Crafty Crafts

Thumbtack Crafts. Yep…thumbtacks.

Thumbtack crafts are way cooler than I first realized. As it turns out, thumbtacks are superior crafty wonderfulness –  in the right hands. Thank the craft gods that these 10 blogging humans saw the potential in thumbtacks or I may have lived the rest of my life completely in the dark. You’re going to LOVE these thumbtack crafts and ideas!

thumbtack crafts

1. Jessica had 1000 thumbtacks and an afternoon, and BLAMMO! She created this slice of impressive craft creativity on her wall.

If I had 1000 thumbtacks I know for sure it would never have occurred to me to stick them on my wall and create art. I’m obviously deficient in whichever vitamins generate creativity with office supplies.

Thumbtack walls
via Jessica Hische

2. It is my firm belief that this thumbtack craft wreath is utter foam sexiness. Those chicks in Canada have all the cool ideas.

How to make a thumbtack wreath
via Shannon Phillips – Canadian Family

3. If there is one thing I know I’ll never run out of, it’s wine corks. I do loves me a nice cab, so I have a fast growing wine cork collection. That’s why this thumbtack craft from The Wooden Bee warms the cockles of my heart.

PS: If you know what a cockle is, please let me know.

Wine cork craft with thumbtacks
via The Wooden Bee

4. These pretty thumbtacks are are ridiculously sweet. They make me want to go on a  tacking spree all over North America.

DIY pretty thumbtacks
via Torie Jayne

5. I think I could make these color block thumbtacks. I totally think I could! Yay for your tutorial, House of Earnest

DIY thumbtack colorblocked craft
via House or Earnest

6. Kitty the Law Student tricked out these thumbtacks using a fabric button kit. She says it’s way easy. I’ve decided I believe her.

Fabric pushpins and thumbtacks
via A Law Student’s Journey

7. These thumbtacks are all about glitter and nail polish. Seriously? Oh Vixen Made, you are a woman of brilliance and mad insight.

glitter thumbtacks
via Vixen Made

8. Are you loving these delicious thumbtack and foam decorative balls for spring? I’m crushing on them hard. Loveliness from Landee See, Landee Do. 

Thumbtack decorative balls
via Landee See, Landee Do

9. Leave it to Martha to come up with these baby face thumbtacks. I’m just hoping she didn’t steal the souls of these babies to get their faces. Once again, Martha Stewart has terrified me.

Baby face thumbtacks
via Martha Stewart

10. I will admit I had no idea who Jeffrey Campbell was or why his shoes were ten kinds of awesomeness. That is until I found these “tacky” shoes made by Suze Geeks Out that she says were inspired by his Tick shoes.

So here are the Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Jeffrey Campbell shoes
by Jeffrey Campbell $169.95 – Amazon.

And here are Suze Geeks Out version, made with 1000 thumbtacks for a cost of about $20…. Nicely done, Suze!!!!


Shoes decorated with thumbtacks
via Suze Geeks Out

So here’s my disclaimer, Lovelies. There are about 20 thumbtacks stuck in my wall in various and assorted places in my sad attempt to be “tacky cool.” Why can’t I be like these crafty chicks??? WHY OH WHY?

Did you love these “tacky” thumbtack crafts? Then you’re going to want to eat Activities for Easter with a spoon!