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How to Make Gorgeous Knobs All By Yourself

I may not exactly be known as Crafty Sadie, but I DO know about Mod Podge. I went through a phase in the 80s that involved heavy use of Mod Podge and lace. My family prefers we don’t talk about it now.

Like Mother Like Daughter made these knobs using Christmas paper and Mod Podge. Shut the front door – that is smart! It makes me want to whip out my Jug O’ Mod Podge and get back in the game, but my partner-man won’t let me have any fun. I have every confidence his giant flat screen TV would look infinitely cuter with a little decoupage situation going on.

 Decorate drawer pulls and knobs with Mod Podge

via Like Mother Like Daughter

The last thing I crocheted was a 17 foot pink snake. It was supposed to be a baby blanket. I believe if you are able to crochet knobs for your dresser, you officially qualify as a Yarn Goddess.

By the authority vested in me as the Queen of Momcaster, I hereby bestow the title of Yarn Goddess on Pickles for these “adorkable” crocheted knobs.

DIY knobs with yarn
via Pickles

Stand by for blingy-sexy-prettiness. From The Queen B & Me, you can learn to make these knobs. Aren’t they lovely? Hell, my first engagement ring wasn’t as pretty.

how to make knobs
via The Queen B & Me

If you want to make knobs straight up from scratch, the adorable From Our Hiding Place has this fantastic tutorial, “How to Make Clay Knobs on the Cheap.”  Not for nothing, but maybe next time you can do a tutorial for me called, “How to Divorce Your 7th Husband on the Cheap.” I’m always looking for tips.

make knobs
via From Our Hiding Place

Crushing hard on these Anthropologie inspired knobs made by House Revivals. I’m saying when you can make something this pretty from paper doilies, you should be given the key to your city by the mayor. That’s right. The entire city.

make knobs
via House Revivals

Ok, so can you believe all these knobs you can make yourself? If you’ve seen some others you love, make sure you share with me! Oh, and if you’re mad for these, you’re probably going to want to see 8 Mega Cute Garden Crafts You Can Make! It’s yet another collection of things I want to make, but know I never, ever will. 🙂


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