7 Exotic, Strange & Weird Hotels in the US

I love to stay in exotic themed hotels. My tall traveling partner and committed sidekick (Tall Jerome) is as much into finding exotic strange or weird themed hotels in these United States as I am. Our theory is this: life is too short to miss all the weirdness the world has to offer. (I think that’s why we like each other so much.)

In fact, we appreciate three things above all else:

1. Route 44 Big Gulps of wine.

2. Travelling.

3. Exotic, strange & weird in all its forms.

To that end, I’ve been in search of the most wackadoo, exoticstrange and weird hotels in the US. Our plan is to stay at every single one of these themed hotels – stopping only to re-fill our wine tumblers.

Here they are, in a very particular order that only I will understand. That’s right. I’m bringing smart-ass back to blogging.

7 Strange, Weird & Exotic Themed Hotels You’ll Go Nuts For


1. Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona is a trailer park packed slam full of vintage trailers with no showers. Yep. You have to walk outside to get to the showers. It’s like camping, but without waking up covered in dew. Not for nothing, but what purpose does dew actually serve? And why don’t more people talk about the scourge that is dew? It’s like nature pees on everything – and it should be stopped.

So normally I like my themed hotels to have indoor plumbing. I’m picky like that. But, the idea of staying in this trailer park delights my heart in ways I cannot explain. It makes me want to wear an apron and beg Ricky to let me be in the show. (I Love Lucy reference absolutely free. You’re welcome.)

exotic themed hotels
Shady Dell

2. Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California is chock full of yurts. Did I know what a yurt was up until about 10 minutes ago? I did not. Wikipedia says a yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by Turkic nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Of course it is. Don’t be ridiculous, Wikipedia.

What I do know is that these appear to be exotic hotel awesome sauce and I want to sleep in one as soon as humanly possible.

exotic themed hotels
Treebones Resort

3. Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is a lodge… under the sea… in Florida. Where else can you spend the night that requires you to take a 3 hour diving course and in some cases, have a doctor’s release? (In other news, I was required to have both those things in order to marry my 2nd husband. Should have tipped me off.)

Talk about exotic hotel, kids. The use of the sweet phone this chick in the photo is talking on is a huge selling point for me.

“Me? Oh nothing. Just chillin’ 20,000 leagues under the sea and thought I’d catch up on my phone calls while my boyfriend reflects quietly on his decision to wear a genuinely embarrassing shirt on our vacation.”

exotic themed hotels


4. Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho.  Come closer to your computer because I want to be sure you get this. Okay? Ready?

OH MY GOOD LORD YOU CAN SLEEP INSIDE A GIANT DOG BODY! If anyone has ever uttered that sentence to you before in your life, you are a super cool person with interesting friends. Could this hotel be in any way more strange or weird? I submit that it could not.

There’s no phone (thank God I made my calls when I was sleeping with the fishes) and no television. But, there IS a clock radio and jigsaw puzzles, so yeah. I’m going to go to there.

exotic themed hotels
Dog Bark Park Inn

5. Out “N” About Treehouse Treesort in Oregon first grabbed my attention not for its entirely exotic-alicious treehouses for grown ups, but for their awesome use of an “n” instead of “and” or even a sexy little ampersand in their name.

Bold choice, treehouse proprietors. Bold choice.

Because county officials felt these treehouses were not safe places for human people to sleep, they were ordered to shut down several times during an 8 year legal battle to get their permits. C’mon! You’re never gonna hear a Hilton admit to that. (Please insert obligatory Paris Hilton joke here.)

There are ziplines, and swinging bridges and a really detailed release and assumption of risk agreement guests have to sign before gettin’ their treehouse on. I want photographs of Sadie Sher and Tall Jerome signing said agreements so that people marvel at our bravery in perpetuity.

Unusual Places to Stay - Treehouses
Out “n” About

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