love one. Would my daughter, their Momma, be thrilled that I brought a sandbox over for the kids? She would not. But here’s the cool thing… I can do what I want because she’s not the boss of me.


Sandbox for Kids –13 Most Popular

These are the bestselling sandboxes as of March, 2013.


1. Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

2. Little Tikes Hidden Pirate Treasure Sandbox

3. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

4. Activity Sandbox with Canopy

5. Step2 Sand and Water Transportation Station

6. Step2 Shady Oasis Sand and Water Play Table

7. Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

8. Step2 Ladybug Sandbox

9. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center

10. Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table

11. My Little Sandbox Big Builder

12. Sandlock Sandboxes CSG-6060 Sandbox

13. Exaco Playhouse With Sandbox


Best Toys for Your Kid’s Sandbox

These are the bestselling sandbox toys as of March, 2013


sandbox for kids
What little boy wouldn’t LOVE this?

Gotta have this or it’s not a sandbox party.

sandbox for kids
Learning and playing in the sand? Two birds – one sandbox.
sandbox for kids
Melissa & Doug are spot on with this sand sifter.

Buy Sand for Kid’s Sandbox

If you give the kiddos a sandbox with no sand, it’s just a box. Everyone knows that’s no fun so DON’T FORGET THE SAND! 🙂

Sandtastik White Play Sand; 25 Lb. Box

So there are the best-selling, most popular sandboxes for kids for 2013! Hope it makes your job of locating them a little easier. Meanwhile, be sure you like Momcaster on Facebook. I love making new pretend internet friends! 🙂