Minnie Mouse Toys!

Minnie Mouse toys have been hot for as long as I can remember, and they remain some of the best-selling, most popular toys each and every year. What’s not to love about Minnie Mouse, after all? She’s been Mickey’s faithful girlfriend since the 1920s, and she never leaves the house without her trademark bow. Minnie Mouse Toys   Disney’s Sing & Giggle Minnie – Hug Minnie and she’ll sing the Hot Dog song. Hug her again and she’ll giggle!  Great For {Read More}

Walmart Deals – a Few Deals to Grab Early for Christmas

I hate shopping. I’m all about doing as much of it as I can online. Today’s Walmart deals are some great ones I can grab online, and when I use Ebates as my launching point, I can save even more! (Right now it’s at 2% – but every penny counts, right?) The things I’ve found for today’s Walmart deals are things you could hold on to for Christmas and use as stocking stuffers. Pop! Fortune Lip Gloss Set, 7 pc – Was {Read More}

Telecommute Jobs

what where job title, keywords or company city, state or zip jobs by Jobs   Social Media/SEO Assistant (Boca Raton) A growing internet marketing company in Boca Raton, FL is looking to hire someone with an interest in social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Social Media Marketing Manager – Content & Communication Specialist (Telecommute) NextBee (nextbee.com) is seeking a skilled demand generator who is a great community communicator to join as social media marketing manager. The role responsibilities {Read More}

Learn to Use Google Plus – Overlay Text on Images

Super cool thing I learned about how to use Google + today – you can overlay text on images and it’s super easy. Like seriously easy. You know what a meme is, no doubt. But, did you know you could create memes on Google+ to share there, and also download them to use on other platforms? As I learn to use G+, I’m realizing how very photo friendly it is. Similar to Pinterest, Google + appears to get that we {Read More}

How YOU Can Make Money on Craigslist

Everyone knows what Craigslist is and that you can make money by selling your things on Craigslist. But, did you know you may be able to create your own work-from-home business using Craigslist? Unfortunately we are in tough times in this economy. That means there are lots of things that pop up for sale on Craigslist every day that are absolute steals because someone needs to make a fast sale and is happy to part with what they have for a lot less than they {Read More}

Advertise Your Etsy Shop Like a Pro, Yo!

If you’ve ever pulled your hair out wondering, “How do I promote my Etsy shop?” I’m about to rock your world. (I’m sorry. Decent people don’t say that any more.) You see, in addition to the joy that is curating the web for Momcaster, I am paid real American dollars by real humans to help them promote, market and advertise their small businesses. I’ve seen lots of ideas online lately about advertising an Etsy shop, and just like the media coverage {Read More}