5 Fun Wine Glass Centerpiece Ideas

I like wine. I like it hard. It’s for that very reason that I own many wine glasses. While my preferred use of a wine glass is as a vessel to deliver wine to my mouth, there are some other sort of awesome things you can do with them. I think picking up a bunch at the Goodwill or Salvation Army to make these centerpieces would make them doubly awesome. When you add “thrift” to anything, I find it twelve {Read More}

Pretty Paper Ornament Tutorials

I will admit I love paper ornaments. Wait. I said that like you’re interrogating me under the hot lights and I’m finally willing to tell you all about my love of paper Christmas ornaments. I’m such a geek. Meanwhile, these talented crafty women have taken pretty paper ornaments to a whole new level. Even better, you can click the links to their sites and learn how to make them yourself. Love it.   1. GigglyGirl on Craftster 2. ByStephanieLynn 3. {Read More}

5 Fabulous Homemade Toys You Can Make with Your Kids

Store bought toys are expensive. They could also be considered wasteful if you think about it — all those resources spent manufacturing and transporting a toy that will be played with a handful of times and then ignored. It seems almost criminal. At the same time, kids love having something to play with, and they need a few toys to flex their imagination muscles. So give your kids the best of both worlds with these five homemade toys that use cheap, {Read More}

Pumpkin Pie Spice – 7 Amazing Things You Can Make With It

For those of us who love autumn, pumpkin pie spice is like a drug. I’m serious. If I ever find a man who wears pumpkin pie spice cologne, I’m going to marry him on the spot. But, then again, I once married a man because he smelled faintly like Chunky Monkey ice cream. I was sitting here thinking about pumpkin pie spice and resting my arms from all the fire baton twirling I was doing earlier this morning, when it {Read More}

Royalty Free Vintage Images

I’m so crazy for vintage images. When I see the crafts people can make using them, it absolutely delights me! But, when I started searching for Royalty Free Vintage Images, I learned really quickly that I was going down a rabbit hole. There were so many websites… but so many were just sort of created to push visitors to other (paid) sources. Very disheartening.

Chicken Coops I Want to Live In

Until recently, I had no idea chicken coop designs were so trendy these days. Some chicken coops look better than most of the houses I’ve lived in. These chicken coops I found around the interwebs are proof of that. My friend Mel has the prettiest little chicken coop in her back yard. That’s because she has chickens, not because she just woke up one day and wanted to build a chicken coop. (In other news, Mel lives in the country so it’s {Read More}

8 Headboard Ideas You Can Make in a Day

I love looking at all the innovative headboard ideas people have. Some of them are so simple, it makes me wonder why I never thought to make MY own headboard. Let’s be honest. I never thought of it because my brain is deficient in the DIY vitamin. I’m not fooling anyone. 🙂

How to Make Super Cool Coasters – 12 DIY Coasters

I have coasters in my living room, in my kitchen, and in my office. I really love those little things, and here’s why… because they are small pieces of prettiness that add a little touch of fun to my life. I’ve always bought mine and never given much thought to how to make coasters myself. Until now. These tutorials that show you how to make coasters are probably going to change my life. In other news, how sad is it {Read More}

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DIY Organization Ideas That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

I like DIY organization ideas very much. Is it too much to ask that my son keep his cereal in alphabetical order, or that all the DVDs are arranged according to laughs per minute? I just think organization is the answer to all life’s problems. Well except for all the calories in Chunky Monkey ice cream. Sadly, there is no organization idea that’ll fix that. Check out these uh-maze-ing DIY organization ideas from people way more resourceful than myself! When I {Read More}

How to Make Gorgeous Knobs All By Yourself

Have you ever tried to make knobs? Has anyone ever asked you that question before? 🙂 The truth is every time I see pretty knobs in the store, I’m overcome with the desire to screw them into my body and wear them as jewelry. The idea that you can easily make your own knobs at home fills me with delight. But, know this my friendo…when in life you realize the knobs you use to pull open the drawer where you {Read More}

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