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WIN a Set of Super Cute Mason Jar Lanterns

Win Mason Jar hanging lanterns

via The Country Barrel

Mason Jars make me happy. I have beat the Mason Jar horse like nobody’s business here on Momcaster and when that wasn’t enough, I got drunk one night and created The Mason Jar Crafts Blog.

That’s a lie. I totally just lied to you.

I mean, I did create a blog just to drop photos of all the cool Mason Jar stuff I could find online.

I was not, however, wasted drunk on corn liquor or Pabst Blue Ribbon when I did it.

I have to clear that up because my Southern Baptist Daddy back in North Caroline learned how to Google and he stalks me. I may be almost 50, but I’m pretty sure he could still ground me.

Mason jar Crafts Blog

Giving away stuff, much like Mason Jars, makes me happy in my general heart and soul area. That’s why I’m giving away a set of two of these entirely adorable Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns/Vases from The Country Barrel. Woot!!!

Mason Jar hanging lanterns

via The Country Barrel

Seriously… can you stand how cute they are? Don’t you want them in your backyard or your garden right this minute?

You can put almost anything you want to display inside these hanging Mason Jars – flowers, candles, the soul of your ex-husband. It’s all up to you as they come empty and ready to be all fancied up.

Hanging mason jar vases and lanterns

via The Country Barrel

The sweethearts who make these at The Country Barrel know that when you’ve got a hankering for a hanging Mason Jar, you can’t wait around to win a contest.

That’s why they’re offering YOU a special deal. I’m talking 25% off when you use the code – MOMCASTER. Do you love it?

I totally love it. Nice people are the best.

Mason jar hanging lantern giveaway

via The Country Barrel

Let’s get you entered to win a set of two of these Mason Jar delights, shall we? But listen, pretty blog reader person, I want you to know the prices at The Country Barrel are completely beyond reasonable. So if you want to dress up your favorite outdoor space, or if you’re having an outdoor event (like a wedding or a family reunion or a Moon Pie roasting) pop over to The Country Barrel right now and get yours ordered. (What’s the 25% off code again? It’s: MOMCASTER!)

When you win, (and we all agree you totally look like a winner), you can share your spoils with your bestie. Like Mama always said, “Nothing says friendship like the gift of a nice container for an ex-husband’s immortal soul.”

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