Tie Dye with Food Coloring

Can You Tie Dye with Food Coloring? Tie dying with food color is a safe way to dye bandanas, tops and shirts that does not cause any harm to your body. This is the reason why you can involve kids in the process without the need of stringent supervision. However, it may not necessarily hold […]

How to Make Homemade Glow Sticks

A couple of months left before the Halloween preparations begin in full swing, and the children seem to be more excited about donning bizarre costume and accessories. Often seen in most Sci-Fi movies, glow sticks are great for adding spookiness to night time events. Although there is chemistry behind the creation, I suggest, you do […]

DIY Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Make Halloween and wedding send-offs memorable by making your own glow in the dark bubbles. The instructions help you make them safely at home without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Forget the commercial bubble guns and foggers. Just a simple glow bubble solution does the trick with ease.

How to Make Snow Paint

Although most of us wait all summer eagerly for the snowfall, the children miss out on some exciting outdoor activities and end up getting bored at home. Facing the same dilemma last winter, I came up with the idea of adding a pop of colors to the sparkling white snow carpet in my backyard. And […]

How to Make Glow in the Dark Chalks

If there is one hobby that children love, then it has to be scribbling anywhere and everywhere with colorful chalks. A big fan of glow in the dark wall decals, I came up with an idea of infusing some shine into chalks and gift them to my nephews. So I called them home and together […]

How to Make Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

When it’s summer, I make it a point to indulge my children in various craft activities to let their creative juices flow. The other day I came across an interesting way to make an edible playdough with peanut butter. There are various recipes to make the no-bake playdough, but I am sharing my favorite one […]

Buddy the Elf Quotes – Free Printables

I’ve created some fun little printable “Buddy the Elf” quotes for Christmas that I hope will make your office (or home) sort of a merry place to be. Nothing too serious or candy-cane sappy here, my friendo. These Christmas printables are all about the festive jollies. 🙂 Speaking of Christmas and merry and candy-canes, if […]