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Ghost Lollipops: An Easy Halloween Craft

Ghost Lollipops

Gear up for Halloween by surprising trick-or-treaters with ghost lollipops that look spooky yet fun. The round heads of the lollipops are suited to make the icons of this holiday. You can use them as party favors or give them away as gifts for your kid’s friends in school. Children can be a part of this activity with parental supervision.

How to Make Ghost Lollipops

What You Need

  • Round lollipops
  • Coffee filters (3 for every lollipop)
  • Thin ribbon or baker’s twine in black or orange
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Scissors


  • Use 3 coffee filters to cover the head of each lollipop. It makes the layers thick enough for drawing on and creates a lovely frilly effect at the base.
DIY Ghost Lollipops Picture-1
  • Secure the coffee filters in place with a small rubber band placed below the candy on the lollipop stick
DIY Ghost Lollipops Picture-2
  • Use a black marker for making the ghost’s face.
DIY Ghost Lollipops Picture-3
  • Tightly tie a small piece of black ribbon around its neck over the rubber band. Fluff up the layers of coffee filters underneath.
DIY Ghost Lollipops Picture-4

Your lollipop ghosts are ready to rock Halloween!

Lollipop Ghost Craft

These treats can be made so fast that you can whip them up for an entire class while watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Don’t be surprised if you turn nostalgic while doing this craft and feel proud to take the tradition of making tootsie roll lollipop ghosts forward.

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