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5 Things That Glow That You Can Make

Things that glow make me happy. Lately I am completely drawn to things that glow in the dark ideas and crafty projects. No idea why! Every time I see things that glows in the dark, I have to check it out.

The talented crafty brains below have some up with some awesome things to do with glow in the dark paint, and one even tells you how to make FOOD GLOW!

1. From Family Fun, take a look at this super fun glow in the dark mural for a kid’s room.

Glow in the dark mural for kid's room

via Family Fun

2. This glow in the dark little girl’s room from The Paint Princess is super fun. You know, this glow in the dark paint could really help a little one who is afraid of the dark!

Little girl's room with glow in the dark paint

via The Paint Princess

3. I had no idea a person could make glow in the dark food and drinks at home. Guess what? You totally can and when you find out the super simple, non-toxic trick to doing it,  you’re going to be like, “What?” Nice tutorial at Our Best Bites.

Glow in the dark food and drinnks

via Our Best Bites

4. These glowing firefly jars are so cool. I have another one listed on this site made from a mason jar that’s also pretty awesome. I like the colors of this one featured on Curbly very much.

Glowing firefly jar

via Curbly

What about you? Do you love things that glow? You might also like this post about Mason Jar crafts. They are equally as awesome.

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