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Starting an Indoor Garden

Starting an indoor garden sounds so lovely to me. Even though I don’t have a green thumb, these brilliant blog posts from smarty garden bloggers makes me believe I really could start an indoor garden.

I love tomatoes something awful. There is just nothing better than a fresh tomato, and whatever those orange-red things they sell in the store are, they surely do not taste like tomatoes. That’s why I love the Inside Urban Green tutorial on starting tomato plants indoors using pop bottles. Very cool.

grow vegetables indoors
via Inside Urban Green

Quick Gardens grows lettuce indoors in self-watering pots. Brilliant! I love the idea of having lettuce in my living room. I have no idea why. Maybe because I didn’t get enough green leafy vegetation as a child.

grow lettuce indoors
via Quick Gardens

I enjoy homemade lemon pie and homemade lemonade. It’s my experience that people who do not enjoy those things are possibly undercover operatives from a suspicious country of origin. Glue & Glitter is growing a Meyer Lemon Tree in her house. That’s how I know she’s a good American. (PS: I want this. Very much.)

grow Meyer lemons inside


Look at this photo and tell me when growing spinach has ever looked so sexy. First a Dream managed to turn spinach into home decor. Even Popeye couldn’t pull that off.

how to grow spinach indoors
via First a Dream

Obviously First a Dream makes me jealous because here’s another indoor gardening trick she pulls that delights me. She shows us how to grow sprouts indoors. Now listen, I’m going to admit to you I love sprouts. But since that awful outbreak of illness some years ago, I’ve been what toddlers know as “askeerd” to eat them as often. She turns a Mason Jar into sprout central and I love her for it.

grow sprouts indoors
via First a Dream

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Make Your Own

8 Incredibly Unique Lights

When I see things that light up that have no business lighting up, I get inexplicably excited. Anyone can buy a lamp. It takes someone special to make incredibly unique lights using your super craft talent and things you find around the house.

Everything I look at now holds potential for me to somehow make it glow in the dark or twinkle and shine. I suppose it’s a good thing the ex got my dogs in the divorce.

You’re going to love these DIY lights. Make sure to visit the websites of the brilliant, crafty minds who created them and by all means, show ’em some Pin Love. They surely do deserve it.
1. This first project from Make Something combines two kinds of DIY awesomeness, so it scores with me in a big way. It’s a chalkboard (I dig chalkboard paint) and it lights up! Yes, please. The only thing better than something covered in chalkboard paint is something covered in chalkboard paint that twinkles.

Chalkboard that lights up DIY
via Make Something

2. What kind of fresh party cool would it be to have these beer bottle solar lights sitting around? Yep… totally solar charged. Do you love it? I’m loving it. Get the how-to from Popsci.

make a solar light from beer bottle
via Popsci

3. Zedomax found this swing that is about to cause me to stroke right out. I would have FREAKED OUT over a swing like this as a little girl. There are no how-tos, but surely someone can master this. If you do, please report to me…I will hug you.

via Zedomax

4. From Shelterness, this wall art blows me away. It definitely belongs in my imaginary cottage by the sea. The branches are lights. I am in deep lust.

lighted branch wall art DIY
via Shelterness

5. Also from Shelterness, take a look at this cool way to hang white Christmas lights in a bedroom. I love the feeling Christmas lights create, and this would be a very inventive way to keep that feeling going all year.

cool ways to use christmas lights all year
via Shelterness

6. From Design Sponge, this “Good Night” light is made from canvas. I’m not nearly talented enough to try this on, but maybe you can. I think the ideas you can take away from this project for your own home are many.

Make a light from canvas and wood
via Design Sponge

7. These glowing outdoor orbs are a fantastic idea and The Art of Doing Stuff says you can make them in 3 minute flat! I’m all about 3 minutes flat. It takes me longer than that to glue on my false eyelashes. (Mainly because I first accidentally glue them to my chin and have to pluck them off and start again.)

outdoor diy light
via The Art of Doing Stuff

8. These flower pot lights are cute as a bug and belong in a garden for sure. I would imagine those of you with wonderfully creative minds could make lots of these as the instructions on Missouri Scenic Rivers say flower pots are turned upside down and a light kit inserted.

make lights out of flower pots
via Missouri Scenic Rivers

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