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5 Free Printable Garage Sale Flyers

It’s time for garage sales, y’all! I am absolutely sick with excitement… or maybe it’s all the clearance Easter candy I ate. Either way, I wanted to celebrate my excitement by making some free garage sale flyers for my Momcasters!  You are free to use any of these fun garage sale flyers for your sale so long as you promise to send me 14% of all your profits. (LOL.)

Print Your Free Garage Sale Flyers

garage sale flyers

Just click the photo of each flyer and a new page will open so that you can easily print it. 🙂

So, you’ve got to make your garage sale stand out from the rest, right? So print a few of these mustache discount flyers (write your address at the bottom), and plaster them all over the neighborhood.

Garage Sale flyers

The best things in life are … fun… and can be bought with a quarter on a Saturday morning around 8 AM.

garage sale flyers

Maybe you haven’t actually decided to sell a husband at your garage sale, but isn’t it at least worth putting it out there and seeing what kind of offers you get?

Garage Sale Flyer

Y’all know kids’ clothes are a big garage sale item. But, in order for your kiddos’ clothes to be a must-have and nab top dollar, you should probably present them in a little nicer way than a hand-written sign in black marker on the back of a piece of cardboard. 🙂

garage sale flyer

Putting price tags on all your items has to be one of the biggest garage sale headaches. Seriously! It’s the worst! What makes it infinitely easier for you and for your shoppers is to color code your stickers with signs that spell out what each color “costs.” On this sign, you could (for example) write “.25” on the green space, and then everything that costs a quarter at your sale gets a green sticker or tag! Easy, right?

garage sale flyers

I hope you get some use from these free garage sale signs, y’all. I also hope you make a bundle at your sale! Meanwhile, are we Facebook friends? I’d love to meet you so come on over to Momcaster on Facebook and say hi!

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