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The Ultimate (Badass) Oreo Recipes Collection

Oreos are cookies. Were you aware of this? So did you know you can actually make more stuff using Oreos? Tis true. There are Oreo recipes that will straight up blow your double-stuffed mind. Such is the content of this blog post.

In the United States, children are constitutionally required to develop a love of Oreos before they are allowed to enter school. I myself was almost sent packing at the tender age of five when I said to my Grandmother, “Ew. I don’t like Oreos.” My family immediately pulled together in an epic and multifaceted cover-up and thus, I am still an American today.

Oreo recipes

Oh do pin this, Pinny McPinnington of the New York Pinners.

While it’s a true thing that I don’t dig the traditional “Oreo Meets Milk” love story, I do enjoy it when extraordinary homo-sapiens somehow take an Oreo and turn it into something incredibly un-Oreo. That’s what I’m Momcasting for you today in this, The Ultimate (Badass) Oreo Recipes Collection.

And PS: Please, for the love of the red, white & Oreo, do NOT tell anyone that I don’t like Oreos. I’m too old to learn a new language.

On to the Oreo Recipe Collection!

This, my darlings, is an Oreo Cream Martini. It actually has an Oreo crushed up in there. I don’t know who first came up with the idea of putting Oreos in vodka, but that person is my soulmate.

oreo recipes

via Laptop 2 Tabletop

I don’t personally know Big Mama of Big Mama’s Home Kitchen, but I know this for sure… she does the Lord’s work. Don’t even act like you can look at these Oreo cookies sandwiched in chocolate chip cookie dough, brownies and caramel and not get religion.

oreo recipes

via Big Mama’s Home Kitchen

Oreo Pancakes?  Oh yes.

An Oreo Recipe for Mother Trucking Oreo Pancakes. Forever Now & Then whipped up these beauties and so far as we know, not a single person died as a result of the awesomeness.

oreo recipes

via Forever Now & Then

You have to love a person who sees Oreos and says, “You know what? These could be sweeter.” Check this… ordinary everyday Oreos turned into candy bars. It’s moments like these that make me believe in the goodness of womankind. Magic happens In Katrina’s Kitchen.

oreo recipes

via In Katrina’s Kitchen

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup can’t make better. I remain convinced if I could have stuffed my ex-husband with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, we would soon be celebrating our 92nd wedding anniversary. Unfortunately he wouldn’t be still long enough for me to save our marriage.

Look upon these Reece’s stuffed Oreos in awe. Cookies & Cups is totally getting a Food Oscar for this.

oreo recipes

via Cookies and Cups

It had to happen. Someone had to mix Oreos with rice. It was written in the stars, my friend. Some cool kids in Japan celebrated this years Oreo birthday with rice and while the photo looks a little like black beans and puppy food, they report it tastes like Tiramisu in Risotto form.

Be brave and do this thing. Japan thanks you and so do I.

oreo recipes

via Rocket News 24

Individual Oreo cheesecakes are handcrafted by angels in Heaven and you can only get one if you’ve done something really great in your life – like knitted socks for homeless kittens or donated your hair to Miley Cyrus so that she may walk among us unnoticed.

Or, you could continue to do all the bad things you want and try and make them yourself with this Oreo recipe from Teacher By Day – Chef By Night.

oreo recipes

via Teacher by Day – Chef by Night

I can hardly contain my joy over having found these little yummies called Sweet Serenity Stones. They are edible rocks, y’all and they are made with Oreos. Can you even stand it?!? Oh the cleverness, Hungry Happenings. I’m gonna write you a poem.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. These edible Oreo rocks are freaking insanely awesome.

oreo recipes

via Hungry Happenings

That’s it for today, kids. Y’all come back and for the love of all that is good and decent, share Momcaster with people you like. Or don’t like. I’m good either way. 🙂

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