Peacock Pretties

I’ve loved all the colors and textures of a Peacock for as long as I can remember. It’s such an amazing and beautiful combination, and I find it so compelling and calming. I’ve only very rarely seen an actual Peacock, but trust me – they do not disappoint in the “splendor” department. Leave it to the incredibly talented collective pool of Etsy sellers to come up with their own nods to the pretty Peacock. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite {Read More}

Keep Calm and … (Part 2)

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors and gather them all around your computer screen as I continue to unleash more Keep Calm graphics. That’s right. We’re keeping calm and keeping sharing keep calm graphics. Keep calm and nurse on. I love nurses. They are nice. Except when they’re not. But, they mostly are. And that’s all I have to say about that.   Keep calm and scream. For my money, this is sound advice. I believe it should be posted {Read More}

Keep Calm and…

The “keep calm” phenomenon that’s been (sort of) done to death actually originated from a vintage 1939 British propaganda war poster.  Since it first started making the internet rounds in 2000 or so, we’ve all seen “keep calm” graphics everywhere. BUT, there are still some good “keep calm” sayings left. Some are twisted, some are cute, some are… well… you’ll see.  Please note: while I truly want to credit the sources, it’s often impossible to find the originator of these graphics. I’ve {Read More}

Keep Calm And …(Part 3)

Are you all set for even more “KEEP CALM AND…” graphics? Well then… KEEP CALM AND CONTINUE READING! (That had to be said, and it had to be said in all caps. I know you would have done the same.) If I could play piano, I’m sure I would be perpetually calm. I know this. You can purchase this cutie on Etsy from Printland. I say this to my hair every single day. It refuses to listen. The twisted part of {Read More}

What to Get a Man for Valentine’s Day

What to get a man for Valentine’s Day is hardly a question we women need to stress over. You know what I’m saying – wink, wink. But, on the chance you’re wondering about a “man gift”, I’ve found some terrific ones to help you out. No balloons, or gooey cards, or Heaven forbid POEMS here, my sisters. No, no. These are very cool Valentine gifts for your man. Let’s get started! 1. Maple Candied Bacon. If you make this recipe {Read More}

Halloween Yard Decorations That Scare Me Down to My Ovaries

I respect and admire humans who create super cool Halloween scenes and yard decorations. Mine always look like I was going for a graveyard and by virtue of tequila and losing my glasses, wound up with what can only be described as a garden of broken jack-0-lanterns and poorly hand-painted tombstones made out of grocery bags and tears. But the creators of these Halloween yard decorations were obviously not drunk because they are stupendously Halloweeny. I think we can all {Read More}

A is for Apple and Awesome and Alright, I Will Stop With This Alliteration Now

It’s apple time, y’all. I’m on the hunt for apple awesomeness because searching for awesomeness in all its many forms is kind of my calling. That explains why I’ve been married so many times. Come along with me on my apple journey, won’t you? Natalya of Natalya’s Studio: Knit and Crochet Accessories has discovered that I routinely keep numerous, extremely fragile and totally breakable vials of Ebola virus in both my purse and my Mrs. Beasley lunchbox. (That is seriously the {Read More}

5 Awesome Things That May Keep Me From Jumping Out of My 3rd Floor Window

Dear Internets, I am going to admit something to you because we’re best pretend friends. I am so depressed, I can barely bring myself to chew food, suck air into my lungs, blog words, or strap on my false eyelashes. Life has seriously handed me a big bucket of truly sour lemons and since I’m not by nature a lemonade-making kind of girl, I’ve spent my days wondering if I dove out my bedroom window head first whether  I would {Read More}

Upcycled & Orange – Aunt Etsy Does It Again

I have a bee in my bonnet tonight about orange things and upcycled things. Who knows where such thoughts come from. I would blame the LCD I did in the 60s, but I was only a toddler and my Mom wouldn’t let me have any fun. Meanwhile doesn’t “Etsy” sound like your Aunt from the hills of North Carolina who crochets socks for you every year for Christmas and is so old, no living human exists that can verify that {Read More}

Cockatoo Blue, I Heart You

When I first laid eyes on Cockatoo Blue, I couldn’t STOP looking for the color everywhere. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’m absolutely mad for the color. Like everything else of beauty, the first place I went to look for my Cockatoo Blue fix was on Etsy. Naturally, I was not disappointed. If you’re like me, and you want to snag a little something delicious in Cockatoo Blue, start right here. By Flowerleaf, this sweet little {Read More}