Cockatoo Blue, I Heart You

When I first laid eyes on Cockatoo Blue, I couldn’t STOP looking for the color everywhere. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’m absolutely mad for the color.

Like everything else of beauty, the first place I went to look for my Cockatoo Blue fix was on Etsy. Naturally, I was not disappointed.

If you’re like me, and you want to snag a little something delicious in Cockatoo Blue, start right here.

By Flowerleaf, this sweet little ring is made from a Scrabble tile. Something about it just sucked me in and I think it’s completely adorable. Sadly, this listing shows it’s been sold – but surely you could talk the artist, Jocelyn Pryor, into making another one. (I think this could be a great Bridesmaid gift, bee-tee-dubs.)

Cockatoo color ring
by Flowerleaf

By LovelandShadeTree this Blue Cockatoo Dancing Dragonfly Necklace is jaw-dropping, PAY ATTENTION TO ME, beautiful! Oh Marion, you did something really special here.

Blue cockatoo necklace
by LoveLandShadeTree

Anna Jackson of London, England hand-printed this London cafe handbag, and I adore it. Black Cactus London is the shop, and Cockatoo Blue is the color. LOVE!

Blue cockatoo handbag purse
by Black Cactus London

Because I’m nearly 100 years old, you’re not likely going to see me wearing arm warmers. But I have to tell you that these Cockatoo Blue arm warmers make me believe for a minute that I could. From Zen and Coffee, behold… awesomeness.

arm warmers - cockatoo fashion accessories
by Zen and Coffee

Prepare to lust after this Cockatoo Blue headband from MacKSwank. Isn’t it sparkly deliciousness? Bonus: Shop owner MacKenzie says in her listing that it doesn’t give you headaches. Praise be. All my ex-husbands are headache enough for me.

Cockatoo blue headband with rhinestones
by MacKSwank


If you’re looking for just a little pop of Cockatoo Blue, craftyjules can hook you up with this sweet little anklet in leather. It’s perfection for summer on the beach, kids.

Blue cockatoo ankle bracelet for summer
by Crafty Jules


Best of Etsy – for less than a gallon of GAS!

Gas costs so much lately, I feel like I’d be better to buy a car that runs off sour cream. Today I was thinking I bet I could go to Etsy and spend pretty much the same amount I’d spend on a gallon of gas – and I’d actually have something in my hot little hands that would last longer than 5 minutes.

Sadie can’t drive 55.

Best of etsy for less than the price of gas

I’m dropping about $4 per gallon, so my criteria is to find as many beautiful buys from Etsy as I can – all around 4 bucks. I’m going to need your help on my Etsy scavenger hunt. If you have an Etsy shop and want to feature one of your darling products that’s less than FOUR smackeroos, please add it!

If you’re an Etsy shopper who has uncovered an Etsy steal for $4 or less, help the Seller out and list it here. I’m positive you’ll get good karma all up in your business – especially if you leave a comment below telling us about the link you added. 🙂 Nothing like grabbing karma’s attention and shaking the hell out it. (PS: read Advertise Your Etsy Shop Like a Pro, Yo!)

Thanks.. and let’s have FUN! It’ll take my mind off the fact that it cost more to put gas in my car than I paid the hospital to bring home my daughter twenty-seven years ago. And yes – that’s a natural fact.

Just add the link of the Etsy bargain you find (if it’s over $4, I’ll delete it because I’m mad serious about this). Where you are asked to enter a name – that means the name of the item, not your name. The form will require your email, but I promise not to email you or sell your email address. (Unless you’re Angelina Jolie – then all bets are off.)

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Advertise Your Etsy Shop Like a Pro, Yo!

If you’ve ever pulled your hair out wondering, “How do I promote my Etsy shop?” I’m about to rock your world. (I’m sorry. Decent people don’t say that any more.) You see, in addition to the joy that is curating the web for Momcaster, I am paid real American dollars by real humans to help them promote, market and advertise their small businesses.

I’ve seen lots of ideas online lately about advertising an Etsy shop, and just like the media coverage of  Nadya Sulemon, it’s about to cause me to have a stroke.

They include such things as leaving your business card everywhere, printing and posting flyers, and other tips that are… hold onto your hat… just about as useless and old-fashioned as my teenage son thinks I am.

See? Photographic proof.

If those kinds of promotional marketing ideas have worked for your Etsy shop, I’ll be surprised. In fact, I’ll go you one better. If anyone has ever become your customer and told you they found you via a business card left in a bathroom, I will buy you lunch.

Of course, you’re going to have to come to where I am and I get to pick the place.

Here’s the thing: Because I LOVE YOU ETSY SELLERS SO DANG MUCH, I’m going to share my Top 8 Marketing & Advertising Tips to Grow Your Etsy Business Like a Fast Growing Weed of Some Sort. 

Why 8?

Because. That’s why.

1. Please feed the Google spiders. Humans who know way more than I do have determined people who find products for sale via search are more likely to buy. That’s because they are sitting down at their computer and thoughtfully choosing words to search for something they want. That implies INTENTION, right?

Well, Sugar Cube, if they are looking for a hemp bracelet, for example, they are going to look at the hemp bracelets that return on the FIRST PAGE of Google. In fact, they’re probably going to only look at the top 1-4 results. If you’re not there, you’re square.

Google spiders are hungry little things that crawl the internet looking for keywords, and they especially like good ones for those coveted Page One positions.

When you’re tagging your Etsy item with keywords, it’s not enough to only think of terms people may use to search for you. Learn to use the Google Keyword Tool and make it a habit to use it before you list any item. If you need a great tutorial to help teach you how, you can find tons by doing a quick search. (On Google – not in your closet or under your bed.)

Will it take more time to do keyword research before listing your items for sale? It will. Just think of it as Etsy foreplay… you can skip it, but the end result won’t be nearly as satisfying.

How to promote etsy shop

2. Not all that twitters is gold. I know you want to believe that the pretty Twitter lady with 25,000 followers is going to mention your product and you will sell so many, you can’t even fill all the orders without hiring tiny pygmies from New Guinea to help you.

That might happen. But honey, the truth is it’s more likely not going to happen.

Not all Twitter superstars are what they seem, and it can be difficult to know the difference. Did you know that many, many, many Twitter accounts with thousands of followers have actually purchased their users? It’s true.

Did you know that those numbers may be overflowing with spam accounts that aren’t even real people?

Before you pay someone (or offer a gift of your products) to promote your Etsy store on Twitter, be sure they have a website or blog where they’ll promote it as well. A tweet is not enough. I myself have more than 3,000 Twitter followers and I can make you this promise – not one of them is going to buy a mother-trucking thing because I say I like it.  I blame Rush Limbaugh.

Follow me and I promise you’ll never be influenced in any way – about anything.

3. A Facebook page is like an ex-husband – everyone should have one. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your Etsy business, stick out your wrist so I can slap it. Now – go make one.

If you DO have a Facebook page to promote your Etsy shop, I’m very proud of you. I will make a notation on your permanent record.

4. Don’t be the obnoxious girl at the party. Social media is called SOCIAL for a reason. If you only post, “look at what I have for sale” updates, no one is going to stick around to hold your hair when you throw up.

Talk about something other than Etsy. (Tip: Facebook users really dig those image quotes that are so popular – and they especially seem to enjoy them first thing in the morning. For reals.)

How to promote your etsy shop with Facebook and images
See? Facebook people dig this kind of thing. It defies explanation.

5. You’ll catch more flies with honey. Your Etsy honey is the product you have for sale. If you make the most beautiful Swarovski potholders in all of America and parts of Canada, then you should really – really – REALLY give some away once in awhile.

Before you jump off a bridge because another marketing brainiac just told you to give stuff away, come down off the ledge, listen to Sadie the Wonder Marketer and for godsake, go wash your hands. Flies are filthy creatures.

First, don’t give your store away to every Tom, Dick & Blogger who asks. I’ve read about Etsy sellers coming up with all sorts of arbitrary rules as to who gets what and when, and that’s cool. They’re your potholders, after all.

But in my opinion, at the top of your short list you’re looking for great writing, lots and lots of page views, and someone with a well-followed set of Pinterest boards where they will surely pin your product photo.

Second, trust your gut. You know better than to give free stuff to bloggers who do nothing but write about giveaways. I know you do. You know better than to send your Etsy goodies to bloggers who spell “crazy” with a K and a silent E. I trust you on this.

Ways to advertise your etsy shop


6. And speaking of drinking the Pinterest Kool-aid. The internet she is a changing, my precious Etsy seller. When you come across a Pinterest user who has boards that align with the kinds of products you sell, you’d be wise to tell her she’s pretty and skinny and anything else you can think of to get her to pin your stuff.

If she has a blog, and she features your work, you should pin your item directly from her blog and call everyone you know to do the same – including your 17th cousin twice-removed with the weird eye and the arm that was somehow sewn on completely backwards.

Pinterest isn’t a fan of self-promotion and we all get it. But clicking “PIN” on an image of your work on someone else’s blog is the same as  seeing your potholder store featured in the newspaper back in 1957, going out and buy 23 copies and giving one to everybody you know.

No – I can’t let go of this whole potholder theme. You’ve come this far, so now we’re in it together. Potholder, potholder, potholder.

7. See Jane comment cleverly. Comment on the blogs where you hope and pray to the Craft Gods your Etsy items will be featured someday. Don’t say things like, ‘Nice blog! Come look at my Etsy shop!”

Say things that are insightful and clever and complimentary and relative. And for the love of Mike the traveling potholder fabric salesman, make sure you leave a link to your shop if it’s allowed.

The blogger may check out your shop, fall in love with your products and write about you. Her readers may do the same thing.

It’s madness, I tell you! Marketing madness!

Why Jane couldn’t have more comfortable shoes for running, I don’t know. I suspect Dick and some sort of foul play.

8. A closed mouth is never fed. (Which, coincidentally is a concept I can’t get my mind around – thus the slow weight loss.) ASK for help in promoting your Etsy shop. Ask friends, family, and bloggers you like.

The worst they can say is, “No! You are a stupid head, I hate your guts for asking, and I’m going to pay a fat man a large sum of money to smack you in the face.”

If you can risk hearing that, you can do anything. Should you offer them a gift for their help?

Well… that’s up to you. Just know there is an old Southern saying that may prove true in this case. “If you  don’t want to be smacked in the face by a fat man, be kinder than necessary.”

In closing, don’t waste your time shoving business cards in magazines at the doctor’s office and if you put up a flyer in a convenience store or library, I’m dispatching Big Ralph to your location at once.

You Etsy sellers are amazing talents that absolutely fascinate and delight me. I want you to do well. Trust your gut and listen to Sadie and maybe someday I’ll see your face on the cover of Potholder Millionaire.

Big love,


PS: If you appreciated this post, please share it like you’ve never shared before. See what I did there? 🙂



WIN My Most Favorite Candle!

My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE candle company in the big, wide world is my friend Melissa’s company Candleworks. She started hand-pouring candles about one million years ago when she was driving herself mad to try and figure out a good way to make enough money to give her little babies a great Christmas.

Butterscotch Candy candle

She was meticulous about learning to create a candle that was perfect. She wanted them to burn a long time and she wanted the smell to be rich and delicious and to LAST.

Y’all, let me tell you she DID IT. Her candles make me so happy. Most of the time I don’t even have to light them. I just take the lid off the jar and my entire apartment smells amazing.

I also love that her candles are all white, no matter what the scent. I find colored candles kind of awful. They never “match” my room.

Apple Pie Candle

So anyway, word about her little candle company grew and grew. Her phone was ringing off the hook, and she realized that the bulk of her sales were coming from word of mouth. She was asked, no BEGGED, again and again to consider taking on home-party reps to sell her candles. Finally, that’s what she’s begun to do.

Are you great at direct sales? Have you always dreamed of finding a company-direct position so that your downline grows like a giant oak tree? If you’re interested in being considered for one of the remaining 15 company-direct sales positions for Candleworks, visit her website to send her a note!

Cookies and coffee scented candle

I want to give two lucky Momcaster readers one of Mel’s candles so you can see for yourself how fantastic they are. I’m going to make sure to send you my favorite scent – and be warned! You’re going to FALL IN LOVE!

Winner will be chosen at random on April 25, 2012 and I will be verifying all entries. (Verifying all entries means if you gain an entry for leaving a comment, or for liking a Facebook page, I’ll check to be sure.)

I deeply LOVE my visitors from other countries, but because of exorbitant shipping costs, this contest is only open to residents of the US.

Good Luck!

bamboo and orchid candle

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Hemp Bracelets I Want Right This Minute

Is it weird I am currently obsessed with hemp bracelets? Does that make me sound a little like Woody Harrelson or Stoner-Guy-You-Knew-In-College? I can’t help it. I love the look of really cool hemp bracelets, and I have decided I want to wear them by the dozens this spring and summer.

Here are some of the most awesome hemp bracelets I’ve found on Etsy, in no particular order. If you have a link to some hemp bracelets you want to share with me, leave me a comment. 🙂

Now…let’s hemp it on up!

The beads in this beautiful hemp bracelet from Etsy seller HighOnHemp really sucked me in. So pretty! The listing says they are Blue Indonesian glass beads. I have never heard of such a thing, but I have decided I love them so much, I am going to start a new group called Middle-Aged Women Who Love Blue Indonesian Glass Beads. It’s going to be a huge hit. Naturally.

Blue bead hemp bracelet
via High on Hemp

This is just a plain, red, hemp bracelet. But, I love it. I think I’d like to have one of these in every color I can imagine. Red is a favorite color for me. I think it’s because red is the color of Lucille Ball, from whence cometh my strength. This bracelet is by Etsy seller xPeppyandBellex.

Red hemp bracelet from etsy
via xPeppyandBellex

I am a Mother. I have two kids … that I know about. It is my firm belief they should buy me things that say “Mom” on them at every available opportunity. (But not those kitty-cat sweatshirts that say Mom. I would sooner light my ear lobes on fire.)  I love, love, love this hemp bracelet because it’s pretty, and it says Mom. If it said Second-Cousin-Twice-Removed on it, I would still think it’s pretty, but I probably wouldn’t want it as much. It’s from Etsy seller HempLady4u.

Mom bracelet - personalized - silver - hemp
via HempLady4u

I totally like this lucky penny hemp bracelet by Etsy seller SoBeautifullyBroken. The idea is that you wear the bracelet until it wears off, and then your wish will come true. I am going to wish for more wishes… and also that Moonpies melted in the microwave (because that’s the right way to eat them)  will no longer be fattening.

Lucky penny hemp bracelet
via So Beautifully Broken

I really like the simplicity of this silver eternal circle hemp bracelet from Etsy seller psihandmadeit. Maybe instead of buying wedding rings the next time I get married, I should insist on eternal hemp bracelets. That way I won’t feel so bad when I “accidentally” throw it in the river after he “accidentally” forgets to not spend all night at Barbie’s Tuck-A-Buck.

Silver Eternity Hemp Bracelet
by psihandmadeit

I am in true lust for this silver and blue hemp bracelet by Etsy seller Electric Penguin. Who wouldn’t love it? I want to wear it right now… on the beach… at the Four Seasons in Lana’i, Hawaii.

blue silver hemp bracelet
from The Electric Penguin

Isn’t this Chan Luu style hemp bracelet ten kinds of adorable? By Etsy seller Pretty Story, I think it’s just perfection. (PS: I had to Google “Chan Luu” because I am a loser.)

Handmade chan luu style hemp bracelet
by Pretty Story

I am not a frog lovin’ kind of girl…unless you count that one time I went on a date with a boy legally named Bubba who had TV Evangellist hair and wore Musk Oil like he was trying to win a musky contest. But, something about this little lampwork frog bead & hemp bracelet from Etsy seller psysub just delights my pea-pickin’ heart. I desire it.

frog bead hemp bracelet
by PsySub

From Etsy seller Khemika comes this orange, brown, yellow hemp bracelet of awesomeness. It’s so earthy, isn’t it? It makes me feel like I might want to go hiking. In other news, I hate hiking. But, I LOVES THIS.

Hemp bracelet - handmade etsy
by Khemika

Etsy seller Satin Flowers offers this natural hemp and gold metallic cord cuff bracelet that is entirely too much goodness at one time. Tell me you don’t love it!  (Don’t really tell me you don’t love it. That’s just something people say.) I’m crazy for it.

hemp and gold cuff bracelet
by Satin Flowers

This turquoise and hemp bracelet by Etsy seller Perpetual Sunshine 111 makes me feel good inside, like if I’d eaten a ray of sunshine or swallowed a butterfly. (I would never actually swallow a butterfly because that would be mean. Please don’t report me to Americans Against Butterfly Cruelty.)

turquoise and hemp cuff bracelet on etsy
by Perpetual Sunshine 111

If you liked this post about hemp bracelets, I’m glad. I’d be super glad if you shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and at the next family meeting you have with your in-laws.

Big Momcaster Love,

Sadie at Momcaster





Image Quotes About Life

I am not a graphic designer, but I play one on Momcaster. I am enamored of quotes about life that are inspiring, or straight up funny. Don’t you love seeing quotes about life in an image? I wish I were a great designer who could create something fabulous… but I’m too busy trying not to eat Moonpies to learn how to do such a thing.

I made these image quotes about life. If I were in kindergarten and you were my Mom, you’d tell me they were wonderful and you’d put it on the refrigerator with an alphabet magnet. Instead, feel free to steal them.

In fact, please steal them. Otherwise I’ll just feel bad and that Moonpie doesn’t have a fighting chance.


I made this image quote for the timeline cover for Momcaster on Facebook. You are welcome to steal it for your timeline cover. You can also use it to cover up on the beach, but it’ll probably make you look fat. I’m not good at skinny.

Quote about life

I made this quote about life to remind myself that all I can be is better than I was. Any day I can experience that feeling, it’s a good day. I don’t know who “said” this first, but I sure am glad they did.

quote about life

Sometimes giving up crosses my mind. I don’t know what the heck I could do that would constitute “giving up”, but human people do think about the possibility of it. I look at this image quote often.

Life about quote

I think adults forget that magic is all around us. I forget to kind of “get out of the way” of magic and just let it happen. This quote reminds me to let magic happen. I love it.


life quote

When I’m faced with someone who isn’t kind to me, I try to remember this. I can’t say I’m always as good at acting this way as I’d like to be, but I feel sure I’m getting better (and kinder) every day.

Be Kinder Than Necessary

I am what I create. Happiness, sadness, rich, poor – I am the result of my own creation and my choices. Man oh man, do I hate having to remember this sometimes. Blaming someone else is so much easier!

 you are what you create image quote

I made this image quote to remind me that I am not powerless. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. Sometimes SOMETHING is all that needs to be done.

I can't do everything, but I can do something


Unusual Uses

I think it’s so cool to find new & unusual uses for everyday things I have around the house. I am kind of addicted to the genius ability of others to come up with new ways to use things.

I never come up with unusual uses for anything…unless you count wedding dresses. I’ve been divorced so many times I have wedding dress bedspreads, wedding dress bath towels, and wedding dress dishcloths.

I need just one more husband, and I’ll have enough material saved to cover all my living room furniture in white lace and beads.

1. I love the smell of baby oil. It’s all the pleasure of that new baby smell without the hassle of 12 hours of screaming pain that makes you wish for the sweet relief that lighting yourself on fire would bring.  DIY Life has lots of unusual uses for baby oil.

Unusual uses for Baby Oil
via DIY Life

2. I am from the South, so I know important things. Things like how to make biscuits, how to find a husband during 3rd grade recess, and that human hair is a repellent to deer. That’s kind of the extent of my knowledge of unusual uses for human hair. Thankfully The Beauty Brains have 10 unusual ways to use human hair on their website. Kind of softens the blow of your balding sugar-bunch a little, doesn’t it?

Unusual uses for human hair
via The Beauty Brains

3. I don’t actually drink Coke. I’m a Diet Dr. Pepper freakazoid. Even though I don’t drink Coca-Cola, I could still buy it and use it to get out stains, or remove rust, or kill snails. I know this because Wisebread told me so. Wisebread has 51 unusual uses for Coca-Cola. Fact: I would never follow the advice of a website called StupidDroolingBread, so good call on the site name, kids.

And not for nothing, but how freaked out am I that we humans drink things that remove grease stains, cuts through rust, and is among the top 5 ways to commit snail-homicide? Totally freaked out. Totally.

Unusual uses for Coke
via Wisebread

4. I enjoy peanut butter. It’s like brown crack. If I were stranded on an island and could only take one thing to eat, it would be peanut butter. If I were stranded on an island and could only take one survival item, it would be James Spader. The Huff Post has 5 unusual uses of peanut butter. Mostly they want you to use it to trick a mouse and get gum out of hair, but it’s still helpful info. Especially if I get gum in a mouse’s hair.

Unusual uses for peanut butter
via the Huffington Post


5. If ever I wake up one day with unsightly hair or underarm stains, I know now that vinegar is my one-stop shop. Shine from Yahoo has found 20 unusual uses for vinegar, and I for one am delighted. I can rest easy knowing I can cure my hiccups and get rid of ants. Two birds, one vinegar stone.

Ways to use vinegar
via Shine by Yahoo

6. Lemons are pretty, and they smell good, and they make my mouth turn inside out when I so much as watch someone else bite into one. Tip Hero shares 40 unusual uses for lemons that don’t include watching your friends bite into them for absolutely no worthwhile reason you can possibly fathom. Who does that? Meanwhile, I am off to make my toilet smell like fresh-squeezed lemons. Don’t hate.

Unusual uses for lemons
via Tip Here

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Love You Forever, Like You For Always Nursery

It’s impossible to be a Mother, read the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and not melt into a heap of tears by the time you get to the end. I must have read that book to my son a thousand times. Wouldn’t a Love Your Forever, Like You For Always Nursery be absolutely precious?

Love You Forever Like You For Always Nursery

If you love the book as much as I do, here are some incredible things for a baby nursery that you can get to go along with the book.

1. I adore the colors and the typography in this piece of wall decor for baby’s nursery. From And The Sign Says, it’s listed at $36 and is available for both girls and boys.

Like you forever nursery art
via And The Sign Says

2.  My daughter is having a little girl – Paityn Luella. Naturally I’m drawn to pink things more so than ever before. This photo frame featuring the beautiful words of Robert Munsch is precious. At $48 from Polished Productions, it’s could be a sweet heirloom I imagine could be passed from Mother to daughter to daughter.

Love you forever photo frame for nursery
via Polished Productions

3. These four 8×10 Love You Forever prints from Etsy seller Big Mowth are cuteness in print. I love the yellow and gray, but I believe there are other colors as well.

Love you forever nursery prints
via Big Mowth

4. VT Designs has combined precious little yellow and blue-gray elephants with the Love You Forever verse and I adore it. At just $14 for an 8×10, this print is a steal. (She offers other sizes as well, at different price points.)

My baby you'll be wall art print
via VTDesigns

5. This matching nursery art set from Jack & Jilly Designs is adorable to the 10th degree. It combines stats about baby with the “I’ll love you forever” theme. Just $20 for this 8×10 print.

I'll love you forever I'll like you for always art
via Jack & Jilly Designs



The Beautiful & Bald Barbie

Beautiful & Bald Barbie isn’t actually a doll you can buy – yet. But if Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham have their way, it will be.

Their Facebook page, Beautiful and Bald Barbie has more than 85,000 likes as of this writing and was created to try and encourage Mattel, the makers of Barbie, to create a Bald Barbie to help young girls who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, or other diseases feel better about themselves, and for young girls who are having trouble coping with their mother’s hair loss from chemo.

The idea was born when Sypin’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and lost her hair from the treatments, and Bingham lost her hair from lyphoma.

So far, Mattel has said no.

In my opinion, if Barbie has been a pet photographer, a cat burglar, and Barbie Loves Make-up, Mattel can certainly manage a Bald & Beautiful Barbie. (Yes – those are real Mattel creations.)

As you probably know, you can’t pin photos from Facebook. But if you’re interested in showing support for their cause, here is the image of Bald Barbie. Let’s pin and pin and pin and to make it as viral as possible. (Be sure to like the Bald & Beautiful Facebook page.)

Beautiful and Bald Barbie
Via Beautiful and Bald Barbie

Image Quotes That Are Inspiring

If you’re like me, you love image quotes. My eye always catches them on Facebook, Pinterest, anywhere I see someone expressing a great sentiment using text in a really cool way. I love most all of them but I am a really big fan of the inspirational and uplifting quotes or sayings that encourage me in some way.

I can’t get enough! Here are some of my favorite image quotes. Feel free to pass them along, with credit given where it’s due, of course. I should note that some of these things go viral in such a way that it’s almost impossible to know where they originated. I always try to note where I found something I love and hope I get it right. Enjoy!

1. This is one of my very favorite inspirational graphics and I look at it and read it just about every day. Unfortunately I have no idea where it originated. I sure wish I did.

This is your life text graphic word art

2.  I found this one on Design Juices. A fantastic inspiring image quote.

a lone amateur built the ark image quote

3. I often wonder what life would be like if I were completely unafraid to fail. What would it be like for you?

Image quote - not being afraid to fail
typography and image by Marius Roosendaal

4. This card from Splitcoast Stampers absolutely speaks to me. Adventure is the thing I love best in life.

Choose adventure image quote
via Splitcoast Stampers

5. This is a great one to look at every day. Watch me!

watch me quote