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Wine Bottle Chandelier

If there are two things I love more than Pinterest, they are WINE and LIGHT. That’s not true. If a gunman were holding a pistol to the head of Pinterest, I’d totally give him wine and light in exchange.

Meanwhile, look how the obviously beautiful mind of Shannon Quimby turned wine bottles into a chandelier. I love it- hard. I want to go empty a bunch of wine bottles right this minute so I can make it. Unfortunately it’s not even noon yet. I’m a genteel woman who will do the right thing and wait until 5:01 in the PM to begin the first, and most important phase, of this do-it-yourself project.

Make a chandelier from wine bottles
via The Oregon Live by Shannon Quimby


Make Your Own

DIY Kitchen Ideas

My kitchen is the size of a clown car. Still, something happens to me when I see beautiful DIY kitchen ideas. I start to believe that I’m Martha Stewart and with a little craft glue and some inspiration, I can turn my small kitchen into a DIY showplace.

What actually happens is I wind up with my fingers glued together, lace stuck to my eyebrows, and glitter in places glitter should never be. That doesn’t deter me from getting really excited when I see DIY kitchen ideas.  Here are  5 of the most beautiful, coolest kitchen crafts you should make – because I won’t. 🙂

And please, if you manage to make one or more of these beautiful crafts without having the cat covered in Mod Podge, send me a picture. I’d be thrilled.

1. These DIY chalkboard mugs created by Wit & Whistle are so stinking cute, I want to make them and force everyone I know to drink coffee with me. Even toddlers. 🙂

by Wit & Whistle

2. Every yard sale I go to (and I go to a bazillion of them every year) almost always has three things in common: damp stuffed animals sitting on the ground, a woman running the show who has smeared make-up from the night before all over her face, and a box full of mismatched eating utensils. How cool would I be if I made these crazy cute crafts from old silverware found on Whimsy Love? The answer is: I would be crazy cool.

by Act Normal – Be Different

3. I don’t have a baby because I’m almost one-hundred years old. But this baby food chandelier from Natural Home & Garden makes me want to be friends with one – just so I could talk them out of their baby food jars.  I could do it, too. Babies are gullible.

from Natural Home & Garden

4.  I dig word art. The Mostly Food & Crafts blog found a cool online tool and made this awesome Cooking Terms word art photo. If I do it for my kitchen though, I’ll have to add a few words. You know, like “Burn” and “Messy” and “Why Does My Oven Smell Like I Roasted a Gorilla?”

Word art for the kitchen craft
by Mostly Food & Crafts Blog

5.  One time, long ago and in a marriage far away, my ex-husband used All Spice in the pot roast he made. “What?” he said bewildered when my gag reflex kicked in at the taste of beef and gingerbread cookies. “Doesn’t All Spice mean it has every spice in it?” That’s not why I divorced him, but it should have been. This DIY wall-mounted magnetic spice rack from Kitchn is awesome. Maybe my next husband will make it for me.

DIY wall mounted spice rack craft from Kitchn
from Kitchn

If you love these kitchen crafts, you’re probably going to flip when you learn how to turn your closet into an office. I know this about you. 🙂

Make Your Own

How to Make Onesie Cupcakes & Baby Sock Cupcakes

If you can even look at little onesie cupcakes and baby sock cupcakes without breaking out in ten layers of “Awwwwww” you have to be completely dead inside. 🙂 They’re so cute, I can’t even stand it.

If you’re looking for shower gifts that’ll steal the show, these cute little yummies are absolutely the way to go. You can purchase them on Etsy from some amazingly talented women, OR you can make them yourself. We’re not talking about a very complicated craft here. When you see how easy they are, you’ll be cranking them out before we can say, “Awwwwwwww.”

First – the onesie cupcake tutorial by “CookingandCrafting.”

And now that you’ve seen how easy that was, onto the baby sock cupcake tutorial. Thank you to caffeinegirl13!

Now you know how to make baby sock cupcakes and baby onesie cupcakes! Your friends are going to love getting these baby girl and baby boy gifts from you and you’re going to be so proud giving them away!