Shirts With Animals On Them

Even though Oprah didn’t tell me to, I went in search of shirts with animals on them. Why? Because the whole “shirts with animals on them” thing is a super hot, up and coming trend and I am nothing if not a trendy up and comer (no matter what my kids tell you). 1. I […]

Lowlights & Highlights

Lowlights and highlights are a way to have your hair colored that makes it look “alive”, in my opinion. Instead of one flat color, you have different tones and shades that go together beautifully. Because it’s what I do, I’ve scoured the internet in search of the very best photos and examples of lowlights and highlights […]

Moroccan Style – Rock the Casbah

Moroccan style is so beautiful and colorful. No wonder it’s popping up everywhere. Moroccan Style, You Rock the Casbah I want to sit in this room and look pretty.  I want people I went to high school with to see me sitting in this Moroccan style room, and I want them to be so jealous. […]