Keep Calm and … (Part 2)

keep calm and

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors and gather them all around your computer screen as I continue to unleash more Keep Calm graphics. That’s right. We’re keeping calm and keeping sharing keep calm graphics.

Keep calm and nurse on. I love nurses. They are nice. Except when they’re not. But, they mostly are. And that’s all I have to say about that.

keep calm and nurse on
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Keep calm and scream. For my money, this is sound advice. I believe it should be posted in every labor and delivery room, every driver’s license office, and on every middle-aged woman’s mirror and/or scale.



keep calm and

I do this one. A lot. Imagining is the best. I highly recommend it at every available opportunity. In fact, if imagining were a sport, I’d probably win a major award.

keep calm and

Pin on! Enough said. Well maybe not really enough. I’m never sure when it’s enough. How ’bout now? Now it’s enough.

keep calm and

Hear that, boobs? This one’s for you.

keep calm and
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Let’s get you to Keep Calm and… Part 3.”  Come on. We’ve made it this far together. PS: You’re pretty.

Keep Calm and…

keep calm and

The “keep calm” phenomenon that’s been (sort of) done to death actually originated from a vintage 1939 British propaganda war poster.  Since it first started making the internet rounds in 2000 or so, we’ve all seen “keep calm” graphics everywhere.

BUT, there are still some good “keep calm” sayings left. Some are twisted, some are cute, some are… well… you’ll see.  Please note: while I truly want to credit the sources, it’s often impossible to find the originator of these graphics. I’ve credited where I have the info. 

This first “keep calm and”… made me smile. It also made me look up to be sure all the cool bloggers weren’t about to dump pig’s blood on my head.

keep calm and carrie
via Who Killed Bambi

I like this Easter graphic for many reasons, not the least of which is that my darling daughter created it and has it on her blog, Love & Marriage.

Keep calm and
via Love and Marriage

Keep calm and uncork a red. These are words to live by. I say them every day when I am driving home from work.

Keep calm and

I dig this because it’s ironic. I would however be far more delighted to find one that says, “Keep calm and wax your mustache.”

keep calm and
via We Are All In The Gutter

Please tell me you get this next one. Because if you don’t get this, I have to break up with you.

keep calm and

I do agree it’s best to keep calm when slaughtering the un-dead. That’s just my experience any way.

keep calm and

I never learned to do the hustle. Please don’t tell anyone as there are literally hundreds of humans who believe I can. I can’t risk the scandal.

keep calm and

You need even more Keep Calm graphics, so here they are! (It’s like I’m a mind reader or something.)

Keep Calm And …(Part 3)

Are you all set for even more “KEEP CALM AND…” graphics? Well then… KEEP CALM AND CONTINUE READING! (That had to be said, and it had to be said in all caps. I know you would have done the same.)

If I could play piano, I’m sure I would be perpetually calm. I know this. You can purchase this cutie on Etsy from Printland.

keep calm and
via Printland – Etsy $9.50

I say this to my hair every single day. It refuses to listen.

keep calm and

The twisted part of Sadie loves this, but the decent woman in me knows this is bad. Delightfully bad. 🙂

keep calm and

I actually used to date Batman. His turn-ons are long walks on the beach and talking in a whisper. Turn offs? Not a fan of kittens. Allergic. True story.

keep calm and

This one is a shout out to the most awesome Mommy in these United States and parts of Portugal – my daughter. You’re an awesome Mommy, sweetheart.

keep calm and

I feel about the Twilight series the same way I feel about Honey Boo Boo. And it may not be what you think I’ll think. Or it may. Or possibly not.

keep calm and twihard

This is a shout-out to my college kid – the Big Dog son. He can’t remember my middle name, but he can quote everything Ron Burgundy has ever said.

keep calm and stay classy

Keep calm and read this blog. Hey – you heard the woman. You and I should be Facebook friends, and/or text each other every 5 minutes to talk about how fat we feel. Six of one…

Keep calm and read this blog
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