Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt Without an Ice Cream Maker

I set out across the internet to find recipes to make homemade frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker because I am a froyo freak. Seriously, y’all. I wave the frozen yogurt freak flag proudly. When frozen yogurt starts pouring from that wall-mounted machine, I tell myself that even though it’s the most delicious cold substance known to woman-kind, it’s as healthy for me as pureed carrots. (Yes – I lie to myself when it makes me feel better.) But, I {Read More}

5 Amazing Homemade Ice Cream Goodies

We all scream for ice cream. We also all scream for the teenage girl in slasher films who goes outside in her underwear to check on a suspicious noise. But I’m not blogging about her today… unless she goes outside and finds homemade ice cream goodies to DIE for. To die for. Get it? That was smooth. I don’t know if it’s because I’m watching my weight, or because I have a vitamin deficiency that makes me dream of ice {Read More}

7 Unique Desserts That’ll Make You Happy In Your General Mouth Area

Today I went looking for unique desserts that would make me pray to Helga, the Goddess of Miserable Diets, to please change the laws of carbs & sugar so that they become an essential part of a balanced diet. These 7 insanely delicious looking and totally unique desserts were created by people who are such baking  talents, I might like to capture them and force them live in my basement where I would demand new desserts every day. What? I’d give {Read More}

Outback Steakhouse Bushman Bread Recipe

Recently I spent the weekend with my good friend Mel. She’s an amazing cook, and whenever I’m at her house I know I’m in for some amazing food. When she said, “Let’s whip out the bread machine and make some Outback Steakhouse Bushman Bread” my eyes rolled back in my head and I said YES! It’s actually called “Outback Steakhouse Bushman Bread” and it’s rich and wonderful and just a little bit sweet. It’s soft and delicious on the inside, {Read More}

Cakes My MawMaw Used to Make For Mother’s Day

Wondering when Mother’s Day is this year? Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, 2012. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about cakes you can make for Mother’s Day! I grew up in the South and my favorite place to be was in my MawMaw’s kitchen. It was heaven on Earth and what I wouldn’t give for one more Saturday morning helping her bake a cake. This Mother’s Day, I thought I’d search the internet for {Read More}

The Top 5 Most Awesome Things to Make With Jello

I’m going to be honest with you. I hate Jell-o. I hate it because the texture is weird, and I hate it because I don’t understand the science behind it. Most of all I hate Jell-o because typing the word “Jell-o” requires I locate the hyphen button on my computer. [one_half]Jell-o is largely disgusting, but back home in North Carolina my relatives found a way to make it even more disgusting. Any manner of weird fruit would be dumped into {Read More}

Cupcake Ideas

These cupcake ideas are absolutely DELICIOUS. I don’t know how these bakers came up with these divine cupcake ideas, but they are totally going to blow your mind. Exactly how have I lived my entire like and never thought – even once- that I should put Fritos in a cupcake? From Diary of a Mad Haus Frau comes these Fabulous Frito Caramel Cupcakes. They look so unbelievably good, I want to bake them right now. But I won’t. Because I {Read More}

My Green Smoothie Weight Loss Journey

[one_half]Like so many people, I decided that 2012 would be the year I would be kinder to my body. I decided I needed to lose weight, but more importantly, that I needed to be healthier. I read a lot about green smoothies and weight loss and for me, I thought it just made sense. [/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last] I wanted to be sure I didn’t treat green smoothies like some kind of weight loss fad, though. I wanted to try them {Read More}

Super Cool Homemade Cakes & Cookies

I watch all those Cake Boss Baking Bonanza Cookie Showdown shows and become convinced I can do the same thing. If I had a nickel for how often I’ve tried to decorate a cake after watching one of those shows, I would have enough money to pay someone to bake me a cake that doesn’t look like a drunk wolverine made it. Below are FOUR awesome cakes and cookies that have such good instruction, I think I may actually be {Read More}

4 Beautiful Sweet Potato Recipes You Will Love

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C and all sorts of really great stuff that’s so good for us. I just love them because they taste so good. These sweet potato recipes are absolutely mouth watering!   1. What’s Gaby Cooking? Ridiculously tempting sweet potato & Parmesan oven-baked chips, that’s what. 2. I love spicy sweet potato fries, so I’m super excited to try this recipe from My Vegan Cookbook. 3. I can’t wait to try this Southwestern sweet {Read More}