Frozen Birthday Party – a (Mega) Frozen Giveaway

We’re obsessed with Disney’s Frozen movie right now. (I’m listening to Idina Menzel even as I write this post.) I’m sure you know someone who is equally obsessed. There is just something about it, right? Since so many little ones are hoping for a Frozen birthday party this year, and because Frozen birthday party goodies are so hard to find, I thought…hmmmm….. Frozen Birthday Party Giveaway!     Here’s what you can win:   FIRST PRIZE! This 108 piece Frozen {Read More}

Win a Gift Card!

YOU can win a gift card, and here’s why:  there is a new blog in the Momcaster family of blogs, and I am the internet slumlord who owns her. Yes. Her. Because boy blogs pee everywhere and always have dirt under their fingernails. 

Win a Purse!

Oh kids, what a hot contest I have for you today! Not only can you win a purse, you can win a Stella & Dot purse! From the super popular Love & Marriage Blog and Momcaster, take a minute and get yourself entered to win this super gorgeous purse from the new Stella & Dot Debut Collection. Win a Purse! The Stella & Dot Navy LaTotale  is your go-to bag that goes and goes – from client lunch, to mani-pedi, to happy {Read More}

New in Nails – a Giveaway

If you love finding and trying what’s new in nails, you are going to love this easy little Momcaster giveaway. Four lucky Momcaster giveaway winners will receive one of these awesome prizes – each something that’s new in nails and super fun!   From Nail Rock, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive a Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps set. (Pattern/color may vary.) From The New Black, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive this double Innovations in {Read More}

WIN a Set of Super Cute Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jars make me happy. I have beat the Mason Jar horse like nobody’s business here on Momcaster and when that wasn’t enough, I got drunk one night and created The Mason Jar Crafts Blog. That’s a lie. I totally just lied to you. I mean, I did create a blog just to drop photos of all the cool Mason Jar stuff I could find online. I was not, however, wasted drunk on corn liquor or Pabst Blue Ribbon when {Read More}

Giveaway! Make Your Party POP!

I’m a terrible party-thrower. I can admit that to you because we’re pretend friends. It’s not that I’m not good at party food. Don’t kid yourself. I’m GREAT at party food. I can open a bag of chips and a can of Sterno better than anyone you’ve ever met. It occurs to me as I write that perhaps heating up bags of chips over flaming Sterno would indicate I’m in fact not at all good at party food. My bad. Aside {Read More}

Etsy Goodies For The Gettin’!

I do so love to give people stuff. I think if I were wealthy, I’d probably be a crazy old lady standing around outside Walmart giving away free washing machines and lollipops! Today I’m giving away some things from Etsy! Yay! Before I tell you what’s up for grabs, would you do me a favor? If you know someone who does direct sales, AKA party plans, I would sure love it if you’d encourage them to advertise with Seek Buy Sell. I {Read More}