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5 DIY Lights You’ll Lust Over

I’m always drawn to lights. Anyone can plug in a boring lamp, but when I see lights that look a little different, or are made from something unique, I get super excited. I’m never great at DIY anything. I can admit that to you because you’re my BFF blog reader. However, these DIY lights are kind of easy to make – which I believe means there is hope for me yet.

1. This hanging umbrella light from Instructables is a DIY project that doesn’t require any hard-wiring.

DIY hanging umbrella light
via Instructables


2. Perfect in a rustic living room or den, this tumbleweed chandelier light looks pretty easy to make.

Make a DIY light from tumbleweed
via Instructables

3. This cloud-like ceiling light is adorable. Felt sheets are the trick to this DIY light from Casa Sugar.

DIY ceiling cloud light
via Casa Sugar

4. Kara Paslay Designs created another DIY cloud light for only $17 and lots of coffee filters. I just absolutely love it.

Make a cloud light
via Kara Paslay Designs

5. Cherry Blossom Lights? Oh yes! These are precious and I imagine they’d be perfect in a bedroom. From Instructables, they are inexpensive and made from things found at the Dollar Store.

make cherry blossom lights
via Instructables

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By Sherri Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about marriage, divorce, menopause, craft-envy, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.