10 Triple Awesome Wine Cork Crafts

Wondering what to do with the wine corks once the cab is gone? Wine cork crafts, that’s what! You can’t believe the really amazing crafts these talented folks have made with wine corks. I drink wine almost every day. Before you go thinking I need an intervention, I should tell you that it’s one glass of cab or pinot a night. (Although some nights are longer than others.) I save my wine corks and always wondered what in the heck to {Read More}

15 EASY Flip Flop Crafts You Can Make Today

It’s pretty easy to manage a flip flop craft. So easy in fact that even I, Sadie the Not Crafty, can manage a flip flop craft. Most human females you know has more flip flops in her closet than she can count, but sadly most of them are probably plain and entirely ugly. Let’s fix that! With the help of talented bloggers who know what’s up with flip flop crafts, the entire world can decorate their flip flops with these {Read More}

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Paper Wall Art – 8 Paper Pretties

When in the course of human events you realize there exist women who can create extraordinary wall art from paper, you stare at yourself hard in the mirror and ask of the universe, “Why? Why can’t I be the kind of creature who creates truly incredible paper wall art in my spare time?” And the universe answers, “Because you are too busy eating Nutella from the jar with your hands.” You heard it here first, kids… the universe can be {Read More}

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Crafty Crafts – This Week in Momcaster

As any of my longtime readers know,  I am to crafts what Freddy Krueger is to sleeping teenagers. Virtually every crafty craft I’ve ever tried turns out looking like I was challenged to Mod Podge a rabid rhino while blindfolded and drunk. Once in awhile I’ll get something sort of right, like this craft using an old book or the Fleur de Lis I make. But mostly I am girl who is crafty-craft deficient. That’s why I have Momcaster. I {Read More}

7 Beautiful Kitchen Crafts

My kitchen is the size of a clown car. Still, something happens to me when I see beautiful kitchen crafts. I start to believe that I’m actually capable of using a hot glue gun and whipping up extraordinarily beautiful kitchen crafts that would cause visitors to weep at my talent. What actually happens is I wind up with my fingers glued together, lace stuck to my eyebrows, and glitter in places glitter should never be. 7  beautiful kitchen crafts you {Read More}

8 Awesome Girl Scout Ideas

If you’re a Girl Scout troop leader, you’re probably always on the prowl for great Girl Scout ideas. It’s not always easy to find really cool Girl Scout ideas to keep your girls busy, engaged and having fun! But, the ideas I’ve found today are guaranteed add some pop to your Girl Scout troop meetings or your money back! But first, you’ll need to give me your money. That’s key to this whole money-back plan working. 🙂 Girl Scout Ideas {Read More}

Quick, Easy Crafts – A Roundup!

Momcaster has lots of crafty crafts, because the internet is filled with crafty chicks. Sometimes though you just want some quick and easy crafts – not crafts that cause you to pull your hair out and staple your fingers to the Mod Podge bottle. Here are links to some crafts that are easy enough that I think it’s a real possibility that even I could make them. Maybe. But, probably not. Quick, Easy Crafts for Your Home   14 Alphabet {Read More}

6 Darling Activities for Easter

Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! For those of you who celebrate the Easter holiday, I’ve found some incredibly fun (and completely cute) Easter activities and crafts you can make this year. Some are even suitable for help from little hands, if you want. These Easter activities could be fun for the whole family! 1. The only thing better than Easter jelly beans, are Easter jelly beans that have been turned into napkin rings! Delish has turned an ordinary candy into {Read More}

10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter

The internet is blooming with amazing decorating ideas for Easter. From flowers, to paper crafts, to balloons and yarn, the creators of these decorating ideas for Easter have it all figured out. With their inspiration, I’m confident we can all nab some Easter ideas that will make us the most popular Momcasters on the block. Or something like that. 10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter     Daffodils are darling, aren’t they? (That sounded like an old Doris Day movie.) {Read More}

Thumbtack Crafts. Yep…thumbtacks.

Thumbtack crafts are way cooler than I first realized. As it turns out, thumbtacks are superior crafty wonderfulness –  in the right hands. Thank the craft gods that these 10 blogging humans saw the potential in thumbtacks or I may have lived the rest of my life completely in the dark. You’re going to LOVE these thumbtack crafts and ideas! 1. Jessica had 1000 thumbtacks and an afternoon, and BLAMMO! She created this slice of impressive craft creativity on her {Read More}