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8 Headboard Ideas You Can Make in a Day

I love looking at all the innovative headboard ideas people have. Some of them are so simple, it makes me wonder why I never thought to make MY own headboard.

Let’s be honest. I never thought of it because my brain is deficient in the DIY vitamin. I’m not fooling anyone. 🙂

Make Your Own

DIY Organization Ideas That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

I like DIY organization ideas very much. Is it too much to ask that my son keep his cereal in alphabetical order, or that all the DVDs are arranged according to laughs per minute? I just think organization is the answer to all life’s problems. Well except for all the calories in Chunky Monkey ice cream. Sadly, there is no organization idea that’ll fix that.

Check out these uh-maze-ing DIY organization ideas from people way more resourceful than myself!

When I saw this pantry over at Shanty 2 Chic, I nearly had an OCD seizure. I am crushing HARD on this, y’all. And while it looks like so much more work than I am prone to do, her post makes me believe I can do this. And you know what, it’s so dang simple, I believe I can. I believe I will!!!  LOVE this DIY organization idea… in case you hadn’t figured that out.

diy organization ideas
via Shanty 2 Chic

I am a straight up Sharpie fanatic. It’s true. I would sell my ex-husband’s testicles (yes – I got them in the divorce) to get more Sharpies. So Aunt Peaches says she stopped what she was doing for 10 minutes to create this marker caddy. I’m saying it may take me 40 days and 40 nights, but mark my words – I will totally have this for my Sharpie babies.

diy organization ideas
via Aunt Peaches


My Grandmonkey loves books like crazy. I think this little children’s library (found on Apartment Therapy) all along one wall would be a lovely way to organize his huge collection. Am I afraid he might try to use the ledges to scale the walls and free himself from the confines of his toddler life? I am a little. He’d be back though. He can’t yet change his own diaper.

Organize child's room - books
From Apartment Therapy


I love three things more than any other: Moonpies that have been slightly melted in the microwave, doing laundry, and lying to blog readers to make myself seem like somebody who enjoys chores. If my laundry room were as organized as this one on Easy 2 Organize, I’d probably have friends over just to watch me fluff and fold.

How to organize your laundry room
via Easy 2 Organize

Every day I wake up and do my part to keep America beautiful. I put on make-up. It takes a lot of it, let me tell you. This make-up brush organizing tip is so simple, even I may actually be able to do it. Very cool find on Shelterness.

DIY makeup brush storage simple organization
via Shelterness

If my wine rack weren’t so full of…ummm…wine, I would be all over this bathroom towel organization idea from It’s Rustic Living. I think I’ll start looking for some new wine racks at garage sales actually. I’ll try my very best not to fill them up with bottles.

Store towels in a wine rack to organize them.
via It’s Rustic Living

In our house Mason Jars are for drinking when fancy people come to dinner. This Mason Jar organizer from Vanilla & Velvet is so blooming cute, I may pour the corn liquor right out of mine and make it.

Mason jar organizer DIY craft
via Vanilla & Velvet

Only losers use shoe holders for shoes. Seeing this makes me want to put taco seasoning where taco seasoning has never gone before. Very cool, Money Saving Queen.

organize pantry
via Money Saving Queen

I like sharp knives very much. I’m not a serial killer or anything. I just find it calming to know I could, at any time, walk in my kitchen and cut a can in half and mere moments later, slice a tomato. I do not like those ugly wooden blocks they live in though. Curbly has a much better idea.

organize knives using magnets
via Curbly

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5 DIY Lights You’ll Lust Over

I’m always drawn to lights. Anyone can plug in a boring lamp, but when I see lights that look a little different, or are made from something unique, I get super excited. I’m never great at DIY anything. I can admit that to you because you’re my BFF blog reader. However, these DIY lights are kind of easy to make – which I believe means there is hope for me yet.

1. This hanging umbrella light from Instructables is a DIY project that doesn’t require any hard-wiring.

DIY hanging umbrella light
via Instructables


2. Perfect in a rustic living room or den, this tumbleweed chandelier light looks pretty easy to make.

Make a DIY light from tumbleweed
via Instructables

3. This cloud-like ceiling light is adorable. Felt sheets are the trick to this DIY light from Casa Sugar.

DIY ceiling cloud light
via Casa Sugar

4. Kara Paslay Designs created another DIY cloud light for only $17 and lots of coffee filters. I just absolutely love it.

Make a cloud light
via Kara Paslay Designs

5. Cherry Blossom Lights? Oh yes! These are precious and I imagine they’d be perfect in a bedroom. From Instructables, they are inexpensive and made from things found at the Dollar Store.

make cherry blossom lights
via Instructables

If you share this post with someone you like, rest assured I am mentally thanking you. If you share it with someone you hate, I am mentally in awe of you.


Make Your Own

8 Incredibly Unique Lights

When I see things that light up that have no business lighting up, I get inexplicably excited. Anyone can buy a lamp. It takes someone special to make incredibly unique lights using your super craft talent and things you find around the house.

Everything I look at now holds potential for me to somehow make it glow in the dark or twinkle and shine. I suppose it’s a good thing the ex got my dogs in the divorce.

You’re going to love these DIY lights. Make sure to visit the websites of the brilliant, crafty minds who created them and by all means, show ’em some Pin Love. They surely do deserve it.
1. This first project from Make Something combines two kinds of DIY awesomeness, so it scores with me in a big way. It’s a chalkboard (I dig chalkboard paint) and it lights up! Yes, please. The only thing better than something covered in chalkboard paint is something covered in chalkboard paint that twinkles.

Chalkboard that lights up DIY
via Make Something

2. What kind of fresh party cool would it be to have these beer bottle solar lights sitting around? Yep… totally solar charged. Do you love it? I’m loving it. Get the how-to from Popsci.

make a solar light from beer bottle
via Popsci

3. Zedomax found this swing that is about to cause me to stroke right out. I would have FREAKED OUT over a swing like this as a little girl. There are no how-tos, but surely someone can master this. If you do, please report to me…I will hug you.

via Zedomax

4. From Shelterness, this wall art blows me away. It definitely belongs in my imaginary cottage by the sea. The branches are lights. I am in deep lust.

lighted branch wall art DIY
via Shelterness

5. Also from Shelterness, take a look at this cool way to hang white Christmas lights in a bedroom. I love the feeling Christmas lights create, and this would be a very inventive way to keep that feeling going all year.

cool ways to use christmas lights all year
via Shelterness

6. From Design Sponge, this “Good Night” light is made from canvas. I’m not nearly talented enough to try this on, but maybe you can. I think the ideas you can take away from this project for your own home are many.

Make a light from canvas and wood
via Design Sponge

7. These glowing outdoor orbs are a fantastic idea and The Art of Doing Stuff says you can make them in 3 minute flat! I’m all about 3 minutes flat. It takes me longer than that to glue on my false eyelashes. (Mainly because I first accidentally glue them to my chin and have to pluck them off and start again.)

outdoor diy light
via The Art of Doing Stuff

8. These flower pot lights are cute as a bug and belong in a garden for sure. I would imagine those of you with wonderfully creative minds could make lots of these as the instructions on Missouri Scenic Rivers say flower pots are turned upside down and a light kit inserted.

make lights out of flower pots
via Missouri Scenic Rivers

Every time someone shares this post, my ex-husband feels a little pinch. Won’t kill him, but it does make me feel a little better. Go ahead…make my day.

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DIY Home Decor That’s to Die For

DIY home decor is the rage, isn’t it? Sadly I’m not exactly a DIY queen. I’ve always said that whatever girl gene one must possess in order to be able to whip out pretty things is the gene I was born without. I’m terrible. But honestly, these awesome DIY home decor brainiacs below make me believe I can do this thing…even without the proper genetic make up.

Hammers and High Heels features DIY home decor that is so stunning, you’re going to get lost just looking and wishing. If this chick doesn’t wind up with a show on HGTV, there is no Santa. She is incredibly talented. Go there now and pin everything she does. It’ll bring you good karma. Take a look at what she did with a garden trellis for a little girl’s room, and the darling way she’s using books.

Canopy for a girl's bed made from a trellis.
via Hammers & High Heels
Books as home decor
via Hammers and High Heels

Re-Nest has 10 ways to repurpose crates around your home. If I had crates, I would totally be able to make this super cute light fixture. Maybe I should rob a milkman…or just marry one. Six of one, half of the other.

Light fixture made of repurposed crates
via Re-Nest

Bibliophilism. No idea what that means, but I do know this handmade rug made from books is just about ten kinds of awesome. I don’t know how it was made, but I am inspired to start throwing my books on the floor right now.

A beautiful rug made from old books
via Recyclart

Paper lamp shades are beautiful and delicate and I want lots of them. I don’t know why. Buzzle tells you how to make your own.

Make a paper lamp
via Buzzle