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8 Awesome Girl Scout Ideas

If you’re a Girl Scout troop leader, you’re probably always on the prowl for great Girl Scout ideas. It’s not always easy to find really cool Girl Scout ideas to keep your girls busy, engaged and having fun! But, the ideas I’ve found today are guaranteed add some pop to your Girl Scout troop meetings or your money back!

But first, you’ll need to give me your money. That’s key to this whole money-back plan working. 🙂

Girl Scout Ideas


Designs by Kristen shows you how to make a super cute bowl using buttons and balloons. You gotta know this is an awesome Girl Scout craft!

girl scout idea - button bowl

via Designs By Kristen

For a new twist to Popsicle stick crafts, you should take a look at these Popsicle stick bracelets. Craft Affection does the impossible – she turns a wooden stick into a bracelet. She may be a magician. Meanwhile, this is an awesome Girl Scout craft, right?

Girl Scout idea - popsicle stick bracelet

via Craft Affection

Every household has cereal boxes. Well, maybe not EVERY household but I’m saying those who don’t definitely know how to get their hands on a box or a thousand. 🙂 So what about Girl Scout craft ideas made from cereal boxes?

Taste With the Eyes created these stunning shadow boxes from cereal boxes! Are you in love?

girl scout idea - cereal box shadow boxes

via Taste With the Eyes

Infarrantly Creative turns cereal boxes into notebooks! Cute as bug noses, aren’t they? I’m saying this is a fabulous Girl Scout craft idea.

girl scout crafts - cereal box notebooks

via Infaranntly Creative

If your Girl Scouts want to help their Moms out, they can snag the old T-shirts from their brothers and then you can use this amazing idea from One Good Thing By Jillie. It’s a tote bag made from an old T-shirt! Can you stand it? Isn’t it fun?

Girl Scout Idea - t-shirt tote bag

via One Good Thing by Jillie

Four Marrs and One Venus must have a mind like a Martha Stewart steel trap because she shows us how she turned a Capri Sun drink into an iPod holder. Your Girl Scouts are going to DIG this!

Girl Scout Idea - Capri Sun iPod Holder

via Four Marrs & 1 Venus

Can you believe these flowers were made from recycled security envelopes? A lovely idea from Weddings and Cookies you could use for your Girl Scout troop.

Girl Scout Ideas - Flowers from envelopes

via Weddings & Cookies

Grab some straws, grab some book pages and BLAMMO! Totally Green Crafts will teach your Girl Scouts how to make this trendy bracelet!

Girl Scout Idea - straw bracelet

via Totally Green Crafts


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Girl Scout Ideas and Crafts

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