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How to Get the Best Christmas Deals Online {15 websites I use every year.}

There are certainly women (and men) who are way better at sniffing out the best Christmas deals online each year than I am. But, I’m not gonna kid you. I snag some sweet deals every single Christmas shopping season.

I love Christmas so, so much. But, I’m not a girl who really likes to go into stores and malls shopping for Christmas. Not only do the crowds kind of freak me out, but I can’t seem to get the best Christmas deals in stores as compared to online. I think it’s because online, I can be a lot more thoughtful about what I spend and whether it’s the best value I can find.

Today, I’m sharing 15 of the best (in my opinion) websites to get crazy sweet Christmas shopping deals. If you have favorites I haven’t listed, please share! I’m always looking for more ways to save money!

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Best Christmas Deals Online

1. First of all, I use Ebates as my jumping off point for all my Christmas shopping online. When you click on a store via eBates and you then buy from that store, you get back a certain percentage of what y0u spend – depending upon the offer. Ebates is completely legitimate and used by thousands and thousands of people. During last year’s Christmas season, I got over $60 in cash back. THAT is on top of all the money I saved using the links I’m going to share with you below.

(You can also refer friends to Ebates and you’ll get $10 for each person who signs up and begins using the site. If you sign up via my link, I’ll receive that same deal… and I will definitely appreciate your kindness.)

2. Fat Wallet – Super similar to Ebates in the way it works, I haven’t used Fat Wallet as much as Ebates, but I know a lot of people who do and I always check to see how it compares to my Ebates money back deals.

3. Slickdeals – I used this website during my Christmas shopping last year and it probably saved me hundreds of dollars. Last Christmas, my most awesome buy was a pair of boots that were crazy discounted! Not only do I check the front page deals, and the popular deals, I’m addicted to their forums. I try to keep a close eye and check every day (or more often) so I don’t miss anything good.

4. Woot – They offer featured deals of the day. From t-shirts to baby stuff to wine and tech – there are all sorts of deals that pop up here. I bought my grandmonkey a pair of Scooby-Doo slippers last year that were super inexpensive.

5. Walmart – You don’t have to walk all over the mass retailer to find a stellar deal. Keep watch on the Walmart Value of the Day and be sure to grab it when you see something you want because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

6. Amazon – I feel like this goes without saying. But, Amazon is hard to beat. They’re fast, reliable, usually have great prices, and I’ve never had an issue with returns. I always keep an eye on the “Today’s Deals” tab and the “Gold Box” during the Christmas shopping season.

7. Hobby Lobby – You can almost always get a 40% off coupon for regular priced items. You can only use it on one item per coupon, but it’s still one heck of a deal. Remember that in addition to craft supplies, Hobby Lobby also has holiday decor, furniture, and other goodies.

8. Kohl’s Goldstar Clearance – I bought so much stuff from Kohl’s last year for Christmas, it’s nuts. I couldn’t help it! The deals were SO great. In addition to Kohl’s Cash (which I love), I bought a lot of things via their Goldstar Clearance.

9. Money Talk News – There are coupons for small things, the occasional freebies, etc. But, I use it to help me shop for Christmas gifts because you can often get the scoop on some great finds.

10. Talkwalker – Last year I used Google Alerts to be notified when something I was shopping for went on sale. I’ve found they are really dropping the ball with their alerts though, so this year it’s all about Talkwalker for me. It’s free to set up alerts on any subject, but they can be super awesome for Christmas shopping. HINT: use very specific search terms and quotes to get really good results… like “PS4 Sale.”

11. BFads – Although I cannot fathom a circumstance that would cause me to go inside a store on Black Friday, BFads.net will let me keep current on all those ONLINE Black Friday dealios.

12. RetailMeNot – I’ve even taught my college kiddo to check this site before he buys anything online. Shipping charges are usually pretty easy to find coupon codes for – so I rarely pay shipping charges during my Christmas shopping.

13. Coupon Cabin – If I can’t find a coupon code on #12, I go here next.

14. Overstock.com – This website makes me salivate. I can almost always find a crazy good deal here on all sorts of things, but jewelry discounts have been my favorite. Always stellar customer service.

15. Drugstore.com – Believe it or not, I can rock some great Christmas deals here! Trust me. Especially since Beauty.com is a part of the site, you can really nab some great prices, cash back, and sales.

What are YOUR favorite shopping sites for holiday buys???

15 websites to get great Christmas deals!


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