Grapefruit Isn’t Just for Puckering Any More

Candied grapefruit peel recipe

You and I have been best friends since two seconds ago when you started reading this post. That’s why I know I can share this with you… I hate grapefruit. I’ve tried to be a grown up about it and learn to love it, especially since Dr. Oz keeps telling me I’ll lose my belly fat and be able to spontaneously fly if I drink grapefruit juice every 9 seconds.

Grapefruit is so pretty. I see it and it looks nice and I think I’ll try it again… and BLAMMO! My mouth turns inside out. I think grapefruit is a trick of nature, like a poisonous spider that looks like a delicious candy bar.

If anything in the universe can make me learn to love grapefruit, surely it’ll be Grapefruit Cheesecake by Spark Stack. I feel fairly sure that someone could mix dried leaves and dryer lint in a cheesecake and I’d eat it.

Grapefruit cheesecake recipe
via Spark Stack

This pink grapefruit embroidery sachet from Harp and Thistle is adorkable. It’s stuffed with lemon grass, pink grapefruit essential oil, and dried lemon and orange peel. I think I could love this. I could love this a lot.

Grapefruit scent sachet
via Harp and Thistle

From This is Glamorous, this pink Campari-Citrus Sorbet has 3 cups of grapefruit juice.  You freeze the beautiful concoction in an ice cream machine, but if you don’t have one the recipe says you can make popsicles.

Campari Citrus sorbet recipe
via This is Glamorous

I have only two rules in life.

1. Do whatever Oprah tells me to.

2. Buy anything that has Neutrogena on the label. If Neutrogena says grapefruit in body wash is a good thing, sign me up, Sister.

This next pretty little goodie is called a Grapefruit Saver and it's by Hutzler. I know enough about the grapefruit eating counter-culture to know they often eat only one half of the fruit and save the other. I guess when I learn to love the stuff, I'll want to keep my grapefruit halves in fruit safes as well.

Until that happens though, I will keep Coconut M&Ms in mine.

(PS: This company has “savers” of all kinds – including onion and tomato. I think they’re stupid cute.)

Grapefruit saver
via Hutzler

I want you to know I have never once in my 108 years on planet Earth, scrubbed my lips. Among the things that need scrubbed in my life (walls, toilets, ex-husbands), lips is way down on that list.

This grapefruit lip scrub from AubreyEApothecary makes me wonder if I’ve been living in the dark like some kind of cave woman. Made with brown sugar, shea butter and jojoba oil, I not only want to scrub with it, I want to put it on a cupcake.  (PS: I love the label on the jar.)

Grapefruit Lip Scrub
via AubreyEApothecary

Let me just say this… CANDIED GRAPEFRUIT PEELS!!! Are you kidding me? No way you can look at these and not believe we live in a world that is decent and good. Are they not the PRETTIEST little delights you’ve seen in at least 4 hours?

I swear to you, Dear Reader, I would actually learn to eat grapefruit if I knew at the end of the day, these things would magically appear. The recipe actually looks doable, so maybe I won’t need to bring David Copperfield into this.

Candied grapefruit peel recipe
via Now Guides

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Cheap Cheap Dresses For Summer

Inexpensive sundress from Penneys

What’s better than a cute dress for summer? Nothing – unless maybe it’s a frosty drink on the beach. Today I went looking for cheap, cheap dresses because between me and you, I’m a cheap, cheap Mama.

I set out to find dresses that are pretty and that hopefully won’t fall apart in the first wash. In this case “cheap cheap” means inexpensive – not held together with tape and used thread. All the dresses I’m showcasing here are currently available online for less than twenty-five bucks!

Meanwhile you should know when I went looking for cheap dresses online, I found several sites that said things like, “you buy dress from here you get good clothes yes” and “we pass savings onto you consumer real good.” I did not include those. 🙂

Cheap dresses for summer

10 Cheap Cheap Dresses You’ll Love!


This little Alki’i Jardin de flores cotton beach sundress is cute as it can be. At just $19.99 on Amazon, it’s a cheap enough to afford to buy some adorable flip-flops that make it perfect for the beach! PS: I’m sure the reason God didn’t give me arms like hers is because he knew I’d walk around punching old people and unicorns.

Cheap beach dress


From Target, check out this little one-shoulder ruffle dress. It comes in lots of colors and since you can pick it up for only $18, get one in every color! In other news, why doesn’t my body look exactly like the one in this photo? Oh well. She may have a skinnier waist than I do, but at least I have an entire head.

Cheap dress from Target for summer

Curve Appeal has this halter top dress with an empire waist and handkerchief hem for just $19.50. It comes in sizes Small to 4X. If I buy it, I wonder if I’ll be inspired to twirl like the model in the picture? I will admit my life definitely lacks enough twirlage. I blame Rush Limbaugh.

Halter top dress


This little black & white number from Alki’i says one size fits all. It says it will fit sizes 3-15. Is such a thing possible? I don’t know. That sounds like too much math and science for me. You know… like if a train leaves a station wearing a sundress going 60 mph…blah, blah, blah. All I know is that it’s cute as can be, it has 50 pretty positive reviews, and I fall somewhere between a size 3 and a size 15, give or take a Moonpie.

one size fits all sundress

I enjoy the look of maxi dresses. I also enjoy a simple black dress. This black maxi dress gets me hooked up for 19 dollars and 99 pennies. I think I’d love to slip it on to go to dinner after a long day on the beach in Hawaii.

Black maxi dress from target

From Charlotte Russe, whatcha think of this brightly colored tank dress? It’s $19.99 and if you haven’t had the privilege of shooting several babies out of your woman area, this could look really great on you. In other news, Charlotte Russe wanted me to know the model is 5’8.5″ tall and wearing a size small.

Here’s what I want you to know, Charlotte Russe. I could take her in a bar fight.

Charlotte Russe tank dress

I really like this sleeveless floral print dress from Forever21. It has a v-neck with a stand up collar, which is good for my body type. It’s $19.80 and even though I am not Forever 21 any more, I think I should own it. I hope the Forever 48 police don’t catch me.

Forever 21 dress

Let’s talk JC Penney for a minute. Since they hired Ellen and started giving us honest prices every day, I’ve fallen in deep lust with them. It’s like when your best friend admits she got gastric bypass surgery after years of telling you it was all about portion control. You gotta love her.

So check out these dresses from my new BFF, JC Penney. How much do ya love ’em? Hint: the correct answer is: A LOT. You should love them a lot. They’re all just $25! C’mon! You know you spend that much putting enough gas in your car to even drive to the mall!

Inexpensive sundress from Penneys
R&K Originals® Bra Top Polka Dot Sundress
Inexpensive sundress from Penneys
B Smart Floral Sundress with Tie-Back Waist
V Neck sundress $25
Double V-Neck Floral Sundress with waist-defining belt

Okay so this final thing is neither a dress or less than $25, and yet I include it anyway. I’m going rogue! I just figured since we saved so much money on these inexpensive dresses, we could snag ourselves some dressy little flip flops that’ll go with all the dresses featured here.

These GUESS  Tutu Sandals are simple, and sweet, and with the tiniest rhinestone embellishment, I declare them entirely necessary. You know you love ’em awful.

Rhinestone embellished flip flops by Guess
I love them harder than a goat loves a stump.

Okay, so that’s it for cheap summer dresses. I’m off to do a post on cheap summer gum flavors.

No, I’m not.

Sadie at Momcaster

A Ring for Daughter – 7 Daughter’s Rings I Adore

Daughters Ring personalized

I love the idea of a giving a ring to your daughter. I have a beautiful daughter who is about to have her own little girl. A daughter’s ring is a sweet way to remind her that she is and will always be uniquely special to you.

If you’re shopping for a ring for your daughter, you probably see the same thing over and over again. I wanted to find something more than just pretty. I wanted to find daughter’s rings that were a little unique and very special

7 Daughter’s Rings (Almost) As Special As She Is


1. This little sterling silver personalize-able ring from Etsy shop owner Dharlee is on my list of rings for a daughter because it’s simple and you can have it say anything – up to 6 letters. You can tell your daughter she’s “LOVELY” or “KIND” or “ADORED.” At only $15.97, I might suggest you get several rings so you can offer up several sentiments to her.

Daughters Ring personalized
by Dharlee

2. The idea of personalized interlocking rings for a daughter delights me. From Etsy shop boutonrougedesigns, this is a set of 5 solid sterling rings that are all “caught up” in each other. You could tell a whole story in this one daughter’s ring. For example, “You are my precious girl.”

Personalized daughters ring
from boutonrougedesigns

3. This ring is called “My Daughter’s Faith And Love” and it’s a little Diamond Ring by The Bradford Exchange. It’s solid sterling silver, with selective 24K-gold plating, and it has a sparkling solitaire diamond accenting a cross. Engraved inside it reads, “Trust in the Lord with All your heart.” It’s a perfect ring for a parent who wants to express their faith to their daughter.

Daughter's ring with cross
by The Bradford Exchange

4. Sometimes the most simple things are the most beautiful. This handmade sterling silver posey ring from Etsy shop punkybunny300 fits the bill perfectly. (A posey ring is engraved with a brief sentiment on the inside or outside – or both.) Posey rings can be wonderful daughters rings. This particular ring is only $32!

Posey ring for daughter
by punkybunny300

5. “Always My Daughter – Now My Friend.” That’s the sentiment on this silver spinner ring. It’s a lovely gift for a grown daughter from her Mom or Dad – or both.

Always my daughter, now my friend - daughters ring
via Amazon

6.  This sterling silver “My Precious Daughter” ring has a sweet sentiment, and a pop of color with the addition of her birthstone. You could put your daughter’s birthstone in the middle, and Mom & Dad on either side.

My Precious Daughter gemstone ring

7. Etsy shop RingRingRing offers this very simple Infinity Ring in sterling silver. It’s delicate, but what it symbolizes is powerful. It tells your daughter your love for her is infinite.  Beautiful and only $35.

Infinity daughters ring in sterling silver
by RingRingRing

Coffee Art aka Posters & Signs That’ll Wake Your Behind Up

I don’t know what has me thinking about coffee art this morning. Maybe it’s because my friend Mel has some really cute coffee art in her kitchen. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t slept even 5 American minutes all night long and I’ve had so much java, I think the top of my head is going to blow clean off.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to drink coffee and shop for coffee posters. That’s a good use of my time. Meanwhile my hands are shaking, my heart is pounding, my bank account is dwindling, and I feel like I could wax all the cars in my apartment complex.

Here are my top 10 favorite coffee art posters, and you can buy them too if you want. Nothing says smart decision making like purchasing things online in the middle of night.

1. This coffee art tin sign is about $13. I dig it ’cause it’s true.

Ephemera - Coffee Shacking


2. “It’s the little moments that make life big.” Ain’t that the truth, sister?

The Little Moments

3. This? This coffee art poster is strictly awesome. In fact, I will wager any human right now that it ranks among the top 5 coffee art prints of all time.

Even Monsters Need a Break
4. I like this coffee art because it’s simple and pretty – like me. Okay. That’s just a damn lie. I am neither simple nor pretty. I am complicated and unfortunate looking. But I do know a nice coffee sign when I see one.

5. I really like this coffee wall graphic. I’m not very good at applying wall decals, though. Therefore I will require help. In other news, did you know wall decals will stick to a tiny Yorkie like grim death? Word to the wise, my friend.

6. My Keurig doesn’t exactly drip, drip, drip. It sort of sounds more like someone turned the bathtub faucet on. This little art print appeals to me because it reminds me of my 1st husband, twice removed.

Morning Coffee I

7. You simply cannot find anything more precious than a print of a dog who might possibly be preparing to drink a cup of coffee. Unless it’s a print of a baby possibly preparing to buy stock online.

Wheaten Dark Roast

Buy This at


8. I want this super cool coffee art for my sexy 1950s retro kitchen that only exists in my mind. I just love the hell right on out of it.

Dee-licious Coffee

Buy This at

9. Deja Brew? What is wrong with my brain that I can never think of clever things like this? Maybe it’s my lack of sleep. I’ll bet the person who designed this print doesn’t make it a habit to stay up all night listening to David Gray and shopping for coffee signs. (“You don’t have to turn the sound up… baby I want you from the ground up…)

Coffee, Espresso Yourself

Buy This at

10. I’m not sure I agree 100% with this. Chunky Monkey comes to mind. Ben & Jerry do God’s work.

The Only Thing Better Than Great Sex is Great Coffee

Buy This at

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What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Mothers day charm bracelet

Are you wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? You’re in luck. See, I’m a Mother. It’s been my career since I was barely twenty, so about 109 years now. My son is graduating from high school this year, on Mother’s Day no less. He’s my youngest so I feel like I will need to be hospitalized the day after Mother’s Day. I thought a post about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day would distract me from the constant, nagging, empty-nest feeling that causes me to want to jump off a very high bridge.

In truth, being a Mom has been the best gig of my life, and now that I’m going into full-time Mother retirement I have to distract myself frequently. I tried to talk my son into letting me home school him for at least the first 3 years of his college career, but he’s all, “That’s crazy,” and “You’ve lost your natural mind,” and “You don’t even know how to do multiplication” and whatnot. What was I thinking raising an independent human?

Meanwhile, his sister is busy creating another perfect human of her own – still on bed rest at thirty-one weeks. I think after I’ve finished this “what to get Mom for Mother’s Daypost, I’ll email it to both of them. Maybe if I throw in some guilt I’ll totally clean up this Mother’s Day.

And now… What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day!

Your Mom will love these Tom’s in Rose Natalia Linen for Mother’s Day. And why wouldn’t she?  They’re adorable and she can wear them with just about anything – except maybe Mom jeans. (Please promise me you’ll have a talk with her about Mom jeans. Do it for your country.)

What to get Mom for Mother's Day - Toms Shoes

I’m not much for traditional charm bracelets. They’re just too much for me. That’s why I’m in mad love with this hand-stamped leather and metal charm bracelet from Etsy seller BreatheStudio. It’s absolutely unique and absolutely gorgeous. At only $22, I think it’s a steal. This is what you get a Mom who likes jewelry with a little kick.

Mothers day charm bracelet
from BreatheStudio

I don’t scrapbook. There. I said it. I would rather light my eyebrows on fire using a blow torch than to sit down with 800 photos and infinite embellishments and try to put them together. But, when my daughter showed me her SMASH Book by K & Company, I kind of drooled a little. It’s scrapbooking without scrapbooking, and I’m sufficiently enthralled with the idea of it. If your Mom is like me, she’ll go ten kinds of crazy for this SMASH Book for Mother’s Day.  (Watch the short video to see how this thing works. It explains it in a way words just can’t.)

I can answer “what to get Mom for Mother’s Day” in 17 words. Here they are: 100% Pashmina Cashmere Hand Painted Watercolor Peach Tree in Bloom Tassels Ends Long Scarf Shawl in Green. (Was that 17 words?) Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!

Get Mom a scarf for Mother's Day


I love elephants for lots of reasons. Here’s why I love them for Mother’s Day: according to Wikipedia, female elephants spend their entire lives in family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. These groups are led by the eldest female, the matriarch. Female elephant social life revolves around breeding and raising of the calves. (See? Just like human Moms!)

I can imagine these gifts with a note to your Mom explaining why you chose the elephant to represent the wonderful Mom she’s been to you, and how you appreciate the fact that her life revolved around loving you.

From BoardwalkBaubles on Etsy, this sea glass elephant locket is just beautiful for Mom. I love the colors, and I love how different it is.

Elephant Necklace for Mother's Day
from BoardwalkBaubles

This elephant pendant by artyscapes caught my eye because of the lovely color. I think it’s just about a perfect gift for Mom for Mother’s Day because it’s so pretty and at less than ten bucks, totally affordable for any budget.

Elephant pendant for Mother's Day
by artyscapes

This Teavana Elephant Cast Iron Teapot is so, so pretty. It’s a bit spendy at just under $200 on Amazon, but it’ll be a gift your Mom will have forever.  I’m crazy for it. Elephant tea pot for Mother's Day

If you want to give your Mom flowers for Mother’s Day, think about giving flowers that’ll last …at least longer than a week. Bouquets of flowers are nice for Mother’s Day, and they’re certainly traditional. But, we can do better than traditional can’t we?

I’m loving these paper roses from BookCraft. They’re around $14, so you could give them as a Mother’s Day gift, or you could use them to embellish your other gifts for Mom.

by BookCraft

Floral Print Shoes for Summer

floral ballet flats shoes

I am a chick who loves all seasons, but there is surely something about spring that makes me want to buy shoes. This spring season, I am absolutely craving floral shoes. I know the floral pattern is hot, and since I can’t pull it off in a top (the curse of the big boobs), and I’m not too sure about floral pants for women my age, the shoes have it.

I’ve torn this internet up looking for the most adorable floral shoes I can find. I plan to buy every single pair, God willing and the creek don’t rise. (That was a positive affirmation so that magic money winds up in my shoe bank account.)

1. These Corbel women’s wedges from Toms are delightful, and I don’t use that word often. (Unless I’ve had a Big Gulp Jumbo plastic cup of wine, in which case I have been known to call Charlie Sheen “delightful” when by all accounts, he is not.) These Toms are only $69, which makes me really happy on the inside.

Toms floral Corbel Wedges
from Toms

2. Who knew Ivanka Trump designs shoes? If you did, you are more in touch with the important things in life than am I. Anywho, I’m really feeling these floral ballet flats from Ivanka.

floral ballet flats shoes
from Zappos

3. This Betsey Johnson floral and polka dot wedge makes my heart leap with joy. Are you kidding me? Look how cute they are! Who wouldn’t feel pretty in these shoes? (Once again, Charlie Sheen comes to mind.) I am in mad love with these floral wedges. Mad, mad love.

Betsey Johnson floral shoes
from Zappos


4. I want to put on these Born Albright floral sandals and go to Hawaii because that’s where they belong, and what they deserve. At $125, they are just expensive enough to make me feel ashamed of myself, while not so expensive as to force me to sell my ex-husband’s testicles.

Floral Born Albright shoes
from Zappos

5. I would wear these ridiculously cute Keens Sula Casual shoes in this sweet floral print everywhere. I would. Mark me on this.

Keens Sula in floral shoes
from Amazon


6. If I were a nurse, I would wear these Dansko floral clogs to cheer up my patients and put a little “spring” in my step. (I’m so sorry I said that. My blood sugar is low.)

My boyfriend likes me to pretend I am a nurse sometimes, but only when he has a cold or is vomiting uncontrollably. I once tried to stitch him up but he kept yelling, “I don’t have a cut!” and “Sweet Jesus stop it or I’ll call the cops!” I love it when we role play.

Dansko floral clogs
from Amazon

7. This Jimmy Choo Pearl Wedge Sandal already belongs to me – in my heart. I am convinced these shoes would give me the power to levitate. Or be invisible. Or read the minds of other humans. They are indeed the Harry Potter of floral shoes.

Jimmy Choo pearl wedge sandal
from Nordstrom

8. I’ve never owned a Manolo Blahnik shoe. I will though. If I have to marry the ugliest, harriest, most cross-eyed Prince of some hard-to-pronounce nation that believes donkeys are holy, I will get these Manolo floral print shoes.

Manolo Blahnik floral print point toe shoe
from Saks


Sunglasses Trends

Ran-Ban Aviators worn by Jennifer Aniston

I have a confession. I haven’t bought a pair of new sunglasses since 1942. Okay, so I wasn’t technically alive in 1942. But when I’m talking about how badly I neglect myself and my own needs, I like to get as much attention as possible. Today I decided to go in search of the top trends in sunglasses for summer.

It’s no lie to say it’s been a LONG time since I bought new sunglasses. I am still wearing sunglasses that were cool five years ago. By the process of elimination or osmosis or some other kind of process, that means I am technically no longer cool.

My kids will be genuinely surprised to hear this news.

Today I’m shopping these interwebs for sunglasses I think are exceptionally sassy. And saucy. And other fun words that start with S and end with Y.

1. Let’s get the silliest trend in sunglasses out of the way first. Have you seen these? They are Sun-Staches and they are billed as the “Original Mustache Sunglasses.”  They come in lots of colors, because somehow I guess that makes it better. If I weren’t one-hundred years old, I would probably buy these to try and impress my mustache-enthusiast friends. But I am old and in truth, mustache-enthusiasts are never impressed.

Sun-Staches are the Original Mustache Sunglasses

2. These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are stupidly delicious. I love them, and I’m not just saying that because I try to practice Aniston in all I say and do. I’m not sure they’d look the same on me as on her, but if I buy these Ray-Bans, I will tell myself I look exactly like her. I will also force friends & relatives to tell me the same thing.  Or else. (Seriously… aren’t they sexy?) It’s little wonder these Ray-Bans are at the top of the charts for must-have sunglasses.

PS: If you have a square face shape like I do, the classic Ray-Ban aviators are the right sunglasses for your face type.

Ran-Ban Aviators worn by Jennifer Aniston

3. Exaggerated cat’s eye sunglasses are expected to be a crazy hot trend for summer 2012. I’m not sure how they’ll look on me, but I’m for sure going to try them on. The best part about the sunglasses pictured below are their price point. These vintage inspired “cateyes” sunglasses are less than $11 on Amazon. So… about the price of a gallon of gas, right?

4. These Ray-Ban Aviator “Clubmaster” sunglasses in tortoise are my FAVORITE sunglasses so far. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I do. In that way they are very much like my 1st husband. Aren’t they about ten kinds of sexy? Do you love ’em? The Ray-Ban Aviator Clubmaster sunglasses are supposed to be super hot this spring and summer, or so say people who know things like this. I don’t. Ask me what kind of dessert trends I’m expecting this summer, and I’m all over it.

5. Here are those same super-sexy Ray-Ban Aviator Clubmasters in black and emerald green. I desire them. If you’re not doing anything important right now, please purchase them and have them sent to me at once. I’m positive it’ll earn you a bigger mansion in Heaven. At the very least, you’ll get to tell all your friends that you once bought a pair of Ray-Bans for a blogger you never met for reasons you never understood. It’ll be a great story.


6. Beyonce has that wonderful oval face shape, so Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are perfect for her. The Wayfarer is a trend in sunglasses that really has legs. This one has been around a long time, and will continue to be landing on lists of the top trends in sunglasses. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a top trend in sunglasses

7. Oblong face shapes need beautifully oversized sunglasses. One of the hottest trends in oversized sunglasses this summer are these Ray-Ban OverSized Wrap sunglasses. I’m mad for them, but my face shape just can’t pull them off. Damn this box-sized head of mine!

Love all these sunglasses, but they’re a bit out of your price range? I totally feel you. You can get most of these must-have sunglasses styles on Amazon through a company called Urban Boundaries Eyewear. Looks like most of their sunglasses are around the $10 mark. Not bad!

Do ya love it?

My Perfect K-Cup

Review of Dark Magic K-Cup

Dear Lord, I am a Keurig freak. Let’s just get that right out there. I’ve written about my love of my Keurig before, and since that time I’ve only grown to love it more. I am an official K-Cup addict, always in search of my perfect K-Cup.

I said to myself, “Collette,” (which is what I call myself, even though that’s not my name), “why not do a post about your favorite, most perfect K-Cups?”

[one_half]I’m not one to argue with me, so without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to my perfect K-Cup varieties. I’m including the links to buy my favorites via Amazon if you so desire.

If you click through I’ll get a small commission on your purchase. (Very small. Lord have mercy…so small.) I will mentally thank you.

I’d like to thank you proper, the way my Momma taught me. But I don’t know your address.
If you have a favorite K-Cup  I should try, let me know! I LOVE to try new K-Cups. My dream would be to get locked in a K-Cup factory with nothing but a Keurig, thousands of varieties of K-Cups, and… James Spader.  Here are my faves, in no particular order.

1. Donut Shop K-Cup. You’re not getting anything fancy with Donut Shop, but if you want a solid cup of coffee that’s not too strong and not at all watery & weak, Coffee People Donut Shop is for you. They are priced very reasonably, which is probably why it’s one of the bestselling K-Cup brands. I always have Donut Shop K-Cups in my coffee arsenal. It’s one of those K-Cups you can count on.

Coffee People donut Shop K-Cup

2. If you like your coffee bold, you’re going to want to try Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups. I enjoy really strong coffee, but I don’t like it to taste like it was made my a hobo in an empty bean container over an open fire. Dark Magic is surely bold enough to get your blood pumping without making you feel like you could run to work – in your high heels. It’s never bitter, by the way. I dig me some Dark Magic sometimes.

Review of Dark Magic K-Cup

3. I was first introduced to Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-Cups when I was given a variety pack of K-Cups with my Keurig. I didn’t know then what the hell a hazelnut was, or why I should want to taste it in my coffee. Truth time… I still don’t know what the hell a hazelnut is. But, I do know it’s straight up fantastic when it’s in my coffee. You have to have Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-Cups in your house, even if only to make your place smell like Heaven before company comes over. (Because yes – the smell of this stuff brewing is AMAZING.)

Gloria Jeans Hazelnut K-cup review

4. Every house has to have a breakfast blend K-cup. It’s the Keurig law. Look it up. For the money, Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is my favorite. It’s a pretty mild coffee, so anyone will enjoy it. It’s not too harsh, and blends well with lots of flavored creamers, if that’s your bag. You especially want Green Mountain Breakfast Blend around when guests are staying over. All the most decent humans have it.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend review


5. Because I love my son (the amazing kid who gave me my Keurig), I’m going to include something he says we must never be without… and it’s not coffee. Grove Square Hot Cocoa K-Cups. I’m not going to lie to you – I’m not a hot-chocolate fan. But, my teenager and his girlfriend SWEAR by this stuff. They love it harder than a goat loves a stump. We’ll have to take his word for it, because he’s awesome.)

Hot Cocoa K-Cup review

This is by NO means an exhaustive list of my perfect K-Cup varieties. Not even close. But, all this talk of coffee has me wanting to stop writing and start brewing. Never mind it’s almost 10 PM. Never mind I’m nearly one-hundred years old and if I drink coffee before bed, I might have a tiny heart attack.

THAT’S how much I love my Keurig AND my K-Cups!

Happy brewing, and if you liked this post OR you are all hopped up on caffeine-induced kindness, please share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and by taping a note on your neighbor’s front door. Lord loves a sharer, and so do I.

Bed Rest While Pregnant – Top 10 Things Moms-To-Be Need

bed rest while pregnant

Last week my daughter Kitten was sent to the hospital. She is twenty-four weeks pregnant, and long story short, she is on hospitalized bed rest from now until…

She is allowed up to shower, use the bathroom, and she gets to go on one 30 minute wheelchair ride a day. Kitten is blessed to have so many people in her life who have brought her books, magazines, snacks, etc. But still, she’s going nuts in here. I sit beside her bed each day and try to keep her company. It’s not nearly enough. My poor baby.

We’ve had a good laugh at the huge number of people who say, “Let me know if I can do anything.” It’s only funny because we imagine what it would be like to actually call every one who has said that and provide a list of all the things a Mom-T0-Be needs while on bed rest.

1. Kitten is already Mom to my perfect 20 month old grandmonkey. She misses him terribly even though he comes to see her often with his Daddy. Recordable story books are a must have for a Mom who is on bed rest while she’s pregnant with another child.

Recordable story book


2. My daughter has a TV and DVD player in her hospital room, so now would be the perfect time for her to catch up on TV seasons she’s missed. A Mom-to-be on bed rest may appreciate DVDs of her favorite TV series.

One Tree Hill First Season

3. Imagine eating hospital food day in and day out. It’s driving her mad already, and she’s only been here a week. People have been so sweet to bring her TONS of snacks (candy, chips, cookies). But as she has a mini-fridge and a microwave in her hospital room, sometimes she’d like something different to snack on. Kraft Mac & Cheese Easy Mac is something she’s mentioned.

kraft easy mac and cheese

4. Kitten doesn’t know how to crochet – yet. The hospital sent in a “crochet coach” of sorts, and with all this free time I’m thinking she’ll be a pro in no time. A gift of pink yarn would be awesome.

baby pink yarn]5. This hospital smells like a hospital. Kitten thinks these Febreze Flameless Luminaries might be a nice thing to have in her room.

Febreze Flameless Luminary

6. While I can manage the Easy Mac and some yarn, the Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones are out of my price range. Because she is on the antepartum ward, Kitten hears baby monitors and other noises at night when she’s trying to settle in and sleep. It makes it hard to ever really rest well in the hospital. She and I can both see how noise cancelling headphones would make life much, much more pleasant for a pregnant mom-to-be while on bed rest.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are perfect for hospital stays while pregnant.

7. Nice, comfy socks – you can’t have too many of these when you’re on bed rest in the hospital. The “cushionery”, the better!

White cushion socks for the hospital


8. When you’re stuck in the hospital on bed rest, it’s not the time to get cheap lotion from Walmart. She says anything that could help her feel like a “girl” is a good thing, and great lotion is perfect. True Blue is an awesome choice.


9. Kitten has plenty of time to do her nails now. She did them just the other day. OPI makes this little kit of 10 nail polishes that would be a cool way to keep your nails looking great while the pregnancy keeps you in bed.

OPI best of the best

10. At first blush, this might sound nuts. But, 3M Removable Hooks are super cool to have while you’re in the hospital for a long time. Kitten and I have looked for a way today to hang things on her hospital room walls to no avail. These removable hooks would be perfect and would help make this place a nicer place to live while she’s on bed rest.

Removable hooks for hospital walls



Lose Weight With Flat Marbles and a Sharpie

weight loss encouragement

Weight loss is so hard. I think some encouraging words to help us lose weight when we’re struggling can only help.

I’ve been looking at ways to help me shed some weight. Somewhere online (I wish I could remember where), I saw that someone was putting rocks from one container to another when she lost a pound. That made sense to me. I thought though that I might want to add a little twist that would help me visualize not only my weight loss, where I’d been and where I’m going, but that would remind me of the WHYs that I need to lose these pounds.

I took a Sharpie, 20 smooth, flat, glass marbles, 2 votive candle holders, and I made a visual weight loss aide that I keep in my bathroom. Hope it helps you, too.

How to FINALLY, REALLY lose the weight this time. (You can do it.)


How to Lose Weight With Flat Marbles and a Sharpie

Weight loss encouragement
These are super cheap…and so pretty.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
Write one reason for each pound on each stone.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
Each reason is personal to you.


Words of encouragement for weight loss
I know I’ll have this if I get rid of these extra 20.
Words of encouragement for weight loss
In the beginning, fill up one glass with all your reasons to lose each & every pound.


Words of encouragement for weight loss
As you lose, drop one stone for each pound in the empty glass.


weight loss encouragement
I have to remind myself that I do. You should, too.