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8 Incredibly Unique Lights

When I see things that light up that have no business lighting up, I get inexplicably excited. Anyone can buy a lamp. It takes someone special to make incredibly unique lights using your super craft talent and things you find around the house.

Everything I look at now holds potential for me to somehow make it glow in the dark or twinkle and shine. I suppose it’s a good thing the ex got my dogs in the divorce.

You’re going to love these DIY lights. Make sure to visit the websites of the brilliant, crafty minds who created them and by all means, show ’em some Pin Love. They surely do deserve it.
1. This first project from Make Something combines two kinds of DIY awesomeness, so it scores with me in a big way. It’s a chalkboard (I dig chalkboard paint) and it lights up! Yes, please. The only thing better than something covered in chalkboard paint is something covered in chalkboard paint that twinkles.

Chalkboard that lights up DIY
via Make Something

2. What kind of fresh party cool would it be to have these beer bottle solar lights sitting around? Yep… totally solar charged. Do you love it? I’m loving it. Get the how-to from Popsci.

make a solar light from beer bottle
via Popsci

3. Zedomax found this swing that is about to cause me to stroke right out. I would have FREAKED OUT over a swing like this as a little girl. There are no how-tos, but surely someone can master this. If you do, please report to me…I will hug you.

via Zedomax

4. From Shelterness, this wall art blows me away. It definitely belongs in my imaginary cottage by the sea. The branches are lights. I am in deep lust.

lighted branch wall art DIY
via Shelterness

5. Also from Shelterness, take a look at this cool way to hang white Christmas lights in a bedroom. I love the feeling Christmas lights create, and this would be a very inventive way to keep that feeling going all year.

cool ways to use christmas lights all year
via Shelterness

6. From Design Sponge, this “Good Night” light is made from canvas. I’m not nearly talented enough to try this on, but maybe you can. I think the ideas you can take away from this project for your own home are many.

Make a light from canvas and wood
via Design Sponge

7. These glowing outdoor orbs are a fantastic idea and The Art of Doing Stuff says you can make them in 3 minute flat! I’m all about 3 minutes flat. It takes me longer than that to glue on my false eyelashes. (Mainly because I first accidentally glue them to my chin and have to pluck them off and start again.)

outdoor diy light
via The Art of Doing Stuff

8. These flower pot lights are cute as a bug and belong in a garden for sure. I would imagine those of you with wonderfully creative minds could make lots of these as the instructions on Missouri Scenic Rivers say flower pots are turned upside down and a light kit inserted.

make lights out of flower pots
via Missouri Scenic Rivers

Every time someone shares this post, my ex-husband feels a little pinch. Won’t kill him, but it does make me feel a little better. Go ahead…make my day.

Make Your Own

5 Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspirations

I want to live in a cottage by the sea. I want it to have wood that’s worn and made imperfect by the sand and salty air. I want it to have shudders and big windows that I can throw open during soft rain showers so that I can listen while I nap.

Enjoy these beach cottage bathroom inspirations from these 5 talented bloggers. I love everything about their ideas.

1. I adore this bathroom by A Southern Belle With Northern Roots. She has put the sweetest little touches everywhere – lots of little unexpected joys. Go to her site and see for yourself and pin her up!

white bathroom shabby chic
via A Southern Bell With Northern Roots
Shabby chic bathroom mirror
via A Southern Belle With Northern Roots

2. From Decor Pad, I am in lust with this glossy bathroom floor. It’s so pretty and clean.

glossy blue floor in cottage bathroom
via Decor Pad

3. Jaime Scott created this precious little seashell from a frame and an old pallet. I can imagine these all over my seaside cottage bathroom.

Framed seashell for cottage bathroom
Via Jaime Scott

4. Hope Studios found this second-hand candle chandelier, cleaned it up and hung it over her tub. I am in love with this idea. Take a look at her blog to see how beautifully this idea creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Candle chandelier in bathroom
via Hope Studios

5. I am a freak for dresser makeovers and I think this one from Classy Clutter would be perfect in a cottage bathroom. Not for nothing, her blog features some AMAZING work. You will be inspired like mad.

dresser makeover to shabby worn blue
via Classy Clutter
Food Love

4 Beautiful Sweet Potato Recipes You Will Love

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C and all sorts of really great stuff that’s so good for us. I just love them because they taste so good. These sweet potato recipes are absolutely mouth watering!


1. What’s Gaby Cooking? Ridiculously tempting sweet potato & Parmesan oven-baked chips, that’s what.

Baked sweet potato chips
via What’s Gaby Cooking?

2. I love spicy sweet potato fries, so I’m super excited to try this recipe from My Vegan Cookbook.

spicy sweet potato fries recipe
via My Vegan Cookbook

3. I can’t wait to try this Southwestern sweet potato breakfast skillet from Eat, Live, Run. Looks amazing.

Sweet potato breakfast skillet recipe
via Eat, Live, Run

4. I’m addicted to smoothie recipes, so we have to have this beautiful sweet potato smoothie here, from Lactose Free Lizzie.

via Lactose Free Lizzie

Fact: Sweet potato skins were worn by early women in lieu of nail polish.

Fact: That first fact was a total fib. Please share this page or I’ll probably just keep making up facts.


Food Love

I Want Candy… Stores

I imagine someday, when I have stupid amounts of money, I will have an entire room in my giant mansion that will serve as my official Fancy Lady Candy Store.

I really do want my own candy store, and while we’re on the subject, my own ice cream shoppe. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of the day I’d own my own candy store, and I just never grew out of it.

Whether you want a candy store of your own in your pretend mansion like me, you’ll enjoy these vibrant colors. Yummy!
Chutters has the world’s longest candy counter. Until I have my own candy counter, that is. Isn’t it pretty?

world's longest candy jar counter
via Chutters
colorful candy jars
via Chutters

Apparently I have to go to Dubai to visit this candy store. If only I’d paid attention in geography class in high school, I might have some idea of where Dubai is.

candy store in dubai
via Dubai.Metblogs

Spot Cool Stuff has a post called The World’s Best Candy Stores. It’s sugar-coated, colorful, awesomeness.

awesome candy store colors
via Spot Cool Stuff

Kevin & Amanda  details a trip to visit a 3 story candy store in NYC called Dylan’s. I must go there. In fact,  should go there right now. Definitely on my bucket list!

Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC
via Keven & Amanda

PS: When you pin something on this website, a tiny monkey gets a new pair of tiny monkey pants. Fact.


Mega Expensive Playhouses This Grown Woman Really Wants

These mega expensive playhouses are going to blow your mind. Remember when you were little making forts out of blankets and chairs? There was something so cool about hiding beneath a blanket tent. It was like you were in a whole other world and no one could find you.

But, these kids’  playhouses are beyond awesome and frankly, they are way, WAY, better than anywhere I’ve ever lived.

Oh, to be a (rich) kid. Enjoy these amazing playhouses that real humans could never afford…and would have the good sense not to buy even if they had the money.

1. This Princess Castle playhouse loft bed from Posh Tots is only $15,470.  You may want two.

Loft playhouse bed
via Posh Tots

2. Also from Posh Tots is this Grand Victorian playhouse. I see no reason I can’t live in this until I die. I don’t mind crouching. Oh and not for nothing, you have to click to go to their site and see the interiors of these things. Evidently even pre-schoolers have more of an eye for interior design than I do.

via Posh Tots

3. This is called the Baby Chalet and it’s from Flights of Fancy. You’re gonna want to get to this site right away and snap this puppy up as it has a mezzanine and a fireplace. You don’t want it to go to someone else’s kid.

Expensive playhouse
via Flights of Fancy

4. I can see how 4 year olds might get bored with chalets and Victorians. What they really need is an entire village. Seriously… an entire play village by Lilliput Play Homes. I’m calling my Father right now and demanding to know why he told me I had to play in the creek with sticks.

Play Village from Lilliput Play Homes
via Lilliput Play Homes



Crafty Crafts Make Your Own

Makeover Your Office

It’s Monday, and what better day to makeover your office – the place where you spend so much of your life? I really believe the space we’re in can affect us positively or negatively. Who can be creative and vibrant in an entirely gray, dull, boring office? has 13 tips to Feng Shui your office, if you’d like to give it a try. Tip: put your computer in the North or West area of your office to enhance your creativity and not to have mirrors in your work space.

Meanwhile, get some office makeover inspiration from the creative minds featured below. They’re all easy enough that you could have a super cute office by the end of the week!

1. Filing cabinets are just about the ugliest piece of something I’ve ever seen. Isn’t it crazy that even though women have been in the workforce in massive numbers for decades now, there has been almost NO advancement in manufacturing filing cabinets that don’t make you feel like you work in the warden’s office of a second-rate penitentiary?  Thank goodness for I’m a Yarner and her chalkboard filing cabinet! I love it!

Chalkboard paint on a filing cabinet
via I’m a Yarner


2. Do you remember these trays? Growing up, they were everywhere and I still see them at garage sales all the time. I think having several of them in different, but complimenting, patterns and colors would make for some awesome bulletin board space.

bulletin board made from a vintage serving tray
via Complete Organizing Solutions


3. On the subject of awesome magnetic bulletin boards, I adore these from Saving the Family Money. She gives you the entire tutorial, and it looks easy enough that even I could do it. 🙂

Magnetic bulletin board tutorial
via Saving the Family Money


4. Apartment Therapy shows you how to make this AMAZING piece of string wall art by Kathryn Anderson using pushpins and yarn. I think having a DIY mural like this one in your office would make the most mundane business feel a little more tolerable.

String art do it yourself using yarn
via Apartment Therapy

5. Time passes slowly in an office and you know you have photos of kids or dogs or honey-pies, or whatever it is that gets you through the day. I say this tutorial from Good Housekeeping for a cool wall clock would be a perfect fit for your office.

Make a clock from frames
via Good Housekeeping

6. The Undressed Skeleton spray painted some bottles and added some salt and glitter for some pretty delicious eye candy. I think you could do the same with some old vases to create some very sexy pen and pencil holders for your desk. What do you think?

How to spray paint bottles
via The Unpainted Skeleton

7. No way you don’t have candy on your desk! Gotta have candy on your desk! C’mon! This Mason Jar bird feeder is now a delightful candy dispenser. Can you stand the cuteness? Chica and Jo, you are brilliant. (Psst: check out these other yummy Mason Jar pics.)

Birdfeeder turned into candy dispenser
via Chica & Jo

In other news, did you know that every time this post is shared or pinned, a supermodel gains 5 pounds?

Food Love

5 Banana Recipes I Would Wrestle a Monkey For

I love bananas so much. These banana recipes make my mouth water. I absolutely love banana flavor, BUT  I don’t like to peel a banana and eat it. Something about the texture of a raw banana has always bothered me.

Bananas, when frozen, take on almost a rich ice cream kind of flavor. It reminds me of being a little girl and eating banana Popsicles on hot days down South.

These banana creations look so delicious, I am completely excited to make every single one! I hope you’ll enjoy them, too. Be sure and visit the websites of the creators and pin away!

1. These Banana Ice Cream and Toasted Coconut Bites from The Leftover Queen are made by blending frozen banana slices and they look AMAZING. They are 90% fresh banana. My gosh, I want these NOW.

Bananas and coconut frozen
via The Leftover Queen

2. Oh, Food Network, why do you torment me? These beauties are called Mexican Chocolate Frozen Bananas. I don’t care if you call them Harold…I want to eat them.

Mexican Chocolate frozen bananas
via Food Network

3. Turon is also known as Banana Lumpia. It’s a Philippine snack made of thinly sliced bananas and jackfruit, put in a spring roll and fried. There are several variations, but surely this has to be one of the best. Go to The Scent of Green Bananas for the how-to.

Turon - banana spring rolls
via The Scent of Green Bananas

4. I love curry, I love bananas and I love Paula Deen. Is there any doubt as to whether I’m going to love these Curry-Crusted Bananas?

curry crusted banana recipe
via Food Network

5. Banana Nutella Panini? I’m in! Where do I sign? If the Food Network were a hotel, I’d move in.

bananas and nutella recipe
via Food Network

I’m so glad you’re here and I’d love it if you’d have a look around, and definitely come back again. Send me your Pinterest handle and I’ll follow you!

Crafty Crafts

5 Things That Glow That You Can Make

Things that glow make me happy. Lately I am completely drawn to things that glow in the dark ideas and crafty projects. No idea why! Every time I see things that glows in the dark, I have to check it out.

The talented crafty brains below have some up with some awesome things to do with glow in the dark paint, and one even tells you how to make FOOD GLOW!

1. From Family Fun, take a look at this super fun glow in the dark mural for a kid’s room.

Glow in the dark mural for kid's room
via Family Fun

2. This glow in the dark little girl’s room from The Paint Princess is super fun. You know, this glow in the dark paint could really help a little one who is afraid of the dark!

Little girl's room with glow in the dark paint
via The Paint Princess

3. I had no idea a person could make glow in the dark food and drinks at home. Guess what? You totally can and when you find out the super simple, non-toxic trick to doing it,  you’re going to be like, “What?” Nice tutorial at Our Best Bites.

Glow in the dark food and drinnks
via Our Best Bites

4. These glowing firefly jars are so cool. I have another one listed on this site made from a mason jar that’s also pretty awesome. I like the colors of this one featured on Curbly very much.

Glowing firefly jar
via Curbly

What about you? Do you love things that glow? You might also like this post about Mason Jar crafts. They are equally as awesome.

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DIY Home Decor That’s to Die For

DIY home decor is the rage, isn’t it? Sadly I’m not exactly a DIY queen. I’ve always said that whatever girl gene one must possess in order to be able to whip out pretty things is the gene I was born without. I’m terrible. But honestly, these awesome DIY home decor brainiacs below make me believe I can do this thing…even without the proper genetic make up.

Hammers and High Heels features DIY home decor that is so stunning, you’re going to get lost just looking and wishing. If this chick doesn’t wind up with a show on HGTV, there is no Santa. She is incredibly talented. Go there now and pin everything she does. It’ll bring you good karma. Take a look at what she did with a garden trellis for a little girl’s room, and the darling way she’s using books.

Canopy for a girl's bed made from a trellis.
via Hammers & High Heels
Books as home decor
via Hammers and High Heels

Re-Nest has 10 ways to repurpose crates around your home. If I had crates, I would totally be able to make this super cute light fixture. Maybe I should rob a milkman…or just marry one. Six of one, half of the other.

Light fixture made of repurposed crates
via Re-Nest

Bibliophilism. No idea what that means, but I do know this handmade rug made from books is just about ten kinds of awesome. I don’t know how it was made, but I am inspired to start throwing my books on the floor right now.

A beautiful rug made from old books
via Recyclart

Paper lamp shades are beautiful and delicate and I want lots of them. I don’t know why. Buzzle tells you how to make your own.

Make a paper lamp
via Buzzle




Shades of Purple

I don’t know what is with me lately, but I can’t get enough of shades of purple. Maybe it’s because I’m almost a hundred years old and my veins are my muse.

All I know is that every time I see something that features some of the many lovely shades of purple, I feel happy way down deep in my purple heart.

(Disclaimer: I don’t really have a purple heart. The only brave thing I’ve ever done was give birth to two children with gigantic heads and abnormally large shoulders without an epidural.)

1. If you can look at this fingernail art in these delicious shades of purple without wanting to paint your nails right this second, you should see a physician. From Chloe’s Nails, feast your eyes upon fabulousness. (You’re a fingernail goddesss, Chloe.)

Shades of purple fingernail art
via Chloe’s Nails

2. I’m almost positive nothing would make me happier right now than to own this purple Garbo Sofa from Nothing except a magic pony, that is. Nothing beats a magic pony.

Purple garbo sofa
via FunkySofa

3. I seem to have my brain on smoothies lately and the universe must definitely want me to enjoy them because they’re EVERYWHERE. This purple beauty from Babble makes me want to get some mango and acai and blend it the hell on up. Note to self: figure out what an acai is.

Blueberry smoothie
via Babble

4. Lavender delights me. The smell is something so unique and relaxing – I adore it. I found the how-to for these pretty lavender wands from Happy Valley Lavender.  No – I do not have the first idea as to what I would do with a lavender wand, but I’d figure out something. Maybe I’d give it to a purple-loving witch friend for her birthday. What? She knows how she is.

How to make pretty lavender wands
via Happy Valley Lavender

5. There is something so magical and hopeful about beautiful doors, isn’t there? I think it’s because your imagination creates a story about the life just on the other side, or the kinds of interesting people that may have passed through in years before. This weathered purple door captured by Sebastian Partyka in Warsaw really sets sparks my curiosity.

old purple door
via Sebastian Partyka



6. Purple eye shadow can either look amazing – OR – like you have been badly beaten and need a restraining order. The tips on Make-Up Access can help make sure no one calls the police on your behalf.

How to wear purple eye shadow
via Make-Up Access

If you’ve enjoyed this article, my crystal ball tells me you’d also like to see all the crazy cool crafty things some smart people have done with Mason Jars. People way smarter than me.