Pretty Paper Ornament Tutorials

I will admit I love paper ornaments. Wait. I said that like you’re interrogating me under the hot lights and I’m finally willing to tell you all about my love of paper Christmas ornaments. I’m such a geek. Meanwhile, these talented crafty women have taken pretty paper ornaments to a whole new level. Even better, […]

Royalty Free Vintage Images

I’m so crazy for vintage images. When I see the crafts people can make using them, it absolutely delights me! But, when I started searching for Royalty Free Vintage Images, I learned really quickly that I was going down a rabbit hole. There were so many websites… but so many were just sort of created to […]

Chicken Coops I Want to Live In

Until recently, I had no idea chicken coop designs were so trendy these days. Some chicken coops look better than most of the houses I’ve lived in. These chicken coops I found around the interwebs are proof of that. My friend Mel has the prettiest little chicken coop in her back yard. That’s because she has […]