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8 Easy & Mega-Cute Garden Crafts

The Rainforest Garden attributes this garden craft of awesomeness to a friend named Cora. I think I want Cora to come decorate my yard. And my house.  And my car.

garden crafts
via The Rainforest Garden

Mary2010 posted this garden totem she made on Garden Web. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Meanwhile every time I hear the word “totem” I think of Gilligan’s Island. That’s probably normal. Right?

garden crafts
via Garden Web

Tin cans, paint and dirt. I could totally do this one because I have all of those things and I do so love to paint things. My ex-husband banned me from purchasing or using paint after I painted our kitchen table.  In the front yard.  In the wind. After I had just mowed the grass. In other news, it was kind of cool being the only family we knew with a painted grass table.

PS: This is a Pinterest find without having a source. Bummer.

garden crafts
via Pinterest

Ready for more garden crafts? I hope so because it’s about to get even gooder. 🙂

By Sherri Bailey

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