3 Cleaning Products You MUST Try

Cleaning products are to me what shoes & handbags are to normal women. I wish I were kidding. I get so excited by great cleaning products, you might say it’s unnatural – like kissing your cousin or putting pickles on your peanut butter sandwich. When I find new products to try and then discover I love them, it’s like discovering treasure. If you saw my cabinets & cupboards, you’d either be jealous of my cleaning collection, or you’d step away {Read More}

How to Get the Best Christmas Deals Online {15 websites I use every year.}

There are certainly women (and men) who are way better at sniffing out the best Christmas deals online each year than I am. But, I’m not gonna kid you. I snag some sweet deals every single Christmas shopping season. I love Christmas so, so much. But, I’m not a girl who really likes to go into stores and malls shopping for Christmas. Not only do the crowds kind of freak me out, but I can’t seem to get the best {Read More}

Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Maximum Scary Sauce

It’s that time again! Time for women across the United States to dress up like slutty nurses, witches, janitors, beekeepers, and everything in between. (Why ladies? Just why?) It’s nearing Halloween and that means all good Americans must search out the scariest outdoor Halloween decorations in order to make their yards look like a serial killer is inside waiting to hand out intestines instead of candy. 

Farm Rich Snacks & Appetizers Review

Farm Rich said, “Hey…you wanna eat some snacks and tell your readers what you thought?” So, okay. Maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit while at the same time making it sound like Farm Rich is a person who, in my mind anyway, has thick dark hair, a farmer’s tan and dreamy blue eyes. I said yes – because no one is going to say no to free stuff from Farm Rich. I also said yes because Farm Rich is going to {Read More}

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit? Ummm, YES!

Want to make your own chocolate? I can show you how! Unless your Mom named you Dooce or The Bloggess, there are very few perks to being a blogger. No one has ever given me a good table at a restaurant because I have a blog and my dry cleaning has never been “on the house.” Maybe that’s because I haven’t had anything dry cleaned since…ever. I’m not sure I even understand what dry cleaning is.  I’m was born a {Read More}

Game of Thrones is Like King Arthur, But With More Dinklage

When my partner first suggested to me we watch Game of Thrones, I almost slapped him in the kidney. Not because he deserved it, but because I am an obviously angry woman who waits for any excuse to physically humiliate a man. I sat down to watch it, fully prepared to tell him how much I hated it – while slapping one of his vital internal organs. I so did not hate it. In fact, I love Game of Thrones {Read More}

I Heart Posies & Petals Handmade Hair Accessories

Posies & Petals   Etsy shop owner Megan Miller of Posies & Petals creates adorable handmade hair accessories, and I do mean adorable. They’re soft and sweet and completely necessary for any little girl. You can buy pretty hair things from Megan for tiny preemies all the way to adult in her Etsy boutique. Just look at these little girl bows & headbands… This little pink posy is so precious and it’s only $4. Megan’s cream Hydrangea bloom is available on your choice {Read More}

Lipton Green Tea & Honey Anyone?

Once upon a time, a fancy lady blogger from an enchanted land called Missouri was sent an envelope filled with samples of Lipton Tea & Honey in Mango Pineapple. That fancy lady blogger was me. I’m positive you did not anticipate such a dramatic plot turn so early in our story. Klout “The Standard for Influence” (insert snort-laugh here) decided that I, Sher aka “Sadie”, was so incredibly influential on the interwebs that I was qualified to receive a few {Read More}