Super Sexy Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights saved my life. Okay – I’ll admit that’s completely dramatic. But, c’mon. Without blonde highlights I would have flat brown hair and I would look at least 95 years old. I wouldn’t have had nearly as many husbands either! šŸ™‚ I’m always looking for inspiration, and Google is happy to provide me with lots of examples of super pretty blonde highlights.   Ā 7 Super Sexy Blonde Highlights   I loveĀ KristinĀ Cavallari’s blonde highlights in this photo. Very heavy blonde, {Read More}

New in Nails – a Giveaway

If you love finding and trying what’s new in nails, you are going to love this easy little Momcaster giveaway. Four lucky Momcaster giveaway winners will receive one of these awesome prizes – each something that’s new in nails and super fun!   From Nail Rock, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive a Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps set. (Pattern/color may vary.) From The New Black, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive this double Innovations in {Read More}