Marshmallow Snowman: A Yummy Holiday Craft

I have always believed from the bottom of my heart that Christmas holidays are the ideal time to get together and rejoice in the beautiful weather as well as the age-old traditions and customs that come along with it. The lights, the gifts, the snow, oh-so-delicious snacks are worth the year-long wait. So last year, I decided to make the most of the short holiday and came up with an activity that every member of the family could bond over {Read More}

How to Make No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? The way it melts in your mouth is just heavenly. Although when it comes to making cakes at home, you got to rely on your oven. Surprisingly, my mother (the best cook on this planet) suggested a recipe for making cheesecake without going through the hassle of baking. Since I make fewer trips to the kitchen, my first stint with peanut butter cheesecake was a hit.

How to Make Turkey Shaped Desserts That Are Gobbling Cute

Turkey day, aka Thanksgiving, is almost upon us. This year, I’m thinking my grandmonkeys would think I’m awesome if I could figure out how to make some super cute turkey shaped desserts. Desserts shaped like turkeys. The cuteness quotient is off the map. 1. I love the wide-eyed look on these turkey shaped pops. It says, “Holy crap on a cracker, it’s Thanksgiving!”   2. Wake the kids and phone the neighbors! These are the cutest little turkeys in the {Read More}

Strawberry Health Benefits

Strawberry health benefits? I’ll be honest. I’d never once given any thought to the health benefits of a ripe, juicy strawberry. All I’ve ever known is how much I love them! Even as a little girl back in North Carolina, my Grandma said when it came time to pick the rows and rows of fresh strawberries she grew for us, I ate more than I put in the pails. I’m sure that’s exactly how I’d pick them today. 🙂 Check out {Read More}

The Ultimate (Badass) Oreo Recipes Collection

Oreos are cookies. Were you aware of this? So did you know you can actually make more stuff using Oreos? Tis true. There are Oreo recipes that will straight up blow your double-stuffed mind. Such is the content of this blog post. In the United States, children are constitutionally required to develop a love of Oreos before they are allowed to enter school. I myself was almost sent packing at the tender age of five when I said to my {Read More}

6 Crazy Cool Party Drinks

If you’re looking for some cool party drinks, I’ve got you. You can do better than beer in a plastic kiddie pool full of ice at your next party, right? These drinks are so completely cool, your friends may even stay after and help you clean up.   6 Cool Party Drinks!   1.  The Hurricane Shot is a pretty famous drink in New Orleans. If you’ve been there, you’ve probably had one. It was invented at Pat O’Brien’s in {Read More}

7 Tiny Food Yummies

How much do I adore tiny food? The correct answer is…I adore it way more than normal people probably should. I tell myself that tiny food is perfect for me because I can enjoy the most delicious foods in the big, wide, world and they’ll be the perfect portion for losing weight. What would really happen is that I would eat one thousand of these tiny foods. At once. Probably by the handful.

What Can I Make With Cake Mix? 9 Kinds of Amazingness, That’s What.

Every home in the whole world has at least one box of cake mix and every human woman wonders “What can I make with cake mix?”. Was that a general, sweeping, completely false declaration? Of course not. Bloggers are not allowed to make things up on the internet. Meanwhile you just want to know “what can I make with cake mix,” right? Maybe I’m not ready to talk about cake mix yet. Don’t make me do for you what I {Read More}

Farm Rich Snacks & Appetizers Review

Farm Rich said, “Hey…you wanna eat some snacks and tell your readers what you thought?” So, okay. Maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit while at the same time making it sound like Farm Rich is a person who, in my mind anyway, has thick dark hair, a farmer’s tan and dreamy blue eyes. I said yes – because no one is going to say no to free stuff from Farm Rich. I also said yes because Farm Rich is going to {Read More}

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit? Ummm, YES!

Want to make your own chocolate? I can show you how! Unless your Mom named you Dooce or The Bloggess, there are very few perks to being a blogger. No one has ever given me a good table at a restaurant because I have a blog and my dry cleaning has never been “on the house.” Maybe that’s because I haven’t had anything dry cleaned since…ever. I’m not sure I even understand what dry cleaning is.  I’m was born a {Read More}