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7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts

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I really don’t know why I love Mason Jars so blessed much, but I surely do. There is something so clean and homey about them and I guess they remind me of my life growing up in the South. In fact, I love Mason Jar crafts so much, I created a website where I can organize all the best ones I find online. It’s called…

Mason Jar Crafts Blog! Are you shocked at the originality of the name?  I add new Mason Jar ideas, crafts, recipes, and general jar goodness there every time I find something delicious online – which is OFTEN. (I have a little Mason Jar monkey on my back. I can admit this thing.) Come join me over there when you’re done here!

mason jar crafts

7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts…


1. These Mason Jars are dotted with glow-in-the-dark paint. I think they’re so crazy adorable. I actually made some of these glow-in-the-dark jars a couple months ago. There really is nothing to it.

You just dot the jars with glow-in-the-dark paint, let them soak up the light during the day and at night… shock & awe, Baby! I keep mine in my bathroom to store things like cotton balls, and then at night…they’re kind of like a little nightlight.

I did have a heck of a time finding glow-in-the-dark-paint, though. After going to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Home Depot, I wound up ordering mine from Amazon. Hint: if you dot the jar with several different colors of paint, it looks even cooler.

glow in the dark jars
via Bucikah

2. Look at these pendant lights from Secret Pocket Blog.  It looks entirely doable. (In other news, that line is the entire reason I said yes when my first husband popped the question.)

How to make pendant lights from Mason Jars
via Secret Pocket Blog

3. Who in the world would ever think of displaying photos inside a Mason Jar AND suspended in oil?

Who wakes up one day and says, “You know what, Mildred? I’m going to drop a whole bunch of our family photos inside some oil in a jar today and see what that’s about”?

I just adore people who have these kinds of creative minds. You can get the instructions on Funky Bear Decor.

How to display photos in Mason Jars
via Funky Bear Decor

4. Mason Jar soap and lotion dispensers are really easy to make. Country Living is happy to tell you how. It involves a drill bit. That lets me out. I haven’t been allowed to operate power tools since…ever.

Turn a Mason Jar into a soap dispenser
via Country Living

5. The Inspired Room came up with something so simple, but so lovely. Check out this “Key to Your Heart” Mason Jar.  Why can’t I think of stuff like this on my own, y’all? I fear I was born deficient in whatever essential mineral that is in the DNA of all crafty chicks.

Valentine's Day Mason Jar gift
via The Inspired Room

6. I have Christmas lights and I have Mason Jars. What is preventing me from shoving one inside the other like Lea Klausen? I’ll tell you what…

The moment I start cramming Christmas lights into jars, my partner-man is gonna be all, “Why are you doing this thing?” And I’ll be all, “You don’t understand my creative spirit!” And he’ll be all, “You’re off your hormones again aren’t you?” And then I’ll smack him in the kidney and it’ll be a whole thing.

mason jars with Christmas lights
via Lea Klausen

7. I do not have a garden, nor do I have the talent to create these lovely, lovely, uber-cool garden lights. The Country Barrel does though.

These are so pretty, and at only twenty-six smackeroos for the hangers, they make me want to pack it all up and move to a house with a garden… where I would promptly murder every living thing because I have a black thumb.  Maybe I’d better just stay put and admire these from afar.

hanging mason jar garden lights
via The Country Barrel

Since you’re a Mason Jar Crafts fan, (all the best people are), don’t forget to come hang out with me at…

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Make Your Own

Starting an Indoor Garden

Starting an indoor garden sounds so lovely to me. Even though I don’t have a green thumb, these brilliant blog posts from smarty garden bloggers makes me believe I really could start an indoor garden.

I love tomatoes something awful. There is just nothing better than a fresh tomato, and whatever those orange-red things they sell in the store are, they surely do not taste like tomatoes. That’s why I love the Inside Urban Green tutorial on starting tomato plants indoors using pop bottles. Very cool.

grow vegetables indoors
via Inside Urban Green

Quick Gardens grows lettuce indoors in self-watering pots. Brilliant! I love the idea of having lettuce in my living room. I have no idea why. Maybe because I didn’t get enough green leafy vegetation as a child.

grow lettuce indoors
via Quick Gardens

I enjoy homemade lemon pie and homemade lemonade. It’s my experience that people who do not enjoy those things are possibly undercover operatives from a suspicious country of origin. Glue & Glitter is growing a Meyer Lemon Tree in her house. That’s how I know she’s a good American. (PS: I want this. Very much.)

grow Meyer lemons inside


Look at this photo and tell me when growing spinach has ever looked so sexy. First a Dream managed to turn spinach into home decor. Even Popeye couldn’t pull that off.

how to grow spinach indoors
via First a Dream

Obviously First a Dream makes me jealous because here’s another indoor gardening trick she pulls that delights me. She shows us how to grow sprouts indoors. Now listen, I’m going to admit to you I love sprouts. But since that awful outbreak of illness some years ago, I’ve been what toddlers know as “askeerd” to eat them as often. She turns a Mason Jar into sprout central and I love her for it.

grow sprouts indoors
via First a Dream

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