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15 EASY Flip Flop Crafts You Can Make Today

11. Recycled Lovelies makes these sweet little flip flop flowers and glues them on (there’s that flip flop glue again). I think they’re a simple and adorable flip flop craft. Do you?

how to make flip flop flowers
via Recycled Lovelies

12. Stepping Thru Crazy decided to fancy up some plain flip flops for her little girls, and I straight up enjoy them. I must be a little girl on the inside…even though I am a hundred and eleven old lady on the outside.

How to decorate flip flops for little girls
via Stepping Thru Crazy

13. I haven’t tie-dyed anything since…ever. Don’t hate. Swell Designer shows you how to make a tie-dye flower flip flop craft. They are springy and sweet.

craft fabric flip flops
via Swell Designer

14. Grab yourself some Duct Tape and fancy up your flip flops, my friendo! That’s what the Crafty Sisters did. How did someone manage to turn the same stuff that used to hold together my Daddy’s truck together into something so pretty? Magic. I’m positive it was black magic.

flip flop craft
via Crafty Sisters

15. Flat glass gems + flip flops = easy awesomely adorable flip flop craft.

flip flop craft
via Madigan Made

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flip flop crafts
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