Love You Forever, Like You For Always Nursery

It’s impossible to be a Mother, read the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and not melt into a heap of tears by the time you get to the end. I must have read that book to my son a thousand times. Wouldn’t a Love Your Forever, Like You For Always Nursery be absolutely precious?

Love You Forever Like You For Always Nursery

If you love the book as much as I do, here are some incredible things for a baby nursery that you can get to go along with the book.

1. I adore the colors and the typography in this piece of wall decor for baby’s nursery. From And The Sign Says, it’s listed at $36 and is available for both girls and boys.

Like you forever nursery art
via And The Sign Says

2.  My daughter is having a little girl – Paityn Luella. Naturally I’m drawn to pink things more so than ever before. This photo frame featuring the beautiful words of Robert Munsch is precious. At $48 from Polished Productions, it’s could be a sweet heirloom I imagine could be passed from Mother to daughter to daughter.

Love you forever photo frame for nursery
via Polished Productions

3. These four 8×10 Love You Forever prints from Etsy seller Big Mowth are cuteness in print. I love the yellow and gray, but I believe there are other colors as well.

Love you forever nursery prints
via Big Mowth

4. VT Designs has combined precious little yellow and blue-gray elephants with the Love You Forever verse and I adore it. At just $14 for an 8×10, this print is a steal. (She offers other sizes as well, at different price points.)

My baby you'll be wall art print
via VTDesigns

5. This matching nursery art set from Jack & Jilly Designs is adorable to the 10th degree. It combines stats about baby with the “I’ll love you forever” theme. Just $20 for this 8×10 print.

I'll love you forever I'll like you for always art
via Jack & Jilly Designs