Keep Calm and … (Part 2)

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors and gather them all around your computer screen as I continue to unleash more Keep Calm graphics. That’s right. We’re keeping calm and keeping sharing keep calm graphics.

Keep calm and nurse on. I love nurses. They are nice. Except when they’re not. But, they mostly are. And that’s all I have to say about that.

keep calm and nurse on
via Blues Blossom – Etsy $12


Keep calm and scream. For my money, this is sound advice. I believe it should be posted in every labor and delivery room, every driver’s license office, and on every middle-aged woman’s mirror and/or scale.



keep calm and

I do this one. A lot. Imagining is the best. I highly recommend it at every available opportunity. In fact, if imagining were a sport, I’d probably win a major award.

keep calm and

Pin on! Enough said. Well maybe not really enough. I’m never sure when it’s enough. How ’bout now? Now it’s enough.

keep calm and

Hear that, boobs? This one’s for you.

keep calm and
via Paper and Glam

Let’s get you to Keep Calm and… Part 3.”  Come on. We’ve made it this far together. PS: You’re pretty.

By Sherri Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about marriage, divorce, menopause, craft-envy, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.