Tangerine Tango – Products I Love

]Tangerine TangoTangerine Tango is a HOT color, (Pantone Color Institute) I love the color. It’s fresh and bright and it just makes me feel good. 

“Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman.

I’m personally so excited to try this color that I’ve combed these interwebs looking for things in tangerine tango. Maybe you’ll see something you love, too.

Tangerine Tango products

1. From Etsy seller NoahsCrew, enjoy this delicious tangerine tango brooch.  It’s only $20. I am in deep lust with it.

Tangerine Tango Brooch
via NoahsCrew

2. These little drops of handmade tangerine tango heaven are from Not One Sparrow. I think they’re sweet as they can be.

Tangerine tango earrings
via Not One Sparrow

3. I found these tangerine tango pillow shams from seller Pop O Color. $45 and they come in a variety of sizes.

tangerine tango pillow
From Pop O Color

4. These dish towels would be a sweet little pop of tangerine tango for your kitchen. From Amazon, they’re less than 25 buckaroos.

Dish towels in tangerine tango
From Amazon

5. How about some delicious tangerine-tango lips from Bobbi Brown & Nordstrom?

Tangerine Tango lipstick
From Nordstrom

Mega Expensive Playhouses This Grown Woman Really Wants

These mega expensive playhouses are going to blow your mind. Remember when you were little making forts out of blankets and chairs? There was something so cool about hiding beneath a blanket tent. It was like you were in a whole other world and no one could find you.

But, these kids’  playhouses are beyond awesome and frankly, they are way, WAY, better than anywhere I’ve ever lived.

Oh, to be a (rich) kid. Enjoy these amazing playhouses that real humans could never afford…and would have the good sense not to buy even if they had the money.

1. This Princess Castle playhouse loft bed from Posh Tots is only $15,470.  You may want two.

Loft playhouse bed
via Posh Tots

2. Also from Posh Tots is this Grand Victorian playhouse. I see no reason I can’t live in this until I die. I don’t mind crouching. Oh and not for nothing, you have to click to go to their site and see the interiors of these things. Evidently even pre-schoolers have more of an eye for interior design than I do.

via Posh Tots

3. This is called the Baby Chalet and it’s from Flights of Fancy. You’re gonna want to get to this site right away and snap this puppy up as it has a mezzanine and a fireplace. You don’t want it to go to someone else’s kid.

Expensive playhouse
via Flights of Fancy

4. I can see how 4 year olds might get bored with chalets and Victorians. What they really need is an entire village. Seriously… an entire play village by Lilliput Play Homes. I’m calling my Father right now and demanding to know why he told me I had to play in the creek with sticks.

Play Village from Lilliput Play Homes
via Lilliput Play Homes




Shades of Purple

I don’t know what is with me lately, but I can’t get enough of shades of purple. Maybe it’s because I’m almost a hundred years old and my veins are my muse.

All I know is that every time I see something that features some of the many lovely shades of purple, I feel happy way down deep in my purple heart.

(Disclaimer: I don’t really have a purple heart. The only brave thing I’ve ever done was give birth to two children with gigantic heads and abnormally large shoulders without an epidural.)

1. If you can look at this fingernail art in these delicious shades of purple without wanting to paint your nails right this second, you should see a physician. From Chloe’s Nails, feast your eyes upon fabulousness. (You’re a fingernail goddesss, Chloe.)

Shades of purple fingernail art
via Chloe’s Nails

2. I’m almost positive nothing would make me happier right now than to own this purple Garbo Sofa from Nothing except a magic pony, that is. Nothing beats a magic pony.

Purple garbo sofa
via FunkySofa

3. I seem to have my brain on smoothies lately and the universe must definitely want me to enjoy them because they’re EVERYWHERE. This purple beauty from Babble makes me want to get some mango and acai and blend it the hell on up. Note to self: figure out what an acai is.

Blueberry smoothie
via Babble

4. Lavender delights me. The smell is something so unique and relaxing – I adore it. I found the how-to for these pretty lavender wands from Happy Valley Lavender.  No – I do not have the first idea as to what I would do with a lavender wand, but I’d figure out something. Maybe I’d give it to a purple-loving witch friend for her birthday. What? She knows how she is.

How to make pretty lavender wands
via Happy Valley Lavender

5. There is something so magical and hopeful about beautiful doors, isn’t there? I think it’s because your imagination creates a story about the life just on the other side, or the kinds of interesting people that may have passed through in years before. This weathered purple door captured by Sebastian Partyka in Warsaw really sets sparks my curiosity.

old purple door
via Sebastian Partyka



6. Purple eye shadow can either look amazing – OR – like you have been badly beaten and need a restraining order. The tips on Make-Up Access can help make sure no one calls the police on your behalf.

How to wear purple eye shadow
via Make-Up Access

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