Love You Forever, Like You For Always Nursery

It’s impossible to be a Mother, read the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and not melt into a heap of tears by the time you get to the end. I must have read that book to my son a thousand times. Wouldn’t a Love Your Forever, Like You For Always Nursery be absolutely precious?

Love You Forever Like You For Always Nursery

If you love the book as much as I do, here are some incredible things for a baby nursery that you can get to go along with the book.

1. I adore the colors and the typography in this piece of wall decor for baby’s nursery. From And The Sign Says, it’s listed at $36 and is available for both girls and boys.

Like you forever nursery art
via And The Sign Says

2.  My daughter is having a little girl – Paityn Luella. Naturally I’m drawn to pink things more so than ever before. This photo frame featuring the beautiful words of Robert Munsch is precious. At $48 from Polished Productions, it’s could be a sweet heirloom I imagine could be passed from Mother to daughter to daughter.

Love you forever photo frame for nursery
via Polished Productions

3. These four 8×10 Love You Forever prints from Etsy seller Big Mowth are cuteness in print. I love the yellow and gray, but I believe there are other colors as well.

Love you forever nursery prints
via Big Mowth

4. VT Designs has combined precious little yellow and blue-gray elephants with the Love You Forever verse and I adore it. At just $14 for an 8×10, this print is a steal. (She offers other sizes as well, at different price points.)

My baby you'll be wall art print
via VTDesigns

5. This matching nursery art set from Jack & Jilly Designs is adorable to the 10th degree. It combines stats about baby with the “I’ll love you forever” theme. Just $20 for this 8×10 print.

I'll love you forever I'll like you for always art
via Jack & Jilly Designs


Crafty Crafts Make Your Own

Makeover Your Office

It’s Monday, and what better day to makeover your office – the place where you spend so much of your life? I really believe the space we’re in can affect us positively or negatively. Who can be creative and vibrant in an entirely gray, dull, boring office? has 13 tips to Feng Shui your office, if you’d like to give it a try. Tip: put your computer in the North or West area of your office to enhance your creativity and not to have mirrors in your work space.

Meanwhile, get some office makeover inspiration from the creative minds featured below. They’re all easy enough that you could have a super cute office by the end of the week!

1. Filing cabinets are just about the ugliest piece of something I’ve ever seen. Isn’t it crazy that even though women have been in the workforce in massive numbers for decades now, there has been almost NO advancement in manufacturing filing cabinets that don’t make you feel like you work in the warden’s office of a second-rate penitentiary?  Thank goodness for I’m a Yarner and her chalkboard filing cabinet! I love it!

Chalkboard paint on a filing cabinet
via I’m a Yarner


2. Do you remember these trays? Growing up, they were everywhere and I still see them at garage sales all the time. I think having several of them in different, but complimenting, patterns and colors would make for some awesome bulletin board space.

bulletin board made from a vintage serving tray
via Complete Organizing Solutions


3. On the subject of awesome magnetic bulletin boards, I adore these from Saving the Family Money. She gives you the entire tutorial, and it looks easy enough that even I could do it. 🙂

Magnetic bulletin board tutorial
via Saving the Family Money


4. Apartment Therapy shows you how to make this AMAZING piece of string wall art by Kathryn Anderson using pushpins and yarn. I think having a DIY mural like this one in your office would make the most mundane business feel a little more tolerable.

String art do it yourself using yarn
via Apartment Therapy

5. Time passes slowly in an office and you know you have photos of kids or dogs or honey-pies, or whatever it is that gets you through the day. I say this tutorial from Good Housekeeping for a cool wall clock would be a perfect fit for your office.

Make a clock from frames
via Good Housekeeping

6. The Undressed Skeleton spray painted some bottles and added some salt and glitter for some pretty delicious eye candy. I think you could do the same with some old vases to create some very sexy pen and pencil holders for your desk. What do you think?

How to spray paint bottles
via The Unpainted Skeleton

7. No way you don’t have candy on your desk! Gotta have candy on your desk! C’mon! This Mason Jar bird feeder is now a delightful candy dispenser. Can you stand the cuteness? Chica and Jo, you are brilliant. (Psst: check out these other yummy Mason Jar pics.)

Birdfeeder turned into candy dispenser
via Chica & Jo

In other news, did you know that every time this post is shared or pinned, a supermodel gains 5 pounds?