Paper Wall Art – 8 Paper Pretties

When in the course of human events you realize there exist women who can create extraordinary wall art from paper, you stare at yourself hard in the mirror and ask of the universe, “Why? Why can’t I be the kind of creature who creates truly incredible paper wall art in my spare time?”

And the universe answers, “Because you are too busy eating Nutella from the jar with your hands.” You heard it here first, kids… the universe can be cruel.

8 Paper Wall Art Pretties You Can Make!

paper wall art

1. Karen at Tibble Fork says she asked everyone she knew to give her their toilet paper rolls so she could create this 4′ paper wall art beauty to hang over her door. ┬áHear me now and believe me later… this is NOT how it would look if I did it.

paper wall art
via Tibble Fork

2. And while we’re at it, feast your eyes upon another toilet roll chunk of paper wall art fabulousness. Suzy of Suzy’s Sitcom saw a beautiful rustic iron gate and was like, “Yeah. I can make something that looks exactly like that… except with toilet paper rolls.”

How does such an idea even form?

paper wall art
via Suzy’s Sitcom

3. Blogger Deb whipped up this paper wall art with some Mod Podge and some wine. Okay, so maybe there was a little more to it than that. But, once I saw I could craft with two of my favorite things – Mod Podge and wine – I stopped reading.

Paper wall art

4. Paper butterflies by Rebecca J. Coles. I want them. Oh yes, I do.

paper wall art
via Rebecca J. Coles

Keep clicking, my friendo. So much more paper wall art sexiness…