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10 Triple Awesome Wine Cork Crafts

Wondering what to do with the wine corks once the cab is gone?¬†Wine cork crafts, that’s what! You can’t believe the really amazing crafts these talented folks have made with wine corks.

I drink wine almost every day. Before you go thinking I need an intervention, I should tell you that it’s one glass of cab or pinot a night. (Although some nights are longer than others.) I save my wine corks and always wondered what in the heck to do with them. And then…I found these crafts and decided saving up corks to make stuff is my new license to buy Rodney Strong.


PS: There’s a special video message from ME to YOU at the end of this post. ūüôā

Wine Cork Crafts!

wine cork crafts

1. Wine cork letters are kind of awesome. Once I read this tutorial from Green is Universal, I felt like a dumb head that it took a tutorial to make me understand how these are made.

make a wine cork letter
via Green is Universal

2. You’ll need 175 wine corks to make this wine cork bathroom mat from Crafty Nest. So like a couple week’s worth of drinking, right?

How to make a wine cork bathmat
via Crafty Nest

3. Design Sponge has the how-to for wine cork trivets. You’ll need 10-12 corks to complete this easy project.

Make wine cork trivet
via Design Sponge

4. Heartmade Blog created some adorable round wine cork coasters that you can make, too. She says you’ll need about 25 corks.

via Heartmade Blog

And now, as promised, a quick little video from me to you. Check out MY wine cork craft awesome sauce. Be prepared to be dazzled in 60 seconds.

5. Wine cork napkin rings can be really pretty. Look at these from Beaucoup Joie de Vivre. Click through to her website for the how-to.

How to make wine cork napkin rings
via Beaucoup Joie de Vivre

6. I’m not a stamper, but I do appreciate seeing the beautiful things people make using stamps. Zakka Life takes it a step further and creates her own stamps using wine corks.

wine cork stamps
via Zakka Life

7. This super simple wine cork candle displays delights me. I love it because it looks so clean and unique and I appreciate the way the light glows through the corks. Get the how-to on TwoTwenty-One.

wine cork candle holder
via TwoTwenty-One

8. This cutie is from Design Finch ¬†and it’s¬†precious. She made it completely on the cheap, too. Make sure you check out her wine cork bulletin board tutorial.¬†

Wine Cork Bulletin Board
via Design Finch

9. I don’t usually care for most of the wreaths I see made from wine corks. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d have to be straight up wine-wasted to hang one in my house… and I have almost no style whatsoever. But this one from Lolly Chops is just about perfect. I love how full it is. I’d definitely love to make it. For the tutorial, make sure you visit her site.


diy wine cork wreath
via Lolly Chops

10. I LOVE these wine bottle stoppers made from corks and drawer pulls. They are like jewelry for your bottle. Awesome DIY project by The Spotted Fox.

via The Spotted Fox

Did ya love these? Do they make you want to drink? Just remember ladies… don’t drink and glue.

Crafty Crafts

15 EASY Flip Flop Crafts You Can Make Today

It’s pretty easy to manage a flip flop craft. So easy in fact that even I, Sadie the Not Crafty, can manage a flip flop craft.

Most human females you know has more flip flops in her closet than she can count, but sadly most of them are probably plain and entirely ugly. Let’s fix that! With the help of talented bloggers who know what’s up with flip flop crafts, the entire world can decorate their flip flops with these fabulous flip flop crafts!

From how-to make duct tape (or “duck tape”) flowers and roses for your flip flops, to embellishing with old jewelry, to balloons… below are some fab flip flop craft ideas!

flip flop crafts

1. Cindy at Skip to My Lou has a tutorial for creating duct tape roses for a flip flop craft that is darling. She says all you need is¬†colored Duck Tape and scissors. I say I also need coordination and talent. ¬†But seriously, can you stand the cuteness of these? Isn’t she a smart cookie?

How to make duck tape flowers for flip flops
via Skip to My Lou

By the way, I’d never seen colored “duck tape” before, so I went to¬†Amazon¬†and sure as I am craving chocolate frosting right now, they have beaucoup¬†colors of duct tape AKA duck tape.


2. These ribbon & button flip flops are pretty awesome. I never have buttons, because I am a domestic loser, but I could buy some for this flip flop craft. Smart ideas from 2 Good Claymates

How to decorate flip flops
via 2 Good Claymates

3. I don’t know who first thought of tying balloons onto flip flops. You probably don’t either. I guess that means I could say I did. Pass it on. I want my kids to have a reason to be proud of me after I’m gone, and inventor of tying balloons to flip flops would do the trick. Red Door Home shows us how to turn water balloons into fashion for girls, and I love it!

Decorate flip flops with balloons
via Red Door Home

4. In my next life, I want to come back as Ashley at Make It and Love it.¬†She’s smart enough to create the tutorial for these¬†interchangeable¬†flip flops¬†designs, and also smart enough to use the words “fusible web” correctly in a sentence. I am ten kinds of jealous of how crafty she is. I genuinely heart this flip flop craft.¬†

craft flip flops how-to
via Make It and Love It

5. Lord knows I love to get married. Getting divorced seems to make me pretty happy, too. This tutorial to make bridal flip-flops from Wedding Flowers & Reception Ideas makes me almost feel like I should get a Craigslist ad going…

“Wanted: fresh husband. Must be willing to keep his bags packed and by the door, as he won’t be around long.”


How to decorate bridal flip flops
via Wedding Flowers & Reception Ideas
Crafty Crafts Make Your Own

Paper Wall Art – 8 Paper Pretties

When in the course of human events you realize there exist women who can create extraordinary wall art from paper, you stare at yourself hard in the mirror and ask of the universe, “Why? Why can’t I be the kind of creature who creates truly incredible paper wall art in my spare time?”

And the universe answers, “Because you are too busy eating Nutella from the jar with your hands.” You heard it here first, kids… the universe can be cruel.

8 Paper Wall Art Pretties You Can Make!

paper wall art

1. Karen at Tibble Fork says she asked everyone she knew to give her their toilet paper rolls so she could create this 4′ paper wall art beauty to hang over her door. ¬†Hear me now and believe me later… this is NOT how it would look if I did it.

paper wall art
via Tibble Fork

2. And while we’re at it, feast your eyes upon another toilet roll chunk of paper wall art fabulousness. Suzy of Suzy’s Sitcom saw a beautiful rustic iron gate and was like, “Yeah. I can make something that looks exactly like that… except with toilet paper rolls.”

How does such an idea even form?

paper wall art
via Suzy’s Sitcom

3. Blogger Deb whipped up this paper wall art with some Mod Podge and some wine. Okay, so maybe there was a little more to it than that. But, once I saw I could craft with two of my favorite things – Mod Podge and wine – I stopped reading.

Paper wall art

4. Paper butterflies by Rebecca J. Coles. I want them. Oh yes, I do.

paper wall art
via Rebecca J. Coles

Keep clicking, my friendo. So much more paper wall art sexiness…

Crafty Crafts

Crafty Crafts – This Week in Momcaster

As any of my longtime readers know, ¬†I am to crafts what Freddy Krueger is to sleeping teenagers. Virtually every crafty craft I’ve ever tried turns out looking like I was challenged to Mod Podge a rabid rhino while blindfolded and drunk. Once in awhile I’ll get something sort of right, like this craft using an old book or the Fleur de Lis I make. But mostly I am girl who is crafty-craft deficient.

That’s why I have Momcaster. I am so infatuated with the brilliant minds that come up with things I could never imagine. So much crafty talent exists, and I love stalking, looking, and imagining that I might someday be just like them.

Momcaster’s Crafty Craft Faves of the week!¬†


crafty crafts

1.¬†Subway art painted Easter eggs by Lil’ Luna.¬†

2. Fruity floral centerpiece by Fiance to Wife.

3. Everyday message board by Delightful Order.

4. Garden totem by Mary 2010 @ Garden Web.

5. Keep Calm & Grow a Mustache.

crafty crafts

6. Crafty yarn egg decoration by Sweet Designs. 

7.  Primitive tipsy pot planters by The Pink Hammer Blog.

8.  Utensil wall arty by One Month to Win It. 

9.  DIY pompom flowers by Eclectically Vintage. 

Which crafty crafts are YOUR favorites? Are you a crafty chick? If you have a blog showing off your own handy work, for the love of yarn and Mod Podge, PLEASE show me! I want to see and I know my readers want to as well!

Love you all harder than a goat loves a stump,

Sadie at Momcaster

Crafty Crafts

7 Beautiful Kitchen Crafts

My kitchen is the size of a clown car. Still, something happens to me when I see beautiful kitchen crafts. I start to believe that I’m actually capable of using a hot glue gun and whipping up extraordinarily beautiful kitchen crafts that would cause visitors to weep at my talent.

What actually happens is I wind up with my fingers glued together, lace stuck to my eyebrows, and glitter in places glitter should never be.

7 ¬†beautiful kitchen crafts you should make ¬†– because we both know I won’t.


(And please, if you manage to make one or more of these beautiful crafts without having the cat covered in Mod Podge, send me a picture. I’d be thrilled.)

1. These DIY chalkboard mugs created by Wit & Whistle are so stinking cute, I want to make them and force everyone I know to drink coffee with me. Even toddlers. ūüôā

by Wit & Whistle

2. Every yard sale I go to (and I go to a bazillion of them every year) almost always has three things in common: damp stuffed animals sitting on the ground, a woman running the show who has smeared make-up from the night before all over her face, and a box full of mismatched eating utensils. How cool would I be if I made these crazy cute crafts from old silverware found on Whimsy Love? The answer is: I would be crazy cool.

by Act Normal – Be Different

3. I don’t have a baby because I’m almost one-hundred years old. But this baby food chandelier from Natural Home & Garden makes me want to be friends with one – just so I could talk them out of their baby food jars. ¬†I could do it, too. Babies are gullible.

from Natural Home & Garden

4. ¬†I dig word art. The Mostly Food & Crafts blog found a cool online tool and made this awesome Cooking Terms word art photo. If I do it for my kitchen though, I’ll have to add a few words.

You know, like “Burn” and “Messy” and “Why Does My Oven Smell Like I Roasted a Gorilla?”

Word art for the kitchen craft
by Mostly Food & Crafts Blog

5. ¬†One time, long ago and in a marriage far away, my ex-husband used All Spice in the pot roast he made. “What?” he said bewildered when my gag reflex kicked in at the taste of beef and gingerbread cookies. “Doesn’t ‘All Spice’ mean it has every spice in it?” That’s not why I divorced him, but it should have been. This DIY¬†wall-mounted magnetic spice rack from Kitchn is awesome. Maybe my next husband will make it for me.

DIY wall mounted spice rack craft from Kitchn
from Kitchn

6. Delightful Order is the creator of this Everyday Message Board she made for her kitchen command center. I’m in love – partly because this is so cool, but mostly because I love to command people and things as often as possible.

beautiful kitchen craft
via Delightful Order

7. I am NUTS over this utensil art from One Month to Win It. Made from thrift store finds, this kitchen craft screams beautiful. I want to haz it.

beautiful kitchen craft
via One Month to Win It

Are you made for beautiful kitchen crafts? Get thee to Momcaster on Facebook and show it to me. Oh, and don’t forget to check out WIN STUFF here on Momcaster. I like giving things away. ūüôā

Crafty Crafts

8 Awesome Girl Scout Ideas

If you’re a Girl Scout troop leader, you’re probably always on the prowl for great Girl Scout ideas. It’s not always easy to find really cool Girl Scout ideas to keep your girls busy, engaged and having fun! But, the ideas I’ve found today are guaranteed add some pop to your Girl Scout troop meetings or your money back!

But first, you’ll need to give me your money. That’s key to this whole money-back plan working. ūüôā

Girl Scout Ideas


Designs by Kristen shows you how to make a super cute bowl using buttons and balloons. You gotta know this is an awesome Girl Scout craft!

girl scout idea - button bowl
via Designs By Kristen

For a new twist to Popsicle stick crafts, you should take a look at these Popsicle stick bracelets. Craft Affection does the impossible – she turns a wooden stick into a bracelet. She may be a magician. Meanwhile, this is an awesome Girl Scout craft, right?

Girl Scout idea - popsicle stick bracelet
via Craft Affection

Every household has cereal boxes. Well, maybe not EVERY household but I’m saying those who don’t definitely know how to get their hands on a box or a thousand. ūüôā So what about Girl Scout craft ideas made from cereal boxes?

Taste With the Eyes created these stunning shadow boxes from cereal boxes! Are you in love?

girl scout idea - cereal box shadow boxes
via Taste With the Eyes

Infarrantly Creative turns cereal boxes into notebooks! Cute as bug noses, aren’t they? I’m saying this is a fabulous Girl Scout craft idea.

girl scout crafts - cereal box notebooks
via Infaranntly Creative

If your Girl Scouts want to help their Moms out, they can snag the old T-shirts from their brothers and then you can use this amazing idea from One Good Thing By Jillie. It’s a tote bag made from an old T-shirt! Can you stand it? Isn’t it fun?

Girl Scout Idea - t-shirt tote bag
via One Good Thing by Jillie

Four Marrs and One Venus must have a mind like a Martha Stewart steel trap because she shows us how she turned a Capri Sun drink into an iPod holder. Your Girl Scouts are going to DIG this!

Girl Scout Idea - Capri Sun iPod Holder
via Four Marrs & 1 Venus

Can you believe these flowers were made from recycled security envelopes? A lovely idea from Weddings and Cookies you could use for your Girl Scout troop.

Girl Scout Ideas - Flowers from envelopes
via Weddings & Cookies

Grab some straws, grab some book pages and BLAMMO! Totally Green Crafts will teach your Girl Scouts how to make this trendy bracelet!

Girl Scout Idea - straw bracelet
via Totally Green Crafts


If you thought these were cool, you’re probably going to like 7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts¬†and my super popular Ultimate¬†Flip Flop Craft List!

Are we Facebook friends? C’mon over to Momcaster! I’d love to meet you!

Girl Scout Ideas and Crafts

Crafty Crafts

Quick, Easy Crafts – A Roundup!

Momcaster has lots of crafty crafts, because the internet is filled with crafty chicks. Sometimes though you just want some quick and easy crafts – not crafts that cause you to pull your hair out and staple your fingers to the Mod Podge bottle.

Here are links to some crafts that are easy enough that I think it’s a real possibility that even I could make them.

Maybe. But, probably not.

quick easy crafts

Quick, Easy Crafts for Your Home


14 Alphabet Letter Crafts You Can Make Today РLots of super simple and totally cute ways to decorate those letters you see in craft stores.

Easy Craft Using an Old Book РHow I made a sweet banner for my bedroom using pages from an old book. Mad easy.

7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts РMason Jars are wicked hot these days, and these 7 ways you can trick them out are adorable.


Quick & Easy Crafts for Spring


13 Easy Flip Flop Crafts РIf you pick up some cheapo flip-flops, you can customize them in so many ways. Even the kiddos can do some of these.

Decorating Crafts for Easter¬†– Not just for Easter, some of these are so springy and flowery. You’re gonna love them!


Momcaster on Facebook





Crafty Crafts

6 Darling Activities for Easter

Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! For those of you who celebrate the Easter holiday, I’ve found some incredibly fun (and completely cute) Easter activities and crafts you can make this year.

Some are even suitable for help from little hands, if you want. These Easter activities could be fun for the whole family!

1. The only thing better than Easter jelly beans, are Easter jelly beans that have been turned into napkin rings! Delish has turned an ordinary candy into Easter home decor that is pretty enough to eat.

Easter activity - make jelly bean napkin rings
via Delish

2. Creative Carissa has an Easter activity that is so simple, (and so smart), I can’t even stand it. Who says we have to always fill Easter baskets with chocolate? Look at what she does with Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies crackers!

Easter activity - make carrot treats
via Creative Carissa

3. Everything is better when it sparkles, and Easter eggs are no different. Sew & the City has a tutorial to make glitter Easter eggs that are so easy, and so darling. You have to check it out for sure.

How to make glitter Easter eggs
via Sew & The City

4. Have you seen these Easter Peep centerpieces? An Affair From the Heart saw them and conquered them! I despise Peeps almost as much as I despise Jell-o, maybe more. But, I would totally pay good money for Peeps in order to make this Easter centerpiece.

Easter centerpiece made from Peeps and flowers
via An Affair From the Heart

5. Even though I’ve just told you how much I hate Peeps, this Peep Topiary cannot be denied. Seriously? Isn’t it cute? The Hungry Mouse did a good thing for Easter decor – even if it does involve devil candy.

How to make an Easter centerpiece from Peeps
via The Hungry Mouse


6. Sugar Teachers‘ nod to Moon Pies for Easter is too brilliant! I grew up in the South so Moon Pies were a staple on all holidays. I love these! So pretty, and I’m sure, so good!

Make Easter egg marshmallow cookie pops
via Sugar Teachers

You’ll also want to check out 10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter. It’s springy goodness!

Momcaster on Facebook

Crafty Crafts

10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter

The internet is blooming with amazing decorating ideas for Easter. From flowers, to paper crafts, to balloons and yarn, the creators of these decorating ideas for Easter have it all figured out. With their inspiration, I’m confident we can all nab some Easter ideas that will make us the most popular Momcasters on the block.

Or something like that.

10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Easter


Easter Decorating Ideas


Daffodils are darling, aren’t they? (That sounded like an old Doris Day movie.) When it comes to decorating ideas for Easter, this one is so fresh. It screams SPRING!

decorating ideas for easter - daffodils
via Taste of Home

Of course Easter eggs are a fantastic decorating idea. You can display them on cake plates or in bowls or vases. These Subway Art Eggs are amazing!

decorating ideas for easter - subway art easter eggs
via Lil Luna

Made from a Mason Jar, Jolly Ranchers, and more goodies, isn’t this decorating idea for Easter delicious? So pretty!

decorating ideas for easter
via Homespun Love

Even though this springy centerpiece is listed as having been created for a wedding, I think it’s a perfect decorating idea for Easter. I’m mad for this!

decorating ideas for easter -orange
via Wedding Chicks

Sometimes simple can be simply awesome. (Yes – I’m sure I’m the first person to ever think of that.) These are simply Gerber Daisies floating in square glass containers. I’m crushing hard on this Easter decoration.

decorating ideas for easter -gerber daisies
via Susie Lee for Yahoo Voices

You may not have thought of limes in terms of decorating ideas for Easter, but you should! The color, the smell … it’s all too perfect for a springy celebration.

decorating ideas for easter - hydrangea and lime
via Budget Bride Guide (and The Knot)

And here’s another lovely example using limes and fruit…

decorating ideas for easter -limes
via Fiance2Wife

This Easter bunting is made from printables and made pretty-pretty with crayons! Isn’t that the coolest? Who knew decorating for Easter could be made special with just some supplies your kids have? (PS: You can get this bunting printable from LaurelSusanStudio’s Etsy shop.)

decorating ideas for easter - bunting
via LaurelSusanStudio

If you have a fork, some yarn, and a Mason Jar, you can make a Pom Pom flower bouquet for your Easter decorating spree. This tutorial is so well done, it makes me believe that even I… Queen of the Untalented Wannabe Crafters… could make it.

decorating ideas for easter - pompom flowers
via Eclectically Vintage

Yarn + balloons = Easter decoration brilliance.

decorating ideas for easter yarn eggs
via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

Don’t stop here! Take a look at these ideas for Easter.You’re gonna love ’em!

Momcaster on Facebook

Easter Decorating Ideas


Crafty Crafts

Thumbtack Crafts. Yep…thumbtacks.

Thumbtack crafts are way cooler than I first realized. As it turns out, thumbtacks are superior crafty wonderfulness – ¬†in the right hands. Thank the craft gods that these 10 blogging humans saw the potential in thumbtacks or I may have lived the rest of my life completely in the dark. You’re going to LOVE these thumbtack crafts and ideas!

thumbtack crafts

1. Jessica had 1000 thumbtacks and an afternoon, and BLAMMO! She created this slice of impressive craft creativity on her wall.

If I had 1000 thumbtacks I know for sure it would never have¬†occurred¬†to me to stick them on my wall and create art. I’m obviously deficient in whichever vitamins generate creativity with office supplies.

Thumbtack walls
via Jessica Hische

2. It is my firm belief that this thumbtack craft wreath is utter foam sexiness. Those chicks in Canada have all the cool ideas.

How to make a thumbtack wreath
via Shannon Phillips – Canadian Family

3. If there is one thing I know I’ll never run out of, it’s wine corks. I do loves me a nice cab, so I have a fast growing wine cork collection. That’s why this thumbtack craft from The Wooden Bee warms the¬†cockles¬†of my heart.

PS: If you know what a cockle is, please let me know.

Wine cork craft with thumbtacks
via The Wooden Bee

4. These pretty thumbtacks are are ridiculously sweet. They make me want to go on a  tacking spree all over North America.

DIY pretty thumbtacks
via Torie Jayne

5. I think I could make these color block thumbtacks. I totally think I could! Yay for your tutorial, House of Earnest! 

DIY thumbtack colorblocked craft
via House or Earnest

6. Kitty the Law Student tricked out these thumbtacks using a fabric button kit. She says it’s way easy. I’ve decided I believe her.

Fabric pushpins and thumbtacks
via A Law Student’s Journey

7. These thumbtacks are all about glitter and nail polish. Seriously? Oh Vixen Made, you are a woman of brilliance and mad insight.

glitter thumbtacks
via Vixen Made

8. Are you loving these delicious thumbtack and foam decorative balls for spring? I’m crushing on them hard. Loveliness from Landee See, Landee Do.¬†

Thumbtack decorative balls
via Landee See, Landee Do

9. Leave it to Martha to come up with these baby face thumbtacks. I’m just hoping she didn’t steal the souls of these babies to get their faces. Once again, Martha Stewart has terrified me.

Baby face thumbtacks
via Martha Stewart

10. I will admit I had no idea who Jeffrey Campbell was or why his shoes were ten kinds of awesomeness. That is until I found these “tacky” shoes made by Suze Geeks Out that she says were inspired by his Tick shoes.

So here are the Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Jeffrey Campbell shoes
by Jeffrey Campbell $169.95 – Amazon.

And here are Suze Geeks Out version, made with 1000 thumbtacks for a cost of about $20….¬†Nicely done, Suze!!!!


Shoes decorated with thumbtacks
via Suze Geeks Out

So here’s my disclaimer, Lovelies. There are about 20 thumbtacks stuck in my wall in various and assorted places in my sad attempt to be “tacky cool.” Why can’t I be like these crafty chicks??? WHY OH WHY?

Did you love these “tacky” thumbtack crafts? Then you’re going to want to eat Activities for Easter with a spoon!