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5 Free Printable Garage Sale Flyers

It’s time for garage sales, y’all! I am absolutely sick with excitement… or maybe it’s all the clearance Easter candy I ate. Either way, I wanted to celebrate my excitement by making some free garage sale flyers for my Momcasters!  You are free to use any of these fun garage sale flyers for your sale so long as you promise to send me 14% of all your profits. (LOL.)

Print Your Free Garage Sale Flyers

garage sale flyers


Just click the photo of each flyer and a new page will open so that you can easily print it. 🙂

So, you’ve got to make your garage sale stand out from the rest, right? So print a few of these mustache discount flyers (write your address at the bottom), and plaster them all over the neighborhood.

Garage Sale flyers


The best things in life are … fun… and can be bought with a quarter on a Saturday morning around 8 AM.

garage sale flyers


Maybe you haven’t actually decided to sell a husband at your garage sale, but isn’t it at least worth putting it out there and seeing what kind of offers you get?

Garage Sale Flyer

Y’all know kids’ clothes are a big garage sale item. But, in order for your kiddos’ clothes to be a must-have and nab top dollar, you should probably present them in a little nicer way than a hand-written sign in black marker on the back of a piece of cardboard. 🙂

garage sale flyer

Putting price tags on all your items has to be one of the biggest garage sale headaches. Seriously! It’s the worst! What makes it infinitely easier for you and for your shoppers is to color code your stickers with signs that spell out what each color “costs.” On this sign, you could (for example) write “.25” on the green space, and then everything that costs a quarter at your sale gets a green sticker or tag! Easy, right?

garage sale flyers

I hope you get some use from these free garage sale signs, y’all. I also hope you make a bundle at your sale! Meanwhile, are we Facebook friends? I’d love to meet you so come on over to Momcaster on Facebook and say hi!

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Wondering What to Buy for Your Mom?

Have mercy, y’all. Mother’s Day is almost here and if you’re like me, you’re wondering what to buy for your Mom. I’m a Mom myself (thus the name ‘Momcaster’) and I have decided that qualifies me to help answer the question – “what do I buy for my Mom?” Right off the bat I can tell you what not to buy for your Mom

Anything that can be used to clean, cook, or do chores for other people. No! Just no!

What to Buy for Your Mom!


From Etsy shop SomethingAboutSilver, how much do you love these personalized rings you can buy for Mom? Simple, sweet, and completely lovely.

what to buy for your mom
$32 via Something About Silver

The Happiness Project is sweeping the nation like a consuming happy fire. If you’re not familiar, pop over to Happiness Project and get the story.

One of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts to buy your Mom is the super popular book The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun (yes, that’s the title) and the super cool One Sentence Journal from The Happiness Project that goes along with it.

what to buy for your Mom

I’m crushing hard on this 18″ sterling silver necklace you can buy for your Mom. It reads “The Love Between A Mother and Daughter Is Complicated, Noisy, Tender, Strong, Affectionate, Funny and Forever.”  Isn’t that a true sentiment every Mom & daughter will understand?

what to buy for your mom
$25 via Amazon

I am absolutely addicted to pretty notebooks. For me, there is almost nothing more wonderful than a new notebook full of blank pages and possibilities. If you add new pens to the mix, my eyes roll back in my head and I have a little joy-stroke. If your Mom is a person who is forever jotting things down, hook her up with these lovelies.

What to Buy for Your Mom
Persian Splendor Notebook in embossed silver & shades of blue.
$11.69 Amazon

This monogrammed, fabric-covered and personalized notebook from Our Little Messes is just precious and it comes in lots of colors!

what to buy for your mom
$24 via Our Little Messes

Sharpies are my drug. I’m serious. Would your Mom love you awful if you bought her this sweet pack of retractable Sharpie pens in assorted colors? Of course she would. She’d probably Sharpie you a sweet note to tell you so.

what to buy for your mom
$13.64 via Amazon

Click on to page 2 because there are lots more beautiful, fun things to buy your Mom to go!


Watch Rings – Watches for Your Fingers!

I’ve decided that watch rings are the most awesome thing I’ve seen in at least 15 minutes. They are unique and fun and I want at least 7 of the most darling watch rings I can find to buy…. which is why this post is so cleverly titled…

7 of the Most Darling Watch Rings I Could Find on Amazon 


watch ring
$195 – Juicy Couture

watch ring

watch ring
$40 – BCBG

watch ring

watch ring

watch ring
$12.99 – Kitty

watch ring

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7 Exotic, Strange & Weird Hotels in the US

I love to stay in exotic themed hotels. My tall traveling partner and committed sidekick (Tall Jerome) is as much into finding exotic strange or weird themed hotels in these United States as I am. Our theory is this: life is too short to miss all the weirdness the world has to offer. (I think that’s why we like each other so much.)

In fact, we appreciate three things above all else:

1. Route 44 Big Gulps of wine.

2. Travelling.

3. Exotic, strange & weird in all its forms.

To that end, I’ve been in search of the most wackadoo, exotic, strange and weird hotels in the US. Our plan is to stay at every single one of these themed hotels – stopping only to re-fill our wine tumblers.

Here they are, in a very particular order that only I will understand. That’s right. I’m bringing smart-ass back to blogging.

7 Strange, Weird & Exotic Themed Hotels You’ll Go Nuts For


1. Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona is a trailer park packed slam full of vintage trailers with no showers. Yep. You have to walk outside to get to the showers. It’s like camping, but without waking up covered in dew. Not for nothing, but what purpose does dew actually serve? And why don’t more people talk about the scourge that is dew? It’s like nature pees on everything – and it should be stopped.

So normally I like my themed hotels to have indoor plumbing. I’m picky like that. But, the idea of staying in this trailer park delights my heart in ways I cannot explain. It makes me want to wear an apron and beg Ricky to let me be in the show. (I Love Lucy reference absolutely free. You’re welcome.)

exotic themed hotels
Shady Dell

2. Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California is chock full of yurts. Did I know what a yurt was up until about 10 minutes ago? I did not. Wikipedia says a yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by Turkic nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Of course it is. Don’t be ridiculous, Wikipedia.

What I do know is that these appear to be exotic hotel awesome sauce and I want to sleep in one as soon as humanly possible.

exotic themed hotels
Treebones Resort

3. Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is a lodge… under the sea… in Florida. Where else can you spend the night that requires you to take a 3 hour diving course and in some cases, have a doctor’s release? (In other news, I was required to have both those things in order to marry my 2nd husband. Should have tipped me off.)

Talk about exotic hotel, kids. The use of the sweet phone this chick in the photo is talking on is a huge selling point for me.

“Me? Oh nothing. Just chillin’ 20,000 leagues under the sea and thought I’d catch up on my phone calls while my boyfriend reflects quietly on his decision to wear a genuinely embarrassing shirt on our vacation.”

exotic themed hotels


4. Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho.  Come closer to your computer because I want to be sure you get this. Okay? Ready?

OH MY GOOD LORD YOU CAN SLEEP INSIDE A GIANT DOG BODY! If anyone has ever uttered that sentence to you before in your life, you are a super cool person with interesting friends. Could this hotel be in any way more strange or weird? I submit that it could not.

There’s no phone (thank God I made my calls when I was sleeping with the fishes) and no television. But, there IS a clock radio and jigsaw puzzles, so yeah. I’m going to go to there.

exotic themed hotels
Dog Bark Park Inn

5. Out “N” About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon first grabbed my attention not for its entirely exotic-alicious treehouses for grown ups, but for their awesome use of an “n” instead of “and” or even a sexy little ampersand in their name.

Bold choice, treehouse proprietors. Bold choice.

Because county officials felt these treehouses were not safe places for human people to sleep, they were ordered to shut down several times during an 8 year legal battle to get their permits. C’mon! You’re never gonna hear a Hilton admit to that. (Please insert obligatory Paris Hilton joke here.)

There are ziplines, and swinging bridges and a really detailed release and assumption of risk agreement guests have to sign before gettin’ their treehouse on. I want photographs of Sadie Sher and Tall Jerome signing said agreements so that people marvel at our bravery in perpetuity.

Unusual Places to Stay - Treehouses
Out “n” About

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Looking for a Sandbox for Kids? 13 Most Popular

A sandbox for kids is one of life’s finer things as a child. When I was little, my MawMaw bought me a sandbox and it was awesome sauce.  I must have spent hundreds of hours playing in that thing! It was kind of sandbox posh as it had a canopy and seats. I was the envy of all the kids who wished they could rock a sandbox like mine.

If you’re looking for a sandbox for kids, you’re doing good work in the whole parenting arena, by the way. I salute you.

While I myself am legally too old to have a sandbox of my own, I think my grandmonkeys would totally love one. Would my daughter, their Momma, be thrilled that I brought a sandbox over for the kids? She would not. But here’s the cool thing… I can do what I want because she’s not the boss of me.


Sandbox for Kids –13 Most Popular

These are the bestselling sandboxes as of March, 2013.


1. Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

2. Little Tikes Hidden Pirate Treasure Sandbox

3. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

4. Activity Sandbox with Canopy

5. Step2 Sand and Water Transportation Station

6. Step2 Shady Oasis Sand and Water Play Table

7. Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

8. Step2 Ladybug Sandbox

9. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center

10. Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table

11. My Little Sandbox Big Builder

12. Sandlock Sandboxes CSG-6060 Sandbox

13. Exaco Playhouse With Sandbox


Best Toys for Your Kid’s Sandbox

These are the bestselling sandbox toys as of March, 2013


sandbox for kids
What little boy wouldn’t LOVE this?

Gotta have this or it’s not a sandbox party.

sandbox for kids
Learning and playing in the sand? Two birds – one sandbox.
sandbox for kids
Melissa & Doug are spot on with this sand sifter.

Buy Sand for Kid’s Sandbox

If you give the kiddos a sandbox with no sand, it’s just a box. Everyone knows that’s no fun so DON’T FORGET THE SAND! 🙂

Sandtastik White Play Sand; 25 Lb. Box

So there are the best-selling, most popular sandboxes for kids for 2013! Hope it makes your job of locating them a little easier. Meanwhile, be sure you like Momcaster on Facebook. I love making new pretend internet friends! 🙂


Shirts With Animals On Them

Even though Oprah didn’t tell me to, I went in search of shirts with animals on them. Why? Because the whole “shirts with animals on them” thing is a super hot, up and coming trend and I am nothing if not a trendy up and comer (no matter what my kids tell you).

1. I don’t know a lot about squirrels, but I do know they are dapper dressers. I can absolutely guarantee you won’t see a squirrel running around wearing a raggedy pair of sweats and a flannel shirt with mustard stains all over it. (Unless the squirrel is shopping at Walmart.)

That’s why I love this shirt from MisNopalesArt. It’s accurate.

shirt with a squirrel on it
$18 by MisNopalesArt

2. I want to start a club called, “Awesome Individuals Who Wear Gorilla Cop T-shirts,” in which I, as founder (and president and sergeant-at-arms) I will require all members to purchase this t-shirt from lastearth. It delights me to know that when I wear this shirt to my cousin’s wedding no one else will have on the same thing.

shirts with animals on them - gorilla
$20 by astearth

3. This shirt is called “Lost in the Crowd,” by nicandthenewfie. I like it because it expresses how I feel when applying for a job.

If one of these fish was shown sporting a tiara made out of aluminum foil while eating peanut butter from a jar and ugly-crying, it would be called “One of These Fish Is Not Like the Others” and it would be awesome sauce.

It would also look exactly like me when I celebrate my weekly You May Have Gained 5 Pounds But At Least Your Not Dead day.

Shirt with fish on it
$24 via nicandthenewfie

4. I can admit something to you because we’re pretend best blog friends – I don’t know what a Bali Koi is. Do you still like me?

Yes, I know it’s a fish. I think it’s a fish that breaks into a song and dance instead of kissing. Meanwhile, this Bali Koi print t-shirt from PutuPrincessEscapes is ten kinds of adorable and it’s made with low impact dye.

Do I know what low impact dye is? I do not. Please don’t break up with me.

Koi fish t-shirt
$32 from PutuPrincessEscapes

5. I want to buy ArtisanTees a pony for this ridiculously awesome Hipster Tiger t-shirt. Seriously. For those shoppers who suffer from a freak Q-tip accident that caused all their tiger knowledge to drip out of their ears, the shop owner shares the definition of a tiger.

“A Tiger is a big orange and black striped liony thing with sharp claws and rather a nasty bite. They don’t usually eat men but that’s only because they don’t usually get the chance. Obviously, if you live near a tiger it may consider eating you. Basically, what I am saying is – the further away you live from a tiger, the less chance you have of getting eaten by one.” (Urban Dictionary)
Hipster tiger t-shirt
$16 via ArtisanTees

6. Zebras are fastidious laundry doers. Fact.

I learned that from Marlin Perkins.

This zebra shirt from Banksy is just $19.99. That’s cheaper than Tide with zebra stripe alternative.


Zebra t-shirt
$19.99 from Banksy

7. I dig this owl t-shirt from Green 3 Apparel. Let me rephrase that. I LOVE THIS OWL T-SHIRT.

I used all caps, so it must be true.

Owl t-shirt
$41.90 from Green 3 Apparel

8. If you already own a t-shirt with a bunny playing the guitar for a beaver wearing a delightful hat while floating in a boat, you can skip to number 9.

Otherwise, behold a bunny-beaver t-shirt made in Heaven aka Retro Comics USA.

funny bunny beaver t-shirt
$24.95 from Retro Comics USA

9. If I have any gripe with pandas, it’s that they aren’t sparkly enough. Black and white and black and white and black and white. Okay. We get it. You blend in with newspapers.

But, c’mon. A little spangle action from myrhinestoneapparel and you’re in business.

Sequined panda t-shirt
$15.95 from myrhinestoneapparel

10. At first glance you may think this honey badger t-shirt from CrazyDogTshirts cares. Upon closer inspection however, you will realize that in fact NO… this honey badger t-shirt don’t care.

Honey badger t-shirt
$14.99 from CrazyDogTshirts

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A Post That’ll Sound Like I Was Paid to Write It But I Totally Wasn’t

There I was, minding my own business, eating generic peanut butter and off-brand cinnamon graham crackers, when my ex-wife-in-law Suzanne texted me a picture of herself.

A short list of critically important things you need to know before we continue:

1. It was not a porny picture.

B. Suzanne’s legal name is Melissa, but nobody calls her that except for everyone she knows in the whole world other than me.

III. When I grow up to be a rich blogger, as God as my witness I will never eat questionable peanut butter again.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled blog post.


So there I was, unable to whistle if my life depended upon it, staring at pictures of Suzanne’s (aka Melissa’s) left eyeball on my iPhone, and wondering if other ex-wife-in-laws text weird things like that. Obviously we need to have a very serious discussion about boundaries.

Nerium AD photo review
Melissa Suzanne’s left eyeball area. This will probably be banned in some countries for its level of blatant sexiness.

“I bought this skincare stuff called Nerium AD , even though I figured it would probably be a waste of money,” she said. Suzanne is widely known for sentences that end with, “…even though I figured it would probably be a waste of money.”

Conversely I am known for sentences that end with, “…and then I married him even though I hated the way he ate spaghetti and his Mom still clipped his toenails.”

“But it works!” she screamed in her text. I know she was screaming even though she didn’t use all caps because I’ve known her so long, I totally know when screaming is implied. “Seriously! I was expecting it NOT to work, but it has!”

Before I could respond, Suzanne sent me another picture. This is a shot of her giving me the stink eye.

Nerium AD before and after
I can neither confirm nor deny that if you look directly at this photo of Suzanne, you and all generations that come after you may be cursed.

“Suzanne, did you take the before pictures in an abandoned mine shaft?” I asked. “Because they are way darker than the after pictures.”

“No!!!!!!!” she responded with more exclamation points than anyone not on trial for their life should ever use. “I took them six days apart, same time of day so I’d have the same light, and I used the same camera and was in the same room. The lightness of my skin is part of what this stuff does.”

Listen Momcaster kids, I am a wicked skeptical person. I’m still not convinced my 1st husband was really even a legal man. But, I’ve known Suzanne since we met about eleven years ago at an ex-husband recycling and resale convention when she purchased one of mine. She always tells me the truth.

For example she shared with me that in fact no, Bruce Wayne is not a door to door mattress pad salesman who lives in South Dakota with his cat Mr. Sazzle Socks – no matter how legit his Match profile looks.

nerium review article
Preach on, Mr. Saz.

I asked Suzanne 3 really important questions about Nerium AD that perhaps you, Pretty Reader Person, might like to have answers for as well.


Q. What exactly has this Nerium stuff done for you?

A. It has evened out my skin tone making it seem lighter, my pores are smaller and the wrinkles by my eyes are almost gone.  My sun damage is almost gone, too.

Q. Is it made from the souls of virgin kittens or manufactured by kidnapped Scientologists?

A. Really? You couldn’t manage even two perfectly normal questions?

Q. Will I have to sell my ovaries to purchase it?

A. You’ve already been through raging, hellish menopause so your ovaries are worthless. Everybody knows that. PS: maybe if you’d take that little tidbit off your own Match profile, men who think they are Bruce Wayne would stop asking you out.

Nerium AD review
Before photo – Suzanne is angry at skin blemishes.
After photo – Suzanne is surprised and delighted at how bright her skin is.

Suzanne (or “Melissa” as her Mom and Dad and her birth certificate call her) recently made the decision to become a Nerium AD brand partner – which means she is selling this stuff now. While she has not paid me for this absolutely stellar piece of writing, FTC guidelines mandate I tell you she has bought me many pieces of sugary crack at the Cheesecake Factory over the years.

Meanwhile, I’m going to get some of this miracle skin cream that is totally not made from the souls of virgin kittens, take my own before and after photos and share them with you all here. Eventually. When I am brave enough to post before pictures of myself on the interwebs – which may actually be never. Totally depends on what my boyfriend, Mr. Patron, thinks I should do.

If you want to know more about Nerium AD, please visit Melissa Suzanne’s site and ask her as many questions as you want. Just don’t ask her about that one time she and I went to Kansas City and she freaked out about getting on the elevator. She’ll totally know that came from me.

PS: Wanna get a freebie from Suzanne? Enter the Rafflecopter contest below and if you’re randomly chosen, she’ll send you an awesome sample of Nerium AD.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Red Furniture – Because All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

I am moving in August. I love red. These two facts about Sadie the blogger become highly valuable information when NASA scientists begin trying to determine why I want to purchase red furniture at my earliest possible convenience.

Today, while the temperature outside is a lovely 172 Fahrenheit, I am sitting in a non-red chair and searching these interwebs for spicy hot things to put in the new place. Join me, won’t you?

This red chair with an ottoman (from Amazon) is plain and simple, just like me. (That’s a lie and I’m sorry. I haven’t been plain & simple since I was 8 minutes old.) Anywho, I like it because it’s inexpensive and it looks like I might sit in it and read a Hemingway novel.

I wouldn’t actually do that, but I like that people would see this chair and believe I would.

Red Chair
via Amazon AKA the place that I like giving money to.


This red and cream chair delights me. I like anything with the word “cream” in it. In other news, I also like anything with the word “perfunctory” in it.

Red and cream chair
via Nebraska Furniture Mart


This is called a Hidden Treasures Storage Ottoman. I love it because it’s red and I love it because of the cool shape and detail. But if I’m being honest, I love it because I can store all my treasures in it and they will be, by definition, hidden.

If you come to my house, this is where my gold, jewels, crowns and rubles will be. Please be kind enough to pretend you don’t know.

Red furniture - red storage ottoman
via Nebraska Furniture Mart

I want this red kitchen cart from because it makes me believe I will bake apple pies for John Boy and Half Pint.

Red kitchen cart
via Kitchen Carts


I deeply, deeply desire these red leather bar stools from Home Element. If I had them, I would sit in them and drink martinis and feel exceptionally fancy.

Red leather bar stool
via Home Element

This red leather sectional sofa is so delicious, I want to sprinkle it with cinnamon and eat it. I need this.

Are you listening to me, Oh Great Keeper of Red Leather Sectional Sofas?

Red leather sectional sofa
via Amazon

So do ya love it? Are you a red furniture fan? Can we be best red furniture friends forever? 🙂 Come hang out with me on Facebook and we can talk about it.


Lowlights & Highlights

Lowlights and highlights are a way to have your hair colored that makes it look “alive”, in my opinion. Instead of one flat color, you have different tones and shades that go together beautifully. Because it’s what I do, I’ve scoured the internet in search of the very best photos and examples of lowlights and highlights and I’m sharing with you!

If you love these, you should show these images to your hair goddess and tell her to make it happen!

This is an older photo of Miley Cyrus… before she started crawling up on poles and smoking Brussels sprouts. I like her hair color here. Very nice, Smiley. Now put your clothes back on and apologize to your Mother.

Low lights and high lights miley cyrus
via Bella Sugar

Eva Mendes has the best hair, doesn’t she? I’m convinced if my hair color was exactly like hers, she and I would be twins. Naturally.

eva mendes lowlights highlights
Eva Mendes

This next photo features seriously pretty hair color, does it not? I’d love to credit the source, but between you and me, I found it on a big old spammy site and I’m so not sending you there.

Meanwhile, why don’t my lips look like this? Makes me want to smooch a bee.

highlights lowlights photo
via Big Ass Spammy Site

Jennifer Aniston was sent from a far away planet to Earth to represent for our culture what perfect hair looks like. I wonder if she ever wakes up in the morning and screams at the cats, “I swear on all that is HOLY, I am going to shave my head and start from scratch!”  I think she has the ideal mix of highlights and lowlights because it just looks so incredibly natural.

PS: I’m still mad at Angelina Jolie-Pitt and if I ever see her in Target, I’m going to give her such a look!

jennifer aniston lowlights and highlights
via Another Big Ass Spammy Site That Made My Spyware Freak Out

Us Magazine says this photo of Jessica Simpson’s hair is actually a wig. I’m okay with that because I love the multi-layered colors and I think she actually looks adorkable with short hair.

Meanwhile I’m sure Ms. Simpson will be relieved to know I approve. The Momcaster stamp of approval is highly sought after in the celebrity community.

jessican simpson highlights lowlights
via Us Magazine

Valerie Bertinelli is precious, isn’t she? How could Eddie Van Halen have been such a dweeb to her? This is a great example of lowlights and highlights that can cover up some gray that might be making an appearance as we get older.

In other news, I’m sorry I used the word dweeb.

valerie bertinelli hair highlights lowlights
Why are so many hair photo websites so mother-trucking spammy?

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Moroccan Style – Rock the Casbah

Moroccan style is so beautiful and colorful. No wonder it’s popping up everywhere.

Moroccan Style, You Rock the Casbah

I want to sit in this room and look pretty.  I want people I went to high school with to see me sitting in this Moroccan style room, and I want them to be so jealous.

They’ll be all, “Wow, you really did well for yourself.” And I’ll be all, “Oh this old room? It’s nothing. I only sit in it when I don’t care how I look.” (Or something like that.)

Moroccan Style living room
via SARAH ROSENHAUS interior design

I’m a terrible cook because I was raised Southern. That means I only know how to fry things and roll them in sugar. Once my gallbladder had to die for my addiction to sugar-glazed pork rinds, I really haven’t been too much in the kitchen.

Meanwhile if I had this Moroccan style kitchen, I would totally try and be Sally Cooking Pants again. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in the last 4 minutes.

Moroccan Colorful Kitchen Design

Don’t you look at these doors and want to know what’s behind them? I do. But then again, I’m always curious like that.

I would rock at that show… with the doors… you know… the one where you pick a door and dress up like Asian Elvis??

Moroccan front door
Ivia Rambling Roses

I totally dig this Blue Glass Moroccan Lantern I found on Amazon. I get that it’s not really from Morocco, but Peter Dinklage is not really from England and I still love him.


Meanwhile, aren’t these beautiful? I mean honestly! I don’t know what the hell they are but I want to own them all.  Are they Morrocan shoes? They look like a cross between Toms and Crocs. This photograph is so pretty… I love the colors.

Moroccan style babouches
via Ralph Ledergerber

These Moroccan bracelets are darling, are they not? You should know I never use the word darling – never. Maybe that’s why I have such a long list of ex-husbands.

In an unrelated story, I definitely use the word “jerk face.”Moroccan Bracelet

via Ana Osgood Jewelry

Okay so I could sit here all night posting Moroccan things that I’m in love with, but I’m a busy woman with an entire box of Black Box Merlot sitting in my kitchen that’s not going to pop its own spout.

I’m so glad you stopped by! Keep coming back, sister! Rock the Casbah!