How to Make Minion Goggles

Relive the fun-filled moments of the Despicable Me movie by making a cute pair of Minion glasses at home. Just follow a few simple steps and voila! You are ready to flaunt a wacky look that appeals to both children and adults alike.

Tie Dye with Food Coloring

Can You Tie Dye with Food Coloring? Tie dying with food color is a safe way to dye bandanas, tops and shirts that does not cause any harm to your body. This is the reason why you can involve kids in the process without the need of stringent supervision. However, it may not necessarily hold on to clothes as it is not permanent like the other types of dyes. Nonetheless, you can have immense fun while doing it and at {Read More}

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Give a unique marble effect to your Easter eggs with shaving cream. Here is a simple tutorial to help you with the cool decoration. It is sure going to be a hit with the kids.

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Slurping the cold treats mounted on popsicle sticks during the scorching summer afternoons was another facet of my childhood that remains etched in the memory. After finishing, I had a habit of carrying the sticks home and piling up in the drawer instead of chucking then into the bin. Since I was a fan of puppet theaters, my mother would draw cute faces on the sticks and together we used to have a whale of a time staging humorous plays. {Read More}

Cardboard Box Car: A Plethora of Unique Designs

Cardboard boxes have been my beloved since childhood for its mammoth size giving me the liberty to turn them into any fun craft. Seeing my son brooding during the summer holidays as most of his pals were on a family vacation, I thought of getting him indulged in an enjoyable activity. Some cutting, gluing, and painting was all we did together to make a flashy playing car that gave us a pretty long service.

How to Make Paper Mache Snowman

Last year, before my son’s school, closed for the holidays, a long list of winter home assignments were given that also included making an interesting Christmas-themed craft. With the ongoing snowfall outside my home, I thought of making a cuddly snowman with paper mache and deck it up. My son and I arranged the supplies, and here’s how we accomplished the project.

How to Make a Macaroni Necklace

The mere thought of pasta can make anyone’s mouth drool. And if there is a huge stock of pasta in your kitchen, then for your next necklace-making adventure you can stop fetching for the beads. With myriad varieties of pasta that comes in several shapes and color, I was confident about making an interesting jewelry craft for my kids.

Melted Crayon Heart Art with an Interesting Tutorial

Doing some out-of-the-box crafts has always been my fascination since childhood. Keeping in sync with the recycling trend, I happened to discover a unique form of art using melted crayons. The entire process of drawing, melting, and drying was anything, but tiresome. Let me show you how it was done.

Three Fun Ways of Painting Easter Eggs

Make Easter fun by hand painting eggs. It is a brilliant way to give vent to your creativity. Here are a few egg painting styles you can try.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers the Easy Way

During my first pregnancy, I learned a lot of creative stuff from an acquaintance at the prenatal school. Though most of the things I made then were misplaced when our house went through a major renovation, I chanced upon a bunch of pipe cleaners lying in the corner of my store-room and decided to show you this simple method for making pretty flowers out of them.