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Transfer Photos to Canvas

I’m kind of mad for the new “transfer photos to canvas” trend. In my bedroom sits a very special photo that was transferred to canvas as a gift to me from my daughter. It’s one of my most prized possessions because the photo was taken at the exact moment I first saw my first grandchild – Brady.

In the background you can see my son-in-law hugging his Dad. This photo canvas is one of two things I would grab in a fire – the other being a small box my son made me in 1st grade in which he whispered “I love you, Momma.”

Picture transferred to canvas

Picture on canvas of MeeMaw Monkey seeing Brady for the 1st time.

You can pay a company to transfer your digital photo onto a canvas, which is what my daughter did for me. Canvas People does it and usually is running some kind of special. (As of this writing, it’s a free 8×10 photo canvas plus S&H.)

But, if you’re Crafty Suzanne of the Long Island Crafties, you can transfer a picture to a canvas all by your lonesome.


What You’ll Need to Transfer Photographs to Canvas


Printed Photo or Image
Mod Podge – Matte 
Black Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook Paper
Paint Brushes
Foam Brush

1. Blissfully Ever After had professional photographs taken of her sweet baby and created her own lovely DIY canvas photo collage to show them off. It’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

via Blissfully Ever After

2. Shanty 2 Chic made transferred pictures of her son playing football onto wood and the result is pretty awesome. Wish I’d known about this when my son was playing!

Transfer picture to canvas

via Shanty 2 Chic

3. You can transfer more than just photographs to canvas. Corner House transferred images of state maps of Alaska to canvas for some pretty awesome wall decor. What a cool idea!

How to transfer images to canvas

via House Blog

4. Girl. Inspired. did a stunning job of transferring photos to canvas. I’m in awe of how pretty this turned out. I’m sure the subject matter didn’t hurt any. 🙂

Photo mod-podged onto canvas

via Girl. Inspired.

5. Christine & Co. did an image transfer to canvas that I think is just glorious. I’m in love with it.

Photo transfer to canvas with tissue paper

via Christine & Co.

6. Girl in the Air created this GIANT 4′ x 3′ canvas of her son on a tractor for her kitchen. Isn’t it cool? She says using spray Mod Podge is the best way to go. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Giant DIY photo canvas

via Girl in the Air


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