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7 Cupid Approved Do It Yourself Valentine Gifts

Some people really don’t care for Valentine’s Day.  I kind of love it. I think any day that you are encouraged to tell people, “I love you,” has to be a good thing. Another reason I love Valentine’s Day is because you don’t have to feel like you need to buy a gift. There are so many absolutely wonderful “do it yourself” gifts you can make for someone you adore, you’ll have no need to run out shopping.

Here are some super adorable do it yourself Valentine gift ideas that could be given to anyone you love this year – husband, boyfriend, partner, child, grandkids, besties – there’s something for everyone. Be sure to visit each of these websites for the how-to so that when February 14th rolls around, you’ll be ready for some Cupid shock & awe! (Also check out our Valentine’s Day Quotes!)

1. I’m seeing these cool rings made from quarters all over the internet. A Law Student’s Journey has the instructions for making a great ring from a quarter. Love it!

Do it yourself ring made from a quarter

via A Law Student’s Journey

2. What Dad, Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle wouldn’t just melt upon getting this adorable DIY Valentine photo? The Letter 4 has some precious ideas for snapping photos for February 14th.

Valentine photo shoot ideas

via The Letter 4

3. Valentine’s candy is just okay. Anyone can buy a box of heart shaped candy that tastes like it has toothpaste in the middle. But this idea to make a candy sundae from Edible Crafts Online is so cute, I can hardly stand it. If it’s the thought that counts, you’ll score!

How to make a candy bouquet tutorial

via Edible Crafts Online

4. I always say my kids are funny because I ate Pop Rocks when I was pregnant. I believe it’s a scientific fact that Pop Rocks are the single funniest food and even though I’m almost one-hundred years old, I still LOVE THEM. Fiskars came up with a super simple, but very fun idea for your Pop Rocks loving Valentine.

How to make Valentines with Pop Rocks candy

via Fiskars

5. I am smitten with this little book from PaperVine. It’s made from a deck of playing cards! Can you even stand it? Of course you’ll have to come up with 52 reasons you love somebody – which might not be a bad thing to do!

How to make a Valentine book from deck of cards

via PaperVine

6. Martha Stewart is the Queen of DIY. Yes – she makes me feel like a big loser because I don’t know how to make a new sofa out of old credit cards, cereal boxes, and Gatorade lids. But these delightful homemade bath salts are so easy, I think even I could make them.

How to make homemade bath salts

via Martha Steward

7. From 24-7-365 comes these cutie-patootie Valentine’s cards made from photos of your kiddos with outstretched hands. Why am I not smart enough to come up with something like this? I think I need more Vitamin B in my diet or something.

Handmade Valentine's for kids

via 24-7-365



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