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Super Cool Homemade Cakes & Cookies

I watch all those Cake Boss Baking Bonanza Cookie Showdown shows and become convinced I can do the same thing. If I had a nickel for how often I’ve tried to decorate a cake after watching one of those shows, I would have enough money to pay someone to bake me a cake that doesn’t look like a drunk wolverine made it.

Below are FOUR awesome cakes and cookies that have such good instruction, I think I may actually be able to bake something without hurting anyone.

Please visit their websites for the how-to and pin them, share them, and send them good baking voodoo vibes.

1. These pink fuzzy slipper cookies at Hungry Happenings are as easy to make as they are to “ooooh and ahhhh” over. They are made from Nutter Butters! This lady (Beth) is talented, talented, talented. You’re going to want to bookmark her site.

custom cookies you can make

via Hungry Happenings

2. This Purple Ombre Sprinkle Cake from Raspberri Cupcakes is BEAUTIFUL. Are you kidding? Bakers from the US will need to convert from metric measurements, but lucky you, the Joy of Baking has a conversion chart to make it easy.

Purple homemade cake

via Raspberri Cupcakes

3. Bake, Decorate, Celebrate had tons of cakes, but this colorful beauty caught my eye. I’m a little afraid of fondant, and I don’t know why. This one looks easy enough and there are great directions. You make the pretty party with multi-pack of fondant, Gum-Tex and a cutting wheel. Meanwhile, is there an official work for fondant phobia?

white cake with colorful fondant

via Bake, Decorate, Celebrate

Here are some places you can get cake decorating stuff:

]Wilton Gum-Tex
It’s less than $10.

Wilton Primary Colors Fondant
The color is already mixed in & it’s Kosher.

Wilton Cutter & Embosser
Three detachable wheels for cutting and for embossing patterns on fondant.

Cake Decorating for Dummies
This could also be called, “This book is for you, Sher.”
4. These rainbow cookies are super simple from Teaching with TLC, but they deliver such a visual impact. I love them.

rainbow cookies

via Teaching with TLC

If you share this post, I’ll be one step closer to having enough Green Stamps to get a hand mixer. You want me to have a hand mixer, don’t you?

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