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New in Nails – a Giveaway

If you love finding and trying what’s new in nails, you are going to love this easy little Momcaster giveaway. Four lucky Momcaster giveaway winners will receive one of these awesome prizes – each something that’s new in nails and super fun!


From Nail Rock, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive a Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps set. (Pattern/color may vary.)

new in nails
Nail Rock Nail Wraps

From The New Black, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive this double Innovations in Color set. (Color may vary.)

New in Nails

From Essie,  one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive this (my personal favorite) bottle of Where’s My Chauffeur polish. I’m crushing hard on this color! (Color may vary – but let’s hope not!)

new in nails
Essie – Where’s My Chaffeur

Also from Essie, one New in Nails Giveaway winner will receive this Sleek Stick Nail Applique “Embrace the Lace.”  (Pattern/color may vary.)

new in nails
Essie – Sleek Stick Nail Applique, Embrace The Lace

How can you be entered to win one of these four awesome prezzies in the Momcaster New in Nails Giveaway? Oh honey, it’s so easy, you can’t believe it.  Seriously.

You don’t have to comment on this post to be entered, but if you do, I promise to think you’re awesome. 🙂

Meanwhile, this contest is open only to residents of the US. I know I have lots of beautiful readers from all over the world, and I adore you. But, the shipping costs to send this nail polish awesomeness to you is too rich for my Momcaster blood this time. If anyone has a solution for shipping so that I can include my international friends in giveaways, please contact me and share. xoxo

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