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39 Gorgeous Garden Crafts

It’s finally warm outside and that means gardens and garden crafts! Every time I see a pretty garden full of lovelies, I swoon a little. It’s jealousy really as I’ve never had a beautiful garden space full of crafts that I could be proud of.

A garden full of dead and dying flowers & vines? Oh sure. I’m sort of the Queen of that whole situation.

Here are 39 truly gorgeous garden crafts that you should make for your pretty outdoor oasis. Send me a picture!


Garden Crafts


Garden Crafts


  1. Terra Cotta Pot People – Artistic Garden
  2. How to make a Flower Tower – Alternative Energy Gardening
  3. Bird Bath Path – Slomedown
  4. Terra Cotta Windchimes – HGTV 
  5. Leaf Stepping Stones – Herbs in the Garden
  6. Broken Crock Plant Markers – Hardly Housewives 
  7. Dove Windchimes – Danielle’s Place
  8. Teacup Bird Feeders – Cap Creations
  9. Garden Treasure Jars – Empress of Dirt
  10. Fork & Cork Plant Markers – Artsy VaVa
  11. Living Monogram Wreath – BHG
  12. Bicycle Fence – Those Artsy Bowman Girls
  13. Moss Graffiti – I Waste So Much Time
  14. Make a Garden Cupola – Forever Decorating
  15. Garden Shelf – Spittin Toad
  16. Palette Path – My Garden Diaries
  17. Potting Benches – Funky Junk Interiors
  18. Garden Pot Chair – Valley Gardening
  19. Butterfly Garden Crafts – eHow
  20. Beaded Frost Luminaries – Crafts by Amanda
  21. Shabby Garden Shed – Shabby Story
  22. Contemporary Garden Gazing Ball – HGTV
  23. How to Make a Garden Chandelier – Empress of Dirt
  24. Picnic Table from Old Door – Momcaster
  25. How to Make a Fairy Garden – The Magic Onions
  26. How to Build a Waterfall in Your Garden – Suite 101
  27. How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace – DIY Network
  28. Glowing Flowerpots – Engadget
  29. Birdcages to Decorate Patio Wall – Decorologist
  30. Garden Totem – Momcaster
  31. Footprints for Grandma’s Garden – My Crazy Blessed Life
  32. Dancing Garden Jewels – Gardner’s Supply
  33. Birdbath Enchanted Fairy Garden – Enchanted Gardens
  34. How to Build a Garden Archway – The Family Handyman
  35. Old Gas Can Bird House – Teresa Yates
  36. Patio Light Covers from Soda Bottles – Family Crafts
  37. How to Build a Planted Path – The Family Handyman
  38. Marble Gazing Ball – Veritas India
  39. Bottle Trees – Squidoo

By Sherri Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about marriage, divorce, menopause, craft-envy, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.

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