Washi Tape Crafts x 10

Washi Tape is apparently the hottest thing since those wacky Smucker’s brothers got drunk and decided to put peanut butter in the jelly jar.  That can only mean one thing:  glue gun savants all across the universe are coming up with Washi Tape crafts at the rate of four per millisecond.

I’m not making that up. I never lie about milliseconds. 

Meanwhile, you and all other humans reading should pin this post at least 100,000 times because of the tremendous stress I’ve undergone typing it. If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying to do a post about Washi Tape, let me just take a moment to tell you how many times I’ve typed Washit Tape and had to go back and correct it.

Eleventy-four. That’s how many.

10 Washi Tape Crafts – Which are way different than Washit crafts.

washi tape crafts

Every time this image is pinned, a unicorn sings an Elvis song. Fact.


From The Tiny Hummingbird – Washi Tape gift tags.

washi tape craft

via The Tiny Hummingbird

From Eye Candy Event Details – Washi Tape utensils.

washi tape crafts

via Eye Candy Event Details

From Tess’ Spotty Blog – Computer monitor decorated with Washi Tape.

washi tape crafts

via Tess’ Spotty Blog

From The First Year Blog – Washi Tape bathroom decor.

washi tape bathroom

via The First Year Blog

From Clever Thursday – Washi Tape wall art.

washi tape wall art

via Clever Thursday

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From Kaboodle – Washi Tape necklace.

washi tape necklace

via Kaboodle

From Creative Green Living – Washi Tape & paint monogram.

washi tape crafts

via Creative Green Living

From 79 Squared – Washi Tape Mason Jar “savings accounts.”

washi tape crafts

via 79 Squared

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 From Sweet & Lovely Crafts – Washi Tape closet doors.

washi tape closet doors

via Sweet & Lovely Crafts

From U-Create & Candle Lit Life – Washi Tape Bic Pens.

washi tape crafts

via U-Create & Candle Lit Life

Can you even believe all the things you can do with Washi Tape? And trust me, there are hundreds more crafty crafts for you to whip up when you get your hands on this stuff.

Wondering where to buy Washi Tape? You’re in luck…and PS: it’s cheap!

where to buy washi tape

via Amazon

where to buy washi tape

Vintage Office Washi Tape – so cute – from Amazon

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