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How to Make Super Cool Coasters – 12 DIY Coasters

I have coasters in my living room, in my kitchen, and in my office. I really love those little things, and here’s why… because they are small pieces of prettiness that add a little touch of fun to my life. I’ve always bought mine and never given much thought to how to make coasters myself. Until now. These tutorials that show you how to make coasters are probably going to change my life.

In other news, how sad is it that learning how to make coasters is the thing that’s going to change my life? (Insert pity here.)


12 Kinds of Coasters You Can Make!

 How to Make Coasters


First of all, let me say how intrigued I am by learning to make resin coasters. My mind is running wild with the idea that I can cast anything I want in resin. I’m¬†genuinely worried that resin may become what lace and hot glue was to me in the 80s. My family is still scarred by the famed “lace & hot glue” era.

PS: You can get resin on Amazon for less than 20 bucks.

1. From Craft Klatch, just look at the cuteness of these coasters made from resin, stickers and aquarium rocks!

how to make coasters
via Craft Klatch

2. Loving the tutorial for making these photo coasters. I’m thinking wedding, birth of a new baby, holidays, anniversaries… awesome little every occasion gift, right?

how to make coasters
via Desperate Craftwives

3. And what about these bottle cap coasters? I’m thinking I heart them so much I should force myself to start drinking beer with bottle caps.

how to make coasters
via The 3 Rs Blog

4. The Purl Bee turns felt into adorable citrus coasters in such pretty spring colors, you can almost taste them.

how to make coasters
via The Purl Bee

5. Make some lace coasters… super sweet. (Even if they are from Martha Stewart, who as you may or may not know, scares the wits out of me.)

how to make coasters
via Martha Stewart

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